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Yechezchial/Ezekiel  22:1 - 16  Ashkenazic custom
Yechezchial/Ezekiel  20:2 - 20  Sephardim and Chabad Chassidim custom

~ According to the Sephardic custom, the following Haftarah is read for Acharei Mot ~
~ According to the Ashkenazic custom, it is read for Kedoshim ~

Chapter 22

1 The word of Hashem came to me saying:  2 Now you Ben Adam, will you rebuke, will you rebuke the city of bloodshed and let her know all her abominations?  3 And say - "Thus says my Lord Hashem/Elohim - O city, shedding blood in her midst to hasten her time, and which fashioned idols within herself for contamination.  4 Through your blood that you shed you became guilty and through your idols that you fashioned you became contaminated; thus you brought your days near and reached the limit of your years; therefore have I made you a shame to the nations, and a mockery for all the lands.  5 Those who are near and those who are far will mock you - 'Contaminated of name! Great of confusion!'  6 Behold! the princes of Israel, every man was in you for his own power, for the sake of bloodshed.  7 Father and mother have they slighted within you; toward the stranger they have acted oppressively in your midst; orphan and widow have they wronged within you.  8 My sanctities have you spurned; My Sabbaths have you desecrated.  9 Talebearers were among you, in order to shed blood; upon the mountains they ate among you; evil plans did they lay in your midst.  10 A father's nakedness he uncovered within you; they afflicted menstruant women within you.  11 A man would commit abomination against his neighbor's wife; a man would defile his daughter-in-law with lewdness; a man would afflict his sister, his father's daughter, within you.  12 They took bribery within you, in order to shed blood; interest and increase have you taken, and enriched your friends with loot; but Me you have forgotten -- the words of my Lord Hashem/Elohim.

13 "Now behold! I have pounded My hand because of your robbery that you have committed, and because of your bloodshed that was in your midst.  14 Can your heart endure, can your hands be strong in the days when I shall deal with you? I, Hashem, have spoken and done.

15 "Then I shall scatter you among the nations and disperse you among the lands and remove all your contamination from you.  16 Then you shall be caused to re-inherit yourself in the sight of the nations, and you shall know that I am Hashem."

~ Haftarah of Kedoshim according to the Sephardic and Chabad Chassidic custom ~

Chapter 20

2 Then the word of Hashem came to me saying:  3 Ben Adam, speak to the Elders of Israel and say to them - "Thus spoke my Lord Hashem/Elohim - Is it to seek of Me that you come? As I live, I will not make Myself accessible to you -- the words of my Lord Hashem/Elohim."

4 Would you rebuke them, would you rebuke, Ben Adam? Inform them of the abominations of their fathers,  5 and say to them - "So said my Lord Hashem/Elohim - On the day I chose Israel, when I swore to the seed of Jacob's family and made Myself known to them in Egypt, then I swore to them saying, 'I am Hashem your God.'  6 On that day I swore to them to take them out from the land of Egypt, to a land that I had sought out for them, flowing with milk and honey, a splendor for all the lands.  7 And I said to them - 'Every man, cast away the detestable idols of his eyes and do not defile yourselves with the idols of Egypt, I am Hashem, your God.'

8 "But they rebelled against Me and did not want to listen to Me; not a man cast out the detestable idols of their eyes, and they did not forsake the idols of Egypt; so I intended to pour My fury upon them, to spend My anger upon them, in the midst of the land of Egypt.  9 But I acted for the sake of My Name, that it not be desecrated in the eyes of the nations amid which they are; and in whose sight I had made Myself known to them to remove them from the land of Egypt.  10 And I took them out of the land of Egypt and brought them to the Wilderness,  11 and I gave them My decrees and made known to them My ordinances through which a man will live if he performs them.  12 And also My Sabbaths have I given them to be a sign between Me and them; to know that I am Hashem Who sanctifies them.

13 "But the House of Israel rebelled against Me in the Wilderness; they did not walk in My decrees and they spurned My ordinances through which a man will live if he performs them, and they desecrated My Sabbaths exceedingly; so I intended to pour My fury upon them in the Wilderness -- to make an end of them.

14 "But I acted for the sake of My Name, that it should not be desecrated in the eyes of the nations, in whose sight I had taken them out.  15 And also I swore to them in the Wilderness not to bring them to the Land that I had given, flowing with milk and honey; it is a splendor for all the lands.  16 For they spurned My ordinances and did not walk in My decrees; they desecrated My Sabbaths because their heart goes after their idols.  17 Yet My eye pitied them rather than destroy them, and I did not put an end to them in the Wilderness.  18 But I said to their children in the Wilderness - Do not walk in the decrees of your fathers, do not observe their ordinances, and do not defile yourselves with their idols.  19 I am Hashem your God - Walk in My decrees, observe My ordinances and perform them.  20 Sanctify My Sabbaths and they will be a sign between Me and you, to know that I am Hashem, your God."


Parashas Kedoshim

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