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Shemos/Exodus  34:1 - 26
Bamidbar/Numbers  28:19 - 25

Chapter 34

1 Hashem said to Moses, "Carve for yourself two stone Tablets like the first ones, and I shall inscribe on the Tablets the words that were on the first Tablets, which you shattered.  2 Be prepared in the morning; ascend Mount Sinai in the morning and stand by Me there on the mountaintop.  3 No man may ascend with you nor may anyone be seen on the entire mountain. Even the flock and the cattle may not graze facing that mountain."

4 So he carved out two stone Tablets like the first ones. Moses arose early in the morning and ascended to Mount Sinai, as Hashem had commanded him, and he took two stone Tablets in his hand.

5 Hashem descended in a cloud and stood with him there, and He called out with the Name Hashem.  6 Hashem passed before him and proclaimed - Hashem, Hashem, God, Compassionate and Gracious, Slow to Anger, and Abundant in Kindness and Truth.  7 Preserver of Kindness for thousands of generations, Forgiver of Iniquity, Willful Sin, and Error, and Who Cleanses — but does not cleanse completely, recalling the iniquity of parents upon children and grandchildren, to the third and fourth generations.

8 Moses hastened to bow his head toward the ground and prostrate himself.  9 He said, "If I have now found favor in Your eyes, my Lord, let my Lord go among us — for it is a stiff-necked people, and You shall forgive our iniquity and error, and make us Your heritage."

10 He said, "Behold! I seal a covenant - Before your entire people I shall make distinctions such as have never been created in the entire world and among all the nations; and the entire people among whom you are will see the work of Hashem — which is awesome — that I am about to do with you.

11 "Beware of what I command you today - Behold I drive out before you the Amorite, the Canaanite, the Hittite, the Perizzite, the Hivvite, and the Jebusite.  12 Be vigilant lest you seal a covenant with the inhabitant of the land to which you come, lest it be a snare among you.  13 Rather you shall break apart their altars, smash their pillars, and cut down its sacred trees.  14 For you shall not prostrate yourselves to an alien god, for the very Name of Hashem is 'Jealous One,' He is a jealous God.  15 Lest you seal a covenant with the inhabitant of the land and stray after their gods, slaughter to their gods, and he invite you and you eat from his slaughter.  16 And you take their daughters for your sons, and their daughters stray after their gods and entice your sons to stray after their gods.

17 "You shall not make yourselves molten gods.

18 "You shall observe the Festival of Matzos - For a seven-day period you shall eat matzos, as I commanded you, at the appointed time in the month of spring, for in the month of spring you went forth from Egypt.

19 "Every first issue of a womb is Mine; as well as any of your livestock that produces a male, the first issue of cattle or sheep.  20 The first issue of a donkey you shall redeem with a lamb or kid, and if you do not redeem it you shall axe the back of its neck. You shall redeem every firstborn of your sons. They shall not appear before Me emptyhanded.

21 "Six days shall you work and on the seventh day you shall desist; you shall desist from plowing and harvesting.  22 You shall make the Festival of Weeks with the first offering of the wheat harvest; and the Festival of the Harvest shall be at the changing of the year.  23 Three times a year all your males shall appear before the Lord Hashem, the God of Israel.  24 For I shall banish nations before you and broaden your boundary; no man will covet your land when you go up to appear before Hashem, your God, three times a year.

25 "You shall not slaughter My blood-offering while in the possession of leavened food, nor may the feast-offering of the Pesach festival be left overnight until morning.  26 The first of your land's early produce you shall bring to the Temple of Hashem, your God. Do not cook a kid in its mother's milk."

Chapter 28

19 You shall offer a fire-offering, an elevation-offering to Hashem - two young bulls, one ram, seven male lambs within their first year, unblemished shall they be for you.  20 And their meal-offering - fine flour mixed with oil; you shall make three tenth-ephah for each bull and two tenth-ephah for each ram.  21 One tenth-ephah shall you make for each lamb, of the seven lambs.  22 And one he-goat for a sin-offering, to provide you atonement.  23 Aside from the elevation-offering of the morning that is for the continual elevation-offering shall you make these.  24 Like these shall you make each day of the seven-day period - food, a fire-offering, a satisfying aroma to Hashem; in addition to the continual elevation-offering shall it be made, and its libation.  25 The seventh day shall be a holy convocation for you; you shall not do any laborious work.


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