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Yechezchial/Ezekiel 37:15 - 28

Chapter 37

15 The word of Hashem came to me, saying:  16 Now you, son of man, take yourself one wooden tablet and write upon it, "For Judah and the Children of Israel, his comrades," and take another wooden tablet and write upon it, "For Joseph, the wooden tablet of Ephraim, and all the Children of Israel, his comrades."  17 And bring close to yourself, one to the other, like a single wooden tablet, and they shall become one in your hand.

18 Now when the children of your people say to you, "Will you not tell us what these are to you?"  19 speak to them, "Thus says my Lord Hashem/Elohim - Behold!—I take the wooden tablet of Joseph, which is in Ephraim's hand, and of the tribes of Israel his comrades, and shall place them with it together with the wooden tablet of Judah, and I will make them one wooden tablet, and they shall become one in my hand.  20 And the wooden tablets upon which you will write shall be in your hand, in their sight."

21 Then speak to them, "Thus says my Lord Hashem/Elohim - Behold! — I take the Children of Israel from among the nations to which they went, and I shall gather them from around and I shall bring them to their soil.  22 I shall make them into a single nation in the land upon Israel's hills, and a single king shall be for them all as a king; and they shall no longer be two nations, no longer divided into two kingdoms again.  23 They will no longer be contaminated with their idols and their abhorrent things and with all their rebellious sins; and I shall save them from all their habitations in which they sinned, and I shall purify them, and they shall be for a people unto Me, and I will be for a God unto them.  24 My servant David will be king over them, and there will be a single shepherd for all of them; they will go in My ordinances and they will observe My decrees and perform them.  25 They will dwell on the land that I gave to My servant Jacob, within which your forefathers dwelt, and they shall dwell upon it — they, their children, and their children's children, forever; and My servant David will be prince for them, forever.

26 "I shall seal a covenant of peace with them, an eternal covenant shall it be with them; and I shall emplace them and I shall increase them, and I shall place My Sanctuary among them forever.  27 My dwelling place shall be upon them, and I shall be for a God unto them, and they shall be unto Me for a people.  28 Then the nations shall know that I am Hashem, Who sanctifies Israel, when My Sanctuary is among them forever."


Parashas Vayigash

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