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Devarim/Deuteronomy  31:1 - 30

Chapter 31

1 Moses went and spoke these words to all of Israel.  2 He said to them, "I am a hundred and twenty years old today; I can no longer go out and come in, for Hashem has said to me, 'You shall not cross this Jordan.'  3 Hashem, your God — He will cross before you; He will destroy these nations from before you, and you shall possess them; Joshua — he shall cross over before you, as Hashem has spoken.  4 Hashem will do to them as He did to Sihon and Og, the kings of the Amorite, and their land, which He destroyed,  5 and Hashem gave them before you; and you shall do to them according to the entire commandment that I have commanded you.  6 Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid and do not be broken before them, for Hashem, your God — it is He Who goes before you, He will not release you nor will He forsake you."

7 Moses summoned Joshua and said to him before the eyes of all Israel, "Be strong and courageous, for you shall come with this people to the Land that Hashem swore to give them, and you shall cause them to inherit it.  8 Hashem — it is He Who goes before you; He will be with you; He will not release you nor will He forsake you; do not be afraid and do not be dismayed."

9 Moses wrote this Torah and gave it to the Kohanim, the sons of Levi, the bearers of the Ark of the covenant of Hashem, and to all the elders of Israel.

10 Moses commanded them, saying, " At the end of seven years, at the time of the Sabbatical year, during the Succos festival,  11 when all Israel comes to appear before Hashem, your God, in the place that He will choose, you shall read this Torah before all Israel, in their ears.   12 Gather together the people — the men, the women, and the small children, and your stranger who is in your cities -- so that they will hear and so that they will learn, and they shall fear Hashem, your God, and be careful to perform all the words of this Torah.  13 And their children who do not know — they shall hear and they shall learn to fear Hashem, your God, all the days that you live on the land to which you are crossing the Jordan, to possess it."

14 Hashem spoke to Moses, "Behold, your days are drawing near to die; summon Joshua, and both of you shall stand in the Tent of Meeting, and I shall instruct him." So Moses and Joshua went and stood in the Tent of Meeting.

15 Hashem appeared in the Tent, in a pillar of cloud, and the pillar of cloud stood by the entrance of the Tent.  16 Hashem said to Moses, "Behold, you will lie with your forefathers, but this people will rise up and stray after the gods of the foreigners of the Land, in whose midst it is coming, and it will forsake Me and annul My covenant that I have sealed with it.  17 My anger will flare against it on that day and I will forsake them; and I will conceal My face from them and they will become prey, and many evils and distresses will encounter it. It will say on that day, 'Is it not because my God is not in my midst that these evils have come upon me?'  18 But I will surely have concealed My face on that day because of all the evil that it did, for it had turned to gods of others.  19 So now, write this song for yourselves, and teach it to the Children of Israel, place it in their mouth, so that this song shall be for Me a witness against the Children of Israel.

20 "For I shall bring them to the Land that I swore to their forefathers, which flows with milk and honey, but it will eat, be sated, and grow fat, and turn to gods of others and serve them, it will provoke Me and annul My covenant.  21 It shall be that when many evils and distresses come upon it, then this song shall speak up before it as a witness, for it shall not be forgotten from the mouth of its offspring, for I know its inclination, what it does today, before I bring them to the Land that I have sworn."

22 Moses wrote this song on that day, and he taught it to the Children of Israel.

23 He commanded Joshua son of Nun, and said, "Be strong and courageous, for you shall bring the Children of Israel to the Land that I have sworn to them, and I shall be with you."

24 So it was that when Moses finished writing the words of this Torah onto a book, until their conclusion.  25 Moses commanded the Levites, the bearers of the Ark of the covenant of Hashem, saying,  26 "Take this book of the Torah and place it at the side of the Ark of the covenant of Hashem, and it shall be there for you as a witness.  27 For I know your rebelliousness and your stiff neck; behold! while I am still alive with you today, you have been rebels against God — and surely after my death.  28 Gather to me all the elders of your tribes and your officers, and I shall speak these words into their ears, and call heaven and earth to bear witness against them.  29 For I know that after my death you will surely act corruptly, and you will stray from the path that I have commanded you, and evil will befall you at the end of days, if you do what is evil in the eyes of Hashem, to anger Him through your handiwork."

30 Moses spoke the words of this song into the ears of the entire congregation of Israel, until their conclusion.

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