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Children of Prophets

Children of Prophets
Why should you miss out and fail to believe in your spiritual powers or develop them just because you haven’t learned how to fully utilize them?

by Dr. Zev Ballen

"The Jewish people are the “children of prophets." (Talmud)

"I will dwell in their midst." (Exodus 25:8)

You have a genetic predisposition to think and imagine far beyond the everyday mundane happenings of your life and the physical world around you. Your inborn capacity for faith is very strong, but it needs to be nurtured and cultivated in order to bring it out.

To bring out your faith you need quiet time away from this noisy world. Why should you miss out and fail to believe in your spiritual powers and their development just because you haven’t learned how to fully utilize them?

When you were a child your imagination was extraordinary and you could have easily soared to this realm but your mind, back then, was immature and your attention span was very short.

Meditation is an adult discipline that trains your mind to stay focused on one topic for a sustained period of time. With practice you will always be able to decide what you want to think about and to stay with that topic for a long time. This will enable you to cultivate new creative ideas both in Torah learning and in your life in general.

  • Sit in a comfortable position and read the following very slowly to yourself. Alternatively have someone read it to you while you close your eyes. Or, record it slowly play it back to yourself.

  • Sit down with your back straight and your shoulders back.

  • Become mindful of breathing naturally; this will enable you to feel more “centered” and “grounded” in your breathing.

  • Put one hand on the place (on the abdominal area or chest) where you feel your breathing emanates the most from. This will increase your feeling of centeredness and inner balance.

  • Let you mind “drop down” into an awareness of your breathing and becoming more calm and relaxed with each breath. Breathe calmly like this a few more times...when you breathe out, you’ll notice a slight pause before you begin to breathe in is a moment when you are not breathing in or out...this pause is very is a powerful moment of faith and trust in the Creator that He will send you your next breath...

  • Each time that your breathing pauses for that moment, you’re living your’re living your faith.

  • Let go and imagine the hard stone-like part of your heart that is stubborn and worried and opinionated and selfish. Imagine your heart of stone that is numb and ungrateful for the many favors you’ve received from G-d in your life.

  • Picture and feel your heart of stone that always wants to be “right” and to be honored and to be appreciated...and that doesn’t love others enough and that doesn’t want to give.

  • Now take a very deep breath and blow out hard as you discharge your stubbornness...pause as you picture your heart of stone softening to a heart of flesh.

  • Take another very deep breath and breathe out your fears and anxieties...pause...and see your heart getting wider and more open as you focus on feeling safe and secure.

  • Take another deep breath and blow out the terrible ingratitude that has blocked Hashem from entering your heart. Pause and focus on feeling very grateful.

  • Take another deep breath and purge yourself of the arrogance that G-d your father detests so much. Now pause and focus on feeling humble.

  • Take another deep breath and exhale your improper desires. Pause and focus on feeling pure.

  • Take another deep breath and blow out your heretical doubts that everything comes from Hashem and that everything comes for you very best. Pause and focus on your faith.

  • Now take one more very deep breath...hold it to a count of five and blow out the absolute worst contaminant in your heart and that is your sadness. Blow it out very fast and hard – because your life depends on this. Repeat this until you have removed the sadness from your heart RIGHT NOW... breathe normally as you focus on joy.

  • Now picture your heart as big and wide and empty...your heart is warm and glowing and alive and full of love for the One who created you. You have emptied your heart so that He can dwell in your midst...see your heart further softening and opening wider and wider inviting the Divine Presence to come in.

  • Say: “Hashem I hereby declare my heart to be ownerless. I’m relinquishing the “ownership” of my heart to you. Please, Hashem, come and dwell in my heart...I cannot live without you for another second...I’m begging you, Hashem to take residence in my heart always...forever.

  • Say with enthusiasm: “Hashem my heart is Yours, it belongs to You!” Repeat this three times.

  • NOW YOU’RE READY: Picture the Mighty Hand of G-d, Hashem, your Loving Father gently placing the most beautiful, pure, glowing spark...a magnificent holy ember of Light into your heart. Breathe and feel the warmth and love of Hashem coming into your heart and mind.

  • Now with each mindful breath you feel the cool air coming into your lungs and down into your heart, fanning that tiny ember...that loving gift of G-d’s essence that He placed in your heart.

  • Picture your lungs like the graceful wings of a bird gently fanning and fueling your holy ember as it grows stronger and brighter, bigger and more ablaze.

  • Soon your whole heart is on fire for Hashem...and it’s burning on its own.

  • Now, holy child of Prophets, picture yourself standing before Hashem and a huge gathering of fiery angels that are singing praises to Hashem... and you’re one of them!

  • Now, child of G-d, you’ve opened the’ve removed the child of prophets, you enter personal prayer... your heart is nullified before your Master, your King.

  • Now child of prophets, your prophetic capacity has been activated...Hashem will speak to you through your heart. All your words will come from Hashem...whatever you speak about will come from Hashem.

  • You can trust what you’ll say because it’ll come from Hashem.

  • You can trust your perceptions because they’ll come from Hashem.

  • You can trust your decisions because they’ll come from Hashem.

  • You can trust your intuition about the future because it’ll come from Hashem.

Dr. Zev BallenDr. Zev Ballen, Psy.D. has been a practicing psychotherapist for more than 30 years. He is the founder and developer of Emuna Therapy, a faith-based method of counseling based exclusively on the teachings of Rabbi Shalom Arush. Dr. Zev has the endorsements of Gadolei Yisrael such as the Nikolsburger Rebba, Rabbi Yitzchok Fagelstock, Rabbi Shalom Arush, and Rabbi Lazer Brody. You can write in with questions to Dr. Zev at: You can call him at: 845-362-8600 (US) or 054-840-9499 (Israel). Dr. Zev resides in Jerusalem, with his family, where he learns in Rav Arush’s Kollel and maintains a part-time private practice. You're also welcome to visit Dr. Zev's personal blog, Emuna Therapy.


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