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Yermiyah/Jeremiah  8:13 - 9:23

Chapter 8

13 I shall utterly destroy them, the words of Hashem, there will be no grapes on the grapevine and no dates on the date palm, the leaf will wither, and what I have given them will pass away.  14 "Why do we remain here? Let us gather and come to fortified cities, there to be silent; for Hashem, our God, has silenced us and given us poisonous water, for we have sinned to Hashem.  15 We are hoping for peace, but there is no good; for a time of healing, but behold! there is terror."  16 From Dan was heard the snorting of his steeds, at the sound of his mighty ones' footsteps the whole land quaked; they came and devoured the land and its fullness, the city and its inhabitants.  17 For behold! — I shall incite against you snakes, serpents, that cannot be charmed, and they shall bite you — the words of Hashem.  18 I seek strength against sorrow, but my heart is sick within me.  19 Behold! the voice of My people's daughter from distant lands - "Is Hashem not in Zion, is its king not within it?" Why have they angered Me with their graven idols, with their alien vanities?

20 "The harvest has passed, the summer has ended, but we were not saved."

21 Over the collapse of my people's daughter have I been shattered; I am blackened, desolation has gripped me.  22 Is there no balm in Gilead, is there no healer there? Why has no recovery come to my people's daughter?  23 If only someone would turn my head to water and my eye to a spring of tears, then I would cry all day and night for the slain of my daughter's people.

Chapter 9

1 If only someone would make for me in the desert an inn for guests, then I would forsake my people and leave them; for they are all adulterers, a band of traitors.  2 "They bend their tongue with falsehood like a bow, not for good faith have they grown strong in the land, for they progress from evil to evil, but Me they did not know" — the words of Hashem.  3 "Every man beware of his fellow, and do not trust any kin; for every kinsman acts perversely, and every fellow mongers slander.  4 Every man mocks his fellow and they do not speak the truth; they train their tongue in speaking falsehood, striving to be iniquitous.  5 Your dwelling is amid deceit, through deceit they refuse to know Me" — the words of Hashem.

6 Therefore, so says Hashem, Master of Legions, "Behold! I shall smelt them and test them — for what then can I do for My people's daughter?  7 Their tongue is a drawn arrow, speaking deceit; with his tongue one speaks peace, but in his heart he lays his ambush.  8 Shall I not punish them for these?" — the words of Hashem — "For a nation like this, shall My soul not take vengeance?"

9 "For the mountains I shall raise a wailing and lament, and for the pasture of the wilderness a dirge, for they will have become desolate without a passerby and they will not have heard the sound of flocks; from the bird of heaven to cattle they have wandered off and gone.  10 I shall make Jerusalem heaps of rubble, a lair of snakes; and the cities of Judah I shall turn to desolation, without inhabitant."

11 Who is the wise man who will understand this, to whom the mouth of Hashem speaks — let him relate it - "For what reason did the land perish, become parched like a desert, without passerby?"

12 And Hashem said, "Because they forsook My Torah that I put before them, and did not heed My voice nor follow it.  13 They followed the wantonness of their heart, and after the baal-idols, as their fathers taught them!"

14 Therefore, so says Hashem, Master of Legions, the God of Israel, "Behold! — I feed this people wormwood and give them poisonous water to drink.  15 I shall scatter them among the nations whom they did not know, neither they nor their fathers; I shall send the sword after them until I destroy them!"

16 So said Hashem, Master of Legions, "Contemplate, summon the dirge-women and let them come, and send for the wise women and let them come."

17 Let them hurry and raise up a lament for us, let our eyes run with tears and our pupils flow with water.  18 For the sound of lament would be heard in Zion - "How we have been plundered, how greatly we are shamed, for we have left the land, for our dwellings have cast us out.  19 Hearken, O women, to the word of Hashem and let your ears absorb the word of his mouth, and teach a lament to your daughters, and each woman a dirge to her friend.  20 For death has ascended through our windows, it has come into our palaces to cut down infants from the marketplace, young men from the streets."

21 Speak thus — the words of Hashem — "Human corpses will fall like dung on the open field and like a sheaf behind the harvester, but none shall gather them up."

22 So says Hashem, "Let not the wise man laud himself with his wisdom, and let not the strong man laud himself with his strength, and let not the rich man laud himself with his wealth.  23 Only with this may one laud himself — discernment in knowing Me, for I am Hashem Who does kindness, justice, and righteousness in the land, for in these is My desire," the words of Hashem.


Parashas Tisha B'Av — (Morning)

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