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The Taste of OnionsThe Taste of Onions
by Rabbi Lazer Brody
Many people claim that they have difficulty 'getting into' Torah and prayer. They're bored and uninspired. Why are some enamored with spirituality while others are others not?

Part-Time GodPart-Time God
by Sunny Levi
Even before I found emuna, I learned a key principle: either you believe in G-d or you don't; but to believe in a part-time God with human limitations is pointless. And dangerous...

Children of ProphetsChildren of Prophets
by Dr. Zev Ballen
Why should you miss out and fail to believe in your spiritual powers or develop them just because you havenít learned how to fully utilize them?

A Debt of GratitudeA Debt of Gratitude
by Yehuda Gerlitz
Taking the right approach when it comes to inconveniences, upsets, and difficulties is an absolute imperative if youíre looking to live an intentional, purpose filled life...

A Prayer of ThanksA Prayer of Thanks
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
Please help me to know that You are not obligated to do anything for me and that everything that You do for me is a free gift as a consequence of Your constant love...

When the Blaming Doesnít StopWhen the Blaming Doesnít Stop
by Dr. Zev Ballen
What should a person do, if no matter how much praying he does, he just canít seem to stop himself from pinning the blame for his problems on other people?

Ending the Blame GameEnding the Blame Game
by Dr. Zev Ballen
I hear the bitterness and suffering of people who blame others every day. Their lives are an unbearable torment because they feel that they have no control...

Emuna and Free ChoiceEmuna and Free Choice
by Rabbi David Charlop
As much as we may try to live with simple emuna, there are issues which can puzzle us. One of them is the nature of free choice and if we really have free choice at all...

Together ForeverTogether Forever
by Yehudit Channen
Asking yourself what God wants from you, as you go through your day, keeps you alert and in the right direction. His will is your compass and in this confusing maze of life...

Honest with OurselvesHonest with Ourselves
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
Many of us know in our brains that something is forbidden, yet our hearts still desire the forbidden fruit. These are the types of things that we must clarify to ourselves...

The Soul-saversThe Soul-savers
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
A high-school teacher gave an emuna book to an about-to-be-divorced husband that saved his marriage. The Zohar elaborates on the teacher's reward, which is beyond belief...

It's An Embarrassment!It's An Embarrassment!
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
Steer clear of slander. Don't respond to arguments. Life is beautiful Ė spend your time and energy serving Hashem and praying with intent, and don't be embarrassed...

Biography is not DestinyBiography is not Destiny
by Dr. Zev Ballen
In order to submit to G-dís authority and accept with emuna that whatever He does is for the best, a person needs to have a clear mind, free from transferred human relations...

Emuna Take-OffEmuna Take-Off
by David Perlow
We thought we had another whole day to leisurely pack for our visit with our two toddlers to our parents in America. Then, Dad called and asked if we were at the airport already...

The Moses of Every GenerationThe Moses of Every Generation
by Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh
In each generation there is one unique individual who is the embodiment of Moses. The spirit of Moses emanates to all the wise men of the generation...

A Tale of Two SonsA Tale of Two Sons
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
There were two sons Ė one intelligent and extremely well-mannered Ė and the other a wild mischief maker who couldn't spell his own name properly...

No More HidingNo More Hiding
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
We all must admit that we can't overcome our evil inclination without Hashem's help. No, but some people prefer to live in denial. They hide...

Thirteen Thoughts on EmunaThirteen Thoughts on Emuna
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
Thirteen is the numerical equivalent for the Hebrew word echad, or one. Since Hashem is One and His Name is One, here are 13 thoughts for us to live by...

The World's Best ComputerThe World's Best Computer
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
After a person's 120 years on earth, all his brain's contents are removed and the Heavenly Court shows him everything he ever saw, thought, spoke, heard and did...

by Yael Karni
The evil inclination is very clever and devious; it can make us rationalize that we arenít expected to transcend all our ordeals because we are 'only human...'

Emuna and HealingEmuna and Healing
by Channa Coggan
In daily prayer I began asking Hashem for help in making His will my will. I soon realized that proper surrender requires me to give in, rather than give up...

The Grateful PersonalityThe Grateful Personality
by Dr. Zev Ballen
Gratitude unlocks doors to every blessing; grateful people enjoy things in life that others chase in vain. Wouldn't you want to be one of those fortunate people?

Let There Be LightLet There Be Light
by Dr. Zev Ballen
Luckily for us, Thomas Edison ignored all those negative voices and persisted in his attempts to make a bulb that actually worked, and eventually, he did it...

Emuna and Free ChoiceEmuna and Free Choice
by Rabbi David Charlop
As much as we may try to live with simple emuna, there are issues which can puzzle us. One of them is the nature of free choice and if we really have free choice at all...

Good to GreatGood to Great
by Rivka Levy
Sometimes, we don't see the slightest hope of a solution to our weighty problems - like a boulder, nothing budges. But the prayers accumulate, and suddenly, things move...

The Track to GreatnessThe Track to Greatness
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
Becoming great requires rigorous training and learning to cope with challenges. It's not easy, but no one ever became great from sitting in front of a TV...

War? What For?War? What For?
by David Perlow
The missiles fall, suddenly people are united, sincerely concerned about each other and selflessly praying with emphasis on the greater good of our nation...

Gift from GazaGift from Gaza
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
Nothing is stronger than thanking Hashem for our difficulties, because really, our difficulties are all gifts from Hashem to bring us closer to Him....

Thank You, AbbaThank You, Abba
by Rivka Levy
Regarding a situation as bad is a tragic mistake in spiritual perception, stemming from the fact that one forgets how much of a loving Father Hashem really is...

The Year of the YamulkaThe Year of the Yamulka
by Dr. Zev Ballen
Dr. Zev Ballen reveals what he went through as a new Baal Teshuva, including the scorn he received from his colleagues for breaking from their professional smugness...

Spiritual MaturitySpiritual Maturity
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
Not realizing that he's doing something that is detrimental to himself, a child will eat candy all day long if allowed to, for he lacks concern about the consequences...

World of MoshiachWorld of Moshiach
by Racheli Reckles
What are we doing to add more holiness and remove materialism and impurity from our lives, and from the world in general? Where are the bulk of our thoughts?

Preemptive EmunaPreemptive Emuna
by David Perlow
Like preventive medicine, the trick is to learn emuna when things are going well in our lives, and not wait until the tough times set in...

The Optimistic AttitudeThe Optimistic Attitude
by Rabbi Lazer Brody
Many people ask a seemingly tough question: if the Creator controls everything, and He loves me, then why doesn't He let me succeed? Even worse, why does He make me fail?

Never Stop ReachingNever Stop Reaching
by Rabbi Lazer Brody
Mattatyahu and his sons were masters at truth clarification. They weren't willing to live for two minutes without the truth. That's where they derived the courage...

The Big PayoffThe Big Payoff
by Dr. Zev Ballen
We all understand the commandments that require us to live our lives in an upright manner. But how can the Torah command us to be happy?

The Lost TribeThe Lost Tribe
by Racheli Reckles
The questions each one of us must ask ourselves are: What am I living for? Am I achieving my spiritual purpose in this world? Do I have any idea who I really am?

Choosing a Spiritual GuideChoosing a Spiritual Guide
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
A true spiritual guide knows that his "merchandise" is top quality so he doesn't have to say anything detrimental about anyone else's merchandise...

Back on Your FeetBack on Your Feet
by Rabbi Lazer Brody
Success doesn't mean that you never fall; it means that you're resilient - you make every effort to get back on your feet as quickly as possible after a fall.

'I' Stands for 'Input''I' Stands for 'Input'
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
People are bewildered, confused, disoriented and depressed because they don't know themselves. It's certainly frustrating not to know who you are...

The UnderdogsThe Underdogs
by Rabbi Lazer Brody
Not everyone has twenty-inch biceps, a 135 IQ or a beauty-queen face and figure. Yet, natural talent does not determine success. Who are the underdogs who beat the odds?

The Genuine SmileThe Genuine Smile
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
Don't think that you're not capable of being a spiritual luminary. You have no idea of your potential for greatness. Don't ever sell yourself short, so start smiling...

Micro MomentsMicro Moments
by Dr. Zev Ballen
When we're given a test, large or small, we have a micro-second to decide whether we are going to go with our emuna, to be with G-d, or whether we are going to lose it...

Real KnowledgeReal Knowledge
by Dr. Zev Ballen
If people really believe that this world is just a temporary passageway to eternal paradise, then why do they experience so much marital conflict, anxiety and depression?

Gate to GloryGate to Glory
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
No one suffered more than Abraham, Jacob, Moses and King David. Their lives were one long chronicle of tribulations. Could they have led our people otherwise?

Spiritual ShoppingSpiritual Shopping
by Racheli Reckles
The unexpected and frequently undesired little challenges that put bumps in life's road are really pop quizzes from Hashem to test our emuna...

Deciphering G-d's MessagesDeciphering G-d's Messages
by Dr. Zev Ballen
When a person accepts that everything is coming as a message from G-d, for his own good, then he makes himself into a vessel that can actually receive the message...

A Garden ParadiseA Garden Paradise
by Rabbi Lazer Brody
By accepting life's tiny tribulations with love, we're doing ourselves the greatest favor in the world.

Trapped in a BottleTrapped in a Bottle
by Rabbi Lazer Brody
So many people seem to be standing still or treading water at best. For them, simply staying afloat is an accomplishment.

Who Am I?Who Am I?
by Rabbi Lazer Brody
Modern society teaches us to 'put our best foot forward' and to sell ourselves; but, to be a good salesperson, you must know and believe in the product that you're selling...

Strange MessengersStrange Messengers
by Channa Coggan
Suddenly, one of the Arabs knocked on the front passenger window of my car. My heart skipped a beat. I didnít know what he wanted and I didnít care to find out...

The Way out of the TunnelThe Way out of the Tunnel
by Rabbi Lazer Brody
Even the nations of the world know that the biggest liar is one who lies to himself.

The Hour of GreatnessThe Hour of Greatness
by Dovber HaLevi
Have you ever felt something significant missing in your life? Have you ever felt that you are supposed to have something, be something, or accomplish something already?

Forget the ShortcutsForget the Shortcuts
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
Increased difficulties after praying are tests of faith. Do we really believe that Hashem hears our prayers? Do we really believe that He can solve our problems?

The Sound of MusicThe Sound of Music
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
The moment you feel down, start singing! If you can play an instrument, start playing a happy song.

30 Minutes to Glory30 Minutes to Glory
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
Once a person desires to be a tzaddik, he's considered in Heaven a perfect tzaddik even if he falls down dozens of times.

Great ExpectationsGreat Expectations
by Yehudit Levy
High Holiday prayers are vital, but everyone - especially mothers should remember the importance of their own personal prayer...

Honest with YourselfHonest with Yourself
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
The biggest liar is one who lies to himself. Such people are fooling anyone but themselves.

The Fancy YachtThe Fancy Yacht
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
It would be ridiculous if a fancy yacht make fun of a simple life boat, especially since that simple life boat might one day save those on board the fancy yacht....

Only HashemOnly Hashem
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
Nothing can exist without Hashem and that everything that occurs in the universe is the product of Divine will.

A Drop of HumilityA Drop of Humility
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
Rejoicing in one's good points is the foundation of Judaism.

Cremation or Burial? A Jewish ViewCremation or Burial? A Jewish View
by Doron Kornbluth
Why Jewish burial is important ó for you and the soul of the departed.

Eyes that ShineEyes that Shine
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
Now that we know what we're doing here on earth.....

The Illuminated MindThe Illuminated Mind
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
Who and what is a person? His appearance? His mannerisms? You are your brain and your brain is you.

Just DessertsJust Desserts
by Yehudit Levy
Parents like to encourage their children to eat their healthy meals before they get rewarded with dessert.

Top Five Regrets of the DyingTop Five Regrets of the Dying
by Bronnie Ware
It's not too late to avoid these common regrets in life.

The Path to GreatnessThe Path to Greatness
by Sara Yoheved Rigler
In the most significant decision of her life, she cared for a mentally handicapped stranger for 55 years.

Learning to FlyLearning to Fly
by Sam Glaser
I grew up with the four H's: Holy Land, Holocaust, Hebrew and Holidays. But it was the fifth H that changed my life.

Life after DeathLife after Death
What matters most is maximizing our life before death.

A Taste of 
HeavenA Taste of Heaven
An incredible Jerusalem family brings the beauty of Shabbat to the world.

The Omer Counting: Seven Weeks for Spiritual Self-ImprovementThe Omer Counting: Seven Weeks for Spiritual Self-Improvement
An opportunity for spiritual self-improvement is available during the period between Passover and Shavuot.

The Neverending CandleThe Neverending Candle
The connection between candles and spirituality.

Life is a TestLife is a Test
From the moment we are born, until the end of our days, we are faced with true challenge.

Three Prayers, Three GoalsAn Agnostic Meets God
I went to the Wall in Jerusalem, and you know me, I'm the last person to have a "spiritual experience".

Three Prayers, Three GoalsThree Prayers, Three Goals
One should always be careful regarding the Minchah prayer, for Elijah was only answered in this prayer....

Finding SerenityFinding Serenity
The most important awareness for becoming serene is to realize that serenity is up to you. There are two myths that work against mastery of serenity. Right at the beginning it is imperative to clarify the truth.

Prayer #1: In Search of God and Self
For many Jews, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, means lots of hours in synagogue praying. Lots. Does prayer seems like a meaningless chore? Here is a fresh look at prayer and what it can do for you.

What is a Blessing?
Having been taught from earliest childhood to bless God in our prayers, before performing commandments, and before enjoying the pleasures of His universe, we do not even stop to think what we are saying. Bless God?


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