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Popularity in a FlashPopularity in a Flash
by Dr. Zev Ballen
All you have to do to be more popular and feel more appreciated is to start praying for the Jewish people, and the world at large. Soon, others will gravitate toward you...  [Full article]

Your Own SongYour Own Song
by Dr. Zev Ballen
When you realize you have your own melody, you don't have to step to anyone else's cadence. You no longer compare yourself, or persecute yourself with questions...  [Full article]

Thoughts About ThinkingThoughts About Thinking
by Dr. Zev Ballen
Those who are so used to thinking in the negative mode are much less likely to start questioning or challenging those 'bad' thoughts - they just accept them as fact...  [Full article]

You Are SuccessfulYou Are Successful
by Koby A.
Conceit due to one's accomplishments or sadness arising from one's setbacks both constitute arrogance. In either case, we are attributing the results to ourselves...  [Full article]

Experiencing the DivineExperiencing the Divine
by Dr. Zev Ballen
You must sometimes close out the world and experience Hashem within, and at other times, youíll need to open yourself to the world of spirituality that is outside yourself...  [Full article]

Image of EdenImage of Eden
by Dr. Zev Ballen
The Creator eventually chose the Jewish people to recreate the state of Eden and thus eventually elevate all mankind. To accomplish this He gave them the Torah...  [Full article]

The Battle of the EyesThe Battle of the Eyes
by David Perlow
As soon as a he walks out the front door in the morning, the battle begins. A young lady assaults him from the front; he looks aside, but is ambushed by the neighbor's wife...  [Full article]

The Taste of OnionsThe Taste of Onions
by Rabbi Lazer Brody
Many people claim that they have difficulty 'getting into' Torah and prayer. They're bored and uninspired. Why are some enamored with spirituality while others are others not?  [Full article]

Part-Time GodPart-Time God
by Sunny Levi
Even before I found emuna, I learned a key principle: either you believe in G-d or you don't; but to believe in a part-time God with human limitations is pointless. And dangerous...  [Full article]

Children of ProphetsChildren of Prophets
by Dr. Zev Ballen
Why should you miss out and fail to believe in your spiritual powers or develop them just because you havenít learned how to fully utilize them?  [Full article]


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