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Weimar AmericaWeimar America
by Daniel Greenfield - 8/16/2017

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to cheer on Communists and Nazis punching each other in major American cities while civil society disintegrates around them.  Video Picture

If You're Marching With Armed Communists or Nazis, You're Not 'Peaceful'If You're Marching With Armed Communists or Nazis, You're Not 'Peaceful'
by Daniel Greenfield - 8/14/2017

There is no right side here. Only two wrong sides. And yet the media insists on glorifying and defending one side.  Picture

The 'Al-Aqsa Mosque Is in Danger' GambitThe 'Al-Aqsa Mosque Is in Danger' Gambit
by Sha’i ben-Tekoa - 8/6/2017

Why Israel knows no peace. The reason that the 'Al-Aqsa Mosque is in Danger' gambit has a history is that there is no 'Palestinian' history to draw on to rally the troops.  Picture

Misleading terms used in Middle East coverageMisleading terms used in Middle East coverage
by David Bedein - 8/3/2017

It's time to reconsider using the inaccurate terms that harm Israel's cause, initiated by the PA Press Service to infuse their narrative into media terminology.  Picture

The Temple Mount: No longer in our hands?The Temple Mount: No longer in our hands?
by Dr. Martin Sherman - 7/30/2017

As a non-observant Jew I was always skeptical that the Temple Mount was the key to Jewish sovereignty over Israel. I was wrong!  Picture

The Al-Aqsa FraudThe Al-Aqsa Fraud
by Mike Konrad, - 7/18/2017

The present crisis over Al-Aqsa in which two Israeli Druze policemen were killed is based on an absolute lie. The whole Islamic claim to Al-Aqsa is a historic fraud.  Picture

Two Jewish nations, one flagTwo Jewish nations, one flag
by Yishai Fleisher - 7/15/2017

The greatest divide in the Jewish world today is between American Jewry and Israeli Jewry. We must ensure that the flag of Israel remains with only one, unified, Star of David.  Picture

The Rage of IslamThe Rage of Islam
by Tabitha Korol - 7/14/2017

Apart from prayer rugs, Islam has produced nothing but state-of-the-art terrorism techniques over the centuries. The Bible celebrates life; the Koran sacrifices it.  Picture

Hitleresque resolutionsHitleresque resolutions
by David Wilder - 7/7/2017

Declaration of Ma'arat HaMachpela and the city of Hebron as a 'palestinian heritage site in danger,' is historical fiction. Jewish roots in Hebron are ageless.  Picture

A July 4th message for Israel: No taxation without annexation!A July 4th message for Israel: No taxation without annexation!
by Ariel Natan Pasko - 7/4/2017

Happy Independence Day, America! Now Israel should learn from Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry and the 1766 Boston Tea Partiers.  Picture


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