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The State Department's strange obsessionThe State Department's strange obsession
The Iraqi Jewish archives were rescued in Baghdad in 2003. The decision to send the Jewish archives back to Iraq is part of a disturbing pattern.  Picture  [Full story]

Retroactive Legalization of Israeli SettlementsRetroactive Legalization of Israeli Settlements
The bill is intended to deal with a very human problem — ordinary citizens who, unintentionally and due to no fault of their own...  Picture

The international community is failing to deal with IranThe international community is failing to deal with Iran
Lebanon was kidnapped by a terror organization operated by another country, and the world has become accustomed to it.  Picture

'Jordan is Palestine' conference set for October 17 in Jerusalem'Jordan is Palestine' conference in Jerusalem
A conference to promote the idea that Jordan is the proper place for a Palestinian state is slated to take place next month in Jerusalem.  Video Picture

The non-extradition of our daughter's murdererThe non-extradition of our daughter's murderer
The story of Malki Roth's cold-blooded murder at the Sbarro pizza corner and the Israeli betrayal and US stalling that followed it.  Picture

Nitzvaim-Vayeilech: The Simple JewNitzvaim-Vayeilech: The Simple Jew
Rebbe Nachman once remarked that in the generation before Moshiach comes...

Rosh Hashanah: Your First Rosh HashanaRosh Hashana: Your First Rosh Hashana
There are thousands of new Baalei Teshuva for whom this will be their first Rosh Hashana...

Ending the Blame Game
Ending the
Blame Game

I hear the bitterness and suffering of people who blame others every day...
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