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A World of KindnessA World of Kindness
by Yael Karni
Our sages tell us the world exists on three things: Torah, prayer and kindness. Can you imagine a world of kindness? Hashem tells us this is achievable...  [Full article]

The Price of PlacationThe Price of Placation
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
As the sun was setting, the rabbi yelled at the coachman once more: 'What's the matter with you? Don't you know how to handle horses and a wagon?' The coachman was shocked...  [Full article]

Knocking Down the WallsKnocking Down the Walls
by Rabbi Lazer Brody
Joshua had a secret military strategy in his miraculous victory over the virtually impregnable city of Jericho with its mighty walls; the same secret strategy works today...  [Full article]

Mind Your PrayersMind Your Prayers
by Yehudit Channen
A man who could read minds. He used to walk around the city or ride the train and listen in on people's thoughts. Then he would write stories using the things he had learned...  [Full article]

The Torah MindThe Torah Mind
by Rabbi Avigdor Miller
Every idea and every attitude in the Torah is a thought of Hashem, and every detail of the Torah that one incorporates into his own thinking process is a great accomplishment...  [Full article]

From Getting to GivingFrom Getting to Giving
by Lori Steiner
As we grow and mature physically, we are expected to also grow emotionally and spiritually. Our job is to look beyond ourselves to the needs of others...  [Full article]

Stand Up and Be CountedStand Up and Be Counted
by Dennis Rosen
Why pray in a minyan? The Baal HaTanya writes that the Divine Presence in a minyan is so strong that if an angel tried to enter, it would be burnt by the holiness...  [Full article]

Respecting OthersRespecting Others
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
Complete teshuva includes the mitzvoth between man and fellow human and the rectification of any damage that one person causes another. Many people conveniently forget this...  [Full article]

Joyful ConnectionJoyful Connection
by Dennis Rosen
When we realize that Hashem is our Benefactor and contemplate all He's done for us, this attitude of gratitude will animate and enliven our mitzvah performance...  [Full article]

The Prince and the ProtocolThe Prince and the Protocol
by Rabbi Lazer Brody
An original parable: A great Arabian king summoned his son the crown prince. 'My son, you are bright and mature; I must prepare you for your future role in running the kingdom...'  [Full article]


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