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Yeshayah/Isaiah 57:14 - 58:14

Chapter 57

14 He says, "Pave a road, pave a road! Lift up the obstacle from My people's path."

15 For so says the exalted and uplifted One, Who abides forever and Whose Name is holy, "I abide in exaltedness and holiness — but am with the contrite and lowly of spirit, to revive the spirit of the lowly and to revive the heart of the contrite.  16 For not forever will I contend nor will I be eternally wrathful; for the spirit that envelops them is from Me, and I have made the souls.  17 I became angry because of his sinful thievery, I struck him, I hid Myself and remained angry — because he continued waywardly in the path of his heart.  18 [But when] I see his ways I will heal him; I will guide him and recompense him and his mourners with consolations.  19 I create fruit of the lips - 'Peace, peace, for the far and near,'" says Hashem, "and I shall heal him."  20 But the wicked are like the driven sea that cannot rest, and its waters throw up mire and mud.  21 "There is no peace," says my God to the wicked.

Chapter 58

1 Cry out vociferously, be not restrained; raise your voice like a shofar — proclaim to My people lheir willful sins, to the Family of Jacob their error.  2 They pretend to seek Me every day, and they (pretend) to desire knowledge of My ways; like a nation that acts righteously and has not forsaken the justice of its God; they inquire of Me about righteous laws, [as if ] they desire the nearness of God.  3 [They ask] "Why did You not see when we fasted? We afflicted ourselves but You ignored it?"  4 [And God answers,] "Because on your fast day you sought out personal desires and you oppressed all whom you aggrieved! Because you fast with grievance and strife, and strike with a wicked fist; you do not fast as befits this day, to make your voice heard above.  5 Can such be the fast I choose, a day when man merely afflicts himself? Can it be bowing his head like a bulrush and making a mattress of sackcloth and ashes? Do you call this a fast and a day of favor to HASHEM?  6 Surely this is the fast I choose; open the bonds of wickedness, dissolve the groups that pervert [j'ustice], let the oppressed go free and annul all perverted [justice].  7 Surely you should divide your bread wlth the hungry, and bring the moaning poor to your home; when you see the naked, cover him; and do not ignore your kin. "  8 Then your light will burst forth like the dawn and your heallng will speedily sprout; then your rlghteous deed will precede you and the glory of HAsHEM will gather you in.  9 Then you will call and HASHEM will respond, you will cry out and He will say, "Here I am! " if you remove from your midst perversion, finger-pointing, and evil speech.  10 And if you offer your soul to the hungry and satisfy the afflicted soul; then your light will shine in the darkness, and the deepest gloom will be like the moon.  11 Then HASHEM will guide you always, sate your soul in times of drought, and strengthen your bones; and you will be llke a well watered garden and a sprlng whose waters never fail.  12 Age-old ruins will be rebuilt through you, you will erect generations old foundations; and they will call you, "repairer of the breach, restorer of paths for habitation. "  13 If you restrain, because of the Sabbath, your feet; refrain from accomplishing your own needs on My holy day; if you proclaim the Sabbath ' a delight, " the holy one of HASHEM, "honored one, " and you honor it by not engaging in your own ways, from seeking your needs or discussing the forbidden.  14 Then you shall be granted pleasure with HASHEM and I shall mount you astride the heights of the world; and I will provide you the heritage of your forefather Jacob — for the mouth of HASHEM has spoken.


Parashas Yom Kippur — Shacharis

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