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We're in the midst of a battle with GazaWe're in the midst of a battle with Gaza
PM Netanyahu promises to bring quiet to Israel's south, emphasizes leftist protest underlines importance of Nationality Law.  Video Picture  [Full story]

Ecological terrorism at the Gaza borderEcological terrorism at the Gaza border - Lands near the Gaza strip in Israel have been devastated by raging fires created by improvised incendiary devices sent over the border from Gaza.  Video Picture

Cookie company sues for sabotageCookie company sues for sabotage - Hydrox has filed a formal complaint with the FTC, accusing Oreo's parent company, Mondelez, of blocking Hydrox from view on store shelves.  Picture

Progressives have a new definition of racismProgressives have a new definition of racism
What does that mean for Jews? The theory separates anti-Semitism from racism, making it a lesser concern.  Picture

More than 150 rockets from Gaza pound southern IsraelMore than 150 rockets from Gaza pound southern Israel
Israelis living in southern Israel spent Wednesday night and into Thursday morning in bomb shelters as more than 150 rockets from Gaza.  Picture

Shoftim: The Murderer's Admission

Shoftim: The Murderer's Admission

The Talmud answers that the murderer must state clearly...

Elul–Selichot: Livelihood and Teshuva

Elul–Selichot: Livelihood and Teshuva

People used to 'believe' in the banking system...

What They Can't Take from YouWhat They Can't Take
from You

Why invest in the temporary?
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