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Chabakuk/Habakkuk  2:20 - 3:19

Chapter 2

20 Hashem is in His holy Temple; let all the world be silent before Him.

Chapter 3

1 A prayer of the prophet Habakkuk, for erroneous utterances.

  Certain is our praise of God that is but a sign and sample
    of that uttered by myriad myriads of angels.
  I shall call out His praise among the numbered tribes
    that are inscribed in the four rows [of the Kohen Gadol's breastplate].
  Before Him, among the water of Paradise,
    flows and goes a fiery stream.
  On a snowy mountain is a blinding light, and bolts of flaming fire.
  He created and sees what is shrouded in darkness,
    because light's essence dwells with Him.
  He sees from afar without hindrance,
    with hidden things revealed to Him.
  I seek permission from Him first, and afterwards from people;
  Those who know the Law, and Mishnah, Tosefta, Sifra, and Sifri.
  The King Who lives eternally,
    may He shield the people that prays to Him.
  Say to them - "May they be like the sand and as uncountable as dust.
  May their valleys be covered with crops as white as sheep;
    may their cellars flow with wine."
  Grant their wish, and may their faces glow with a
    brilliance like the light of dawn.
  Give me strength and lift Your eye to see the enemy who denies You.
  Let them be like straw mixed in with brick,
    let them be mute as a stone with humiliation.
  God presented [the Torah] to [Moses] the epitome of humility —
    so let us extend Him gracious praise.

2 O Hashem, I have heard Your news [of impending exile] and I was afraid; O Hashem, during those years, keep Your accomplishment alive; during those years, make it known - amid rage — remember to be merciful.

3 God came from the south, and the Holy One came from Mount Paran; His glory covered the heavens and His praise filled the earth.  4 Its glow was like the light [of day], from His hand came pride [to Israel]; and His hidden strength was there [in the Ark].  5 Before it went a plague, and fiery flashes went forth as it advanced.  6 It came to a halt and measured portions of the Land; it gazed and caused nations to flee; the eternal mountains exploded; the ancient hills were laid low; for the ways of the world are His.

7 Because of iniquity I looked [approvingly] upon the tents of Cushan — but the tapestries of the land of Midian were agitated.  8 Was Hashem angry with the rivers, was Your wrath with the rivers, or Your fury upon the sea? Rather You rode upon Your horses, Your chariots of salvation.  9 Your bow was bared because of the oath regarding the tribes, an enduring word, so the earth split into rivers.  10 Mountains saw You and shuddered, and a stream of water flowed; the depth raised its voice, His uplifted hands were exalted.  11 The sun and the moon stood still in their habitat; [Israel] would travel by the light of Your arrows, by the glow of Your flashing spear.  12 Angrily You trod the earth, wrathfully You threshed nations.  13 You went forth for the salvation of Your people; for the salvation of Your anointed one, You trampled a head from the wicked one's house, baring the foundation until the neck, Selah.  14 With their own staffs You pierced the head of his outspread troops, who came storming to scatter me; their exultation [ended] like that of the one who came in secrecy to devour the afflicted [Jewish nation].  15 With Your steed-like [clouds], You trampled them in the sea, with mountains of abundant water.

16 I heard and my innards shuddered; my lips vibrated at the sound; rot came into my bones and I shuddered wherever I was - I would come to my resting place on a day of travail, arriving upon an invading nation.  17 For the fig will not have blossomed and there will be no fruit on the vines, the produce of the olive tree will have withered, and the fields will not have made food; the sheep will be cut off from the corral and there will be no cattle in the stall.

18 But I shall exult in Hashem, I shall rejoice in the God of my salvation.  19 My Lord, Hashem/Elohim, is my army; He shall make my legs like the harts' and make me walk upon my high places — for the Conductor of my sweet songs.


Parashas Shavuot — Second Day

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