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Yechezchial/Ezekiel  45:16 - 46:18

~ Most communities begin the Haftarah here ~
~ Chabad Chassidim and some Sephardic communities begin with 45:18 ~

Chapter 45

16 The entire population of the land must join in this terumah with the prince of Israel.

17 The prince's responsibility shall be the burnt-offerings, the meal-offerings and the libations on the festive days, the New Moons, and the Sabbaths — all festivals — of the House of Israel. He shall make the sin-offering, the meal-offering, the burnt-offering, and the peace-offering to atone for the House of Israel.

18 Thus says my Lord Hashem/Elohim - In the first month on the first of the month you shall take a young bull without blemish, and you shall cleanse the Sanctuary.  19 And the Kohen shall take some of the blood of the sin-offering and apply it to the doorposts of the House and on the four corners of the Altar's courtyard and on the doorposts of the gate of the inner courtyard.  20 And so shall you do for a week in the month — from [contamination caused by] an unwitting or ignorant person shall you cleanse the House.  21 In the first month on the fourteenth day of the month, you shall have the Pesach, a festival of seven days; matzos shall be eaten.  22 The prince shall make on that day, for himself and for the entire population, a bull for a sin-offering.  23 During the first seven days of the festival he shall bring an elevation-offering for Hashem - seven bulls and seven rams without a blemish daily for seven days, and, as a sin-offering, a goat daily;  24 and, as a mealoffering, an ephah for the bull and an ephah for the ram is he to bring; and a hin of oil for each ephah.  25 In the seventh month on the fifteenth day of the month, on the festival, let him bring the same for the seven days. Like the sin-offering, like the elevationoffering, like the meal-offering and like the oil.

Chapter 46

1 Thus says my Lord Hashem/Elohim - The gate of the inner courtyard that faces eastward shall be closed during the six days of labor, but on the Sabbath day it shall be opened, and on the day of the New Moon it shall be opened.  2 Then the prince shall enter by way of the hall of the gate from the outside and stand by the doorpost of the gate by which the Kohanim bring his elevation-offerings and his peace-offerings. He shall then prostrate himself at the threshold of the gate and depart, and the gate shall not be closed until the evening.  3 And the people of the land shall prostrate themselves at the entrance of that gate — on Sabbaths and on New Moons — before Hashem.

4 This is the elevation-offering that the prince shall bring to Hashem - on the Sabbath day, six sheep without blemish and a ram without blemish;  5 with a meal-offering of one ephah for the ram; and for the sheep, a meal-offering according to what his hand can give, and a hin of oil for each ephah.  6 And on the New Moon, a bull from the herd without blemish, and six sheep and a ram; they shall be without blemish.  7 An ephah for the bull and an ephah for the ram is he to make as the meal-offering; and for the sheep according to his means. And one hin of oil for an ephah.

8 Now when the prince enters, by way of the hall of the gate is he to enter, and by the same way is he to leave.  9 But when the people of the land come before Hashem, on the appointed days, whoever enters by way of the northern gate to worship is to leave by way of the southern gate, and whoever enters by way of the southern gate is to leave by way of the northern gate. He should not withdraw by way of the gate through which he entered, rather he is to leave by way of the opposite one.  10 And as for the prince among them, as they shall enter is he to enter, and as they leave is he to leave.  11 And on the festivals and the appointed times, the meal-offering shall be an ephah for the bull and an ephah for the ram. And for the sheep, according to what his hand can give, and a hin of oil for each ephah.  12 Now when the prince offers a free will-offering — an elevation-offering or a peace-offering as a free will-offering to Hashem — then one should open for him the gate facing eastward. He shall make his elevation-offering and his peace-offerings as he does on the Sabbath day; then he shall depart, and one is to close the gate after his departure.

13 A sheep in its first year without blemish are you to make as a daily elevation-offering for Hashem. Every morning are you to make it.  14 You shall bring a meal-offering with it every morning — one-sixth of an ephah and one-third of a hin of oil with which to mix the flour; a meal-offering to Hashem — an eternal decree, continually.  15 And they shall make the sheep and the meal-offering and the oil every morning as a continual offering.

~ Sephardim conclude the Haftarah here. Ashkenazim continue. ~

16 So says my Lord Hashem/Elohim - If the prince makes a gift to one of his sons — since it is his heritage that will belong to his sons — it is their holding by inheritance.  17 But if he makes a gift from his inheritance to one of his subjects, it shall remain his until the year of freedom, then it shall revert to the prince; his inheritance must by all means pass to his sons.  18 So that the prince shall not take from the inheritance of the people to rob them of their holdings. From his own property is he to endow his sons in order that My people be not scattered, each man from his holding.


Parashas Shabbat HaChodesh

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