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Melachim A/I Kings  5:26 - 6:13

Chapter 5

26 Hashem gave wisdom to Solomon, as He had spoken to him, and there was peace between Hiram and Solomon, and the two of them sealed a covenant.  27 King Solomon levied a tax upon all of Israel; the tax consisted of thirty thousand men.  28 He sent them to Lebanon in shifts of ten thousand per month; for a month they would be in Lebanon and for two months they would be at home. Adoniram was in charge of the tax.

29 Solomon had seventy thousand carriers of burden and eighty thousand quarry workers in the mountain,  30 aside from Solomon's chief officers who supervised the work — three thousand three hundred — who ruled the people who performed the work.  31 The king commanded and they uprooted great stones, heavy stones, to lay the foundation of the Temple with hewn stone.  32 The builders of Solomon, the builders of Hiram, and the Gebalites fashioned and prepared the wood and the stones to build the Temple.

Chapter 6

1 It was four hundred and eighty years after Israel's exodus from the land of Egypt - In the fourth year — in the month of Ziv, which is the second month — of Solomon's kingship over Israel, he built the Temple for Hashem.  2 The Temple that Solomon built for Hashem was sixty cubits in length, twenty cubits in width, and thirty cubits in height.  3 The portico in front of the Hall of the Temple, twenty cubits its length, in front of the width of the Temple; ten cubits its width in front of the Temple.  4 For the Temple he made windows that were broad [on the outside] and narrow [on the inside].  5 Against the wall of the Temple he built a chamber all around — the walls of the Temple all around the Hall and the Most Holy — and he made side-chambers all around,  6 the lowest story, five cubits its width, the middle one, six cubits its width, and the third one, seven cubits its width, for he had provided recesses all around to the Temple, on the outside, in order not to penetrate the walls of the Temple.

7 When the Temple was being built, it was built of complete quarried stone; hammers, chisels, or any iron utensils were not heard in the Temple when it was being built.

8 The entrance to the central lowest chamber was at the south side of the Temple, and up a spiral staircase they would ascend to the middle one, and from the middle one to the third story.  9 He built the Temple and completed it; he made the Temple ceiling of decorative wood and with cedar planks.  10 He built the side-chamber along the entire Temple, five cubits its height; and he covered the house with cedarwood.

11 The word of Hashem came to Solomon, saying,  12 "This Temple that you build — if you follow My decrees, perform My statutes, and observe all My commandments to follow them, then I shall uphold My word with you, that I spoke to David your father.  13 I shall dwell among the Children of Israel, and I shall not forsake My people Israel."


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