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The Soul-savers

The Soul-savers
A high-school teacher gave an emuna book to an about-to-be-divorced husband that saved his marriage. The Zohar elaborates on the teacher's reward, which is beyond belief...

by Rabbi Shalom Arush

Translated by Rabbi Lazer Brody

With Hashem's help, we're going to learn about the mitzvah that carries the greatest rewards, beyond anyone's ability to imagine.

The Zohar in Parshat Truma says that a person who deserves to be called praiseworthy is one who does everything in his power to bring other people close to Hashem.

We must understand how important the above point is, for as soon as you bring someone closer to Hashem, you defeat the Sitra Achra, the Dark Side of evil. Not only that, but it is considered as if you have actually created that person. There is no greater praise of Hashem than bringing people close to Hashem, for you rescue that person's soul from the clasp of the Sitra Achra and return it to the realm of holiness.

The Zohar then says something amazing: when you teach a person emuna, you rescue all of that person's Torah and mitzvoth from the clasps of the Sitra Achra and return them to holiness. This is eye-opening; you'd think that only evil people would be caught up in the holds of the Sitra Achra. Not true! The Dark Side lays in ambush to trip up Torah learners and mitzvah-observant people, because it feeds of the holiness of their Torah and mitzvoth. He who teaches someone emuna and brings that person truly close to Hashem, returns the captured sparks of holiness from the clutches of evil to the bosom of holiness in the upper worlds.

Anyone who helps an errant individual, says the Zohar, ascends three times a greater ascent than he or she could have by performing any other mitzvah. Why? By elevating one person, he or she elevates the whole world, both the spiritual realm and the physical realm. What's more, they bring untold joy to the Creator. These laudable people invoke sustenance for the entire world and gain entrance through twelve portals of Gan Eden. These are only a small portion of the praises that the Zohar enumerates for bringing people closer to Hashem.

More than anything, the person who tries his hardest to bring others close to Hashem creates a major sanctification of Hashem's Name in the world and brings Hashem the greatest imaginable gratification.

You can't imagine the reward of spreading emuna. Let me give a striking example:

A family in Los Angeles was about to be divorced after having been separated for over a year. A host of therapists and well-wishing friends couldn't bridge the tremendous gap that had developed over the years between the husband and the wife. At the last minute before their imminent divorce, a friend of the husband gave him a copy of the Garden of Peace. It saved the day. The husband read the book intensely from cover-to-cover and realized how awfully he made every possible mistake. At the advice of his friend who gave him the book, the husband reached out to Rabbi Lazer Brody and sought additional coaching. Meanwhile, his conduct improved so much that his wife took him back. They made a new beginning and their marriage was not only saved, it became wonderful.

In gratitude for what the emuna books and CDs did for him, the husband has since sponsored four major emuna events on the West Coast and has brought hundreds maybe thousands - of people closer to Hashem. Not only did he save his own children from the terrible fate of a broken home, he has since saved other couples from the tragedy of divorce.

Let me ask you one question with the above Zohar in mind, what is the reward of the young man a modest and unassuming high-school teacher - who gave the husband that copy of the Garden of Peace, his first emuna book? In the Heavens, all the dividends of all the people whom the husband has since brought closer to Hashem will also be credited to the high-school teacher. The reward that awaits him is mind-boggling!

You have no idea it's impossible to understand the reward of giving one person one emuna CD. Just imagine that a person who gets stronger will also pass on the positive influence to his family and friends. The Gemara says, chavra it le chavra one friend brings another. Many people got into the emuna books and CDs from a friend or relative that suggested it to them.

The best and most effective way to get closer to Hashem is to bring others close to Hashem.

Rabbi Shalom Arush
Rabbi Shalom Arush is an Israeli Breslov rabbi and founder of the Chut Shel Chessed Institutions. He spreads the teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov among Sephardic and Ashkenazic baalei teshuva around the world through his books and speaking appearances. Rabbi Arush is considered one of today's leading Hasidic spiritual guides, inspiring hundreds of thousands through his books, audio CDs and online presence.


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