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Melachim A/I Kings 8:54 - 9:1

Chapter 8

54 When Solomon had finished praying to Hashem this entire prayer and supplication, he stood up from having knealt on his knees with his hands spread out heavenward before the Altar of Hashem.  55 He stood and blessed the entire congregation of Israel in a loud voice, saying,  56 "Blessed is Hashem Who has granted rest to His people Israel according to all that He has spoken; not one word has been defaulted from the entire gracious promise that He pronounced through His servant Moses.  57 May Hashem, our God, be with us, as He was with our forefathers, may He not forsake us nor cast us off.

58 To turn our hearts to Him, to walk in all His ways and to observe His commandments, decrees, and statutes that He commanded our forefathers.  59 May these words of mine which I have supplicated before Hashem, be near to Hashem, our God, by day and by night; that He may provide the just due of His servant and the just due of His people Israel, each day's need in its day.  60 That all the peoples of the earth shall know that Hashem is God — there is no other.  61 May your heart remain wholesome with Hashem, our God, to follow His decrees and to observe His commandments as on this very day."

62 The King and all Israel with him were bringing an offering before Hashem.  63 Solomon brought this peace-offering that he offered to Hashem - twenty two thousand cattle and one hundred and twenty thousand sheep; and the King and all the Children of Israel dedicated the Temple of Hashem.

64 On that day the King sanctified the interior of the Courtyard that was before the Temple of Hashem, for there he performed the service of the burnt-offering, the meal-offering, and the fats of the peace-offering; for the Copper Altar that was before Hashem was too small to contain the burnt-offering, the mealoffering, and the fats of the peace-offering.

65 At that time Solomon instituted the celebration — and all Israel was with him, a huge congregation, from the approach to Chamos until the Brook of Egypt — before Hashem, our God, seven days and then seven days — totaling fourteen days.  66 On the eighth day, he released the people and they blessed the King; they went to their tents, joyous and good-hearted over all the good that Hashem did for His servant David and His people Israel.

Chapter 9

1 And thus it was that Solomon had finished building the Temple of Hashem and the palace of the King, and everything that he had longed to make.


Parashas Shemini Atzeret

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