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Remembering the Thirty-FiveRemembering the Thirty-Five
by Daniel Pinner - 1/21/2018

35 brave idealists, many of them university students, marched to the aid of surrounded Gush Etzion in January 1948. They were ambushed and fought to the last man.  Video Picture

Are Democrats the modern Nazi party?Are Democrats the modern Nazi party?
by Jeff Dunetz - 1/20/2018

Nothing proves that more than the anti-Semitic presidency of Barack Obama and the installation of Keith Ellison as the Deputy Chairman of the party.  Picture

The Big Palestinian LieThe Big Palestinian Lie
by Daniel Greenfield - 1/20/2018

End the 'Palestinian' occupation of Israel. The 'Palestinians' are Egyptians, Saudis, Jordanians, Senegalese, Sudanese and a number of other Muslim invasive colonists.  Picture

New York Times: A Modest Immigration Proposal - Ban JewsNew York Times: A Modest Immigration Proposal - Ban Jews
by Ed Straker - 1/20/2018

You would think that a newspaper that helped cover up the Holocaust, would show a little hesitancy before publishing an op-ed entitled...  Picture

The speech in which Abbas dug his own graveThe speech in which Abbas dug his own grave
by Dr. Mordechai Kedar - 1/15/2018

While wishing the POTUS' 'house be destroyed' in traditional Arab fashion, Abbas may have destroyed his own house, the Palestinian Arab one built of cards.  Picture

Did Trump say anything that isn't true?Did Trump say anything that isn't true?
by Jack Engelhard - 1/14/2018

Trump's fight for America's soul. Did Trump misspeak...use a slur to make a point...and thereby arouse all those dainty Liberals into a snit?  Picture

Qatar, The EU, And Illegal Palestinian SettlementsQatar, The EU, And Illegal Palestinian Settlements
by Ezequiel Doiny - 1/11/2018

And who is paying for this Arab attempt to strangle Jerusalem and illegally occupy large parts of the historic Jewish homeland?  Picture

How Muslims view US aid to their countriesHow Muslims view US aid to their countries
by Ezequiel Doiny - 1/7/2018

If you expected thanks, think again. Many consider US aid Jizya. Jizya is a discriminatory tax that, according to Islamic law, non-Muslim subjects have to pay to their Muslim rulers.  Picture

Trump kicks America's Palestinian habitTrump kicks America's Palestinian habit
by Caroline B. Glick - 1/6/2018

The US is UNRWA's largest funder. UNRWA underwrites the Hamas regime in Gaza by paying for its school system and its healthcare system.  Picture

UN, OIC, EU and PLO invite Trump retaliationUN, OIC, EU and PLO invite Trump retaliation
by David Singer - 12/31/2017

UNRWA, for one, is facing the grim prospect of having to find up to US$400 million annually from other UN member States if Trump cuts America’s current voluntary contribution to UNWRA.  Picture


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