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Yechezchial/Ezekiel  44:15 - 31

Chapter 44

15 But the Levite-Kohanim — descendants of Zadok who safeguarded the charge of My Sanctuary when the Children of Israel strayed from Me — let them draw near to Me to serve Me, let them stand before Me to offer Me fat and blood — the words of my Lord Hashem/Elohim.  16 They shall come to My Sanctuary, and they shall approach My table to serve Me, and they shall safeguard My charge.

17 Now when they come to the gates of the Inner Courtyard they are to wear linen clothes; let no wool be upon them when they serve in the gates of the Inner Courtyard and within.  18 Linen turbans shall be on their heads and linen breeches shall be on their loins; let them not gird themselves where one perspires.  19 Now when they leave for the Outer Courtyard, to the Outer Courtyard to the people, let them remove the clothes in which they minister and leave them in the holy chambers; let them don other garments and let them not mingle with people in their clothes.  20 Their heads they may not shear nor a wild growth may they permit; they shall keep their heads trimmed.  21 They shall not drink wine — any Kohen — when they enter the Inner Courtyard.  22 Widow or divorcee they may not take themselves for wives, only virgins from the offspring of the House of Israel; but a widow who shall only be widowed, some Kohanim may take.  23 They shall instruct My people concerning the differences between holy and ordinary; let them inform them of the difference between contaminated and clean.  24 Concerning a grievance let them stand in judgment, and according to My laws are they to adjudicate it; my teachings and decrees regarding My appointed times are they to protect; and My Sabbaths are they to sanctify.  25 To a human corpse they are not to come to become contaminated, except for a father and mother, son and daughter, brother, and sister who had never been married to a man, they may become contaminated.  26 After his cleansing, let them count seven days for him.  27 Now on the day of his entry into the Sanctuary, to the Inner Courtyard, to minister in the Sanctuary, let him bring his sin-offering — the words of my Lord Hashem/Elohim.

28 And it shall be a heritage for them; I am their heritage; give them no ancestral possession in Israel; I am their ancestral possession.  29 They shall eat the meal-offering, the sin-offering, and the guilt-offering; any cherem-vow in Israel shall be for them.  30 All the choice first fruits of every kind and all terumah of any kind — of all your terumah gifts — shall go to the Kohanim; the first yield of your dough shall you give to the Kohen, to make a blessing rest upon your home.  31 Any carcass or torn animal of fowl or livestock, the Kohanim may not eat.


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