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When Moshiach Comes to TownWhen Moshiach Comes to Town
There will be big surprises in store when Moshiach arrives. Rebbe Nachman says that he'll be able to sense everything with his powerful sensitivity...

by Dr. Harry Hamburger

There will be a whirlwind
when the Moshiach comes to town
he will gaze upon the idols
and they will all come tumbling down

He will walk up to the Mountain
and split the mosque in half
when questioned by the muslims
he will turn away and laugh

A great light will shine
when he walks down the street
the people will fast and pray
until their rectification is complete

All of the politicians in power
will cry and tear their clothes
but the Moshiach will not be fooled
and smell their perfidy with his nose

There will be a whirlwind
when the Moshiach comes to call
so everyone better be prepared
to be a Jew and stand tall


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