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Yechezchial/Ezekiel  1:1 - 28,  3:12

Chapter 1

1 It happened in the thirtieth year in the fourth [month] on the fifth of the month, as I was among the exile by the River Kevar; the heavens opened and I saw visions of God.  2 On the fifth of the month, it was the fifth year of the exile of King Jehoiachin.  3 The word of Hashem had come to Yechezkel the son of Buzi, the Kohen, in the land of the Chaldeans by the River Kevar; and the hand of Hashem was upon him there.

4 Then I looked and behold! A stormy wind was coming from the north, a great cloud with flashing fire and a brilliance surrounding it, and from its midst came a semblance of Chashmal from the midst of the fire, 5. and from its midst a semblance of four Chayos. This was their appearance - they had the semblance of a man, 6. and four faces for each, and four wings for each of them.  7 Their legs were a straight leg, and the sole of their feet was like the sole of a rounded foot, and they glittered like burnished bronze.  8 And human hands were under their wings on each of their four sides, and their faces and wings were alike on the four of them.  9 Joined to one another were their wings. They did not turn to one another as they moved; each went straight ahead.  10 As for the semblance of their faces - the face of a man and the face of a lion to the right of the four, the face of an ox to the left of the four and the face of an eagle to the four.  11 And as for their faces - their wings extended upward; for each face two joined for each and two covered their bodies.  12 Each one went straight ahead, toward wherever there was the spirit to go — they went; they turned not as they went.  13 And as for the appearance of the Chayos - their appearance was like fiery coals, burning like the appearance of torches; it manifested itself among the Chayos. There was a brilliance to the fire, and from the fire went forth lightning.  14 And the Chayos ran to and fro like the appearance of Bazak.  15 When I saw the Chayos — behold! one Ofan was on the surface near the Chayos by its four faces.  16 The appearance of the Ofanim and their deeds were like Tarshish with the same semblance for the four; and their appearance and their deeds were like an Ofan within an Ofan.  17 Toward their four sides, wherever they went they could go; they did not turn as they went.  18 And they had backs, and they were tall and fearsome, and their backs were full of eyes surrounding the four of them.  19 As the Chayos move, the Ofanim move by them; and as the Chayos were lifted from upon the surface, the Ofanim were lifted.  20 Wherever the spirit chose to go they went, there the spirit chose to go; the Ofanim were lifted opposite them, for the spirit of the Chayah was in the Ofanim.  21 When they moved, they moved; and when they halted, they halted. And when they were lifted from upon the surface, the Ofanim were lifted opposite them, for the spirit of the Chayah was in the Ofanim.  22 And as for the semblance of the expanse above the heads of the Chayah, it resembled awesome ice spread out upon their heads from above.  23 Beneath the expanse their wings were even, one with the other - for each [face], two covered them, and for each two covered them — their bodies.

24 Then I heard the sound of their wings like the sound of great waters, like the sound of Shaddai as they moved, the sound of the words like the sound of a great company; when they halt they release their wings.  25 So there was a sound from above the expanse that was upon their heads; when they halt they release their wings.  26 Above the expanse that was upon their heads was like the appearance of sapphire stone in the likeness of a throne; and upon the likeness of the throne was a likeness like the appearance of a man upon it from above.  27 I saw a semblance of Chashmal like the appearance of fire within it all around from the appearance of his loins and upward; and from the appearance of his loins and downward I saw as if the appearance of fire, and it had brilliance all around.  28 Like the appearance of the rainbow that shall be upon the cloud on a rainy day, so was the appearance of the brilliance all around. That was the appearance of the semblance of the glory of Hashem! When I saw this, I threw myself upon my face and I heard a voice speaking.

Chapter 3

12 And a wind lifted me up; and I heard behind me the sound of a great noise - Blessed be Hashem from His place.


Parashas Shavuot — First Day

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