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Our World of ImperfectionOur World of Imperfection
by Rivka Levy
Hashem wants us to be real, to tell Him about our bad temper, our anger, our bad habits and then ask Him to help us fix them. We don't pretend to be perfect...  [Full article]

Hashem, Why?Hashem, Why?
by Rabbi Avigdor Miller
If people harbor so many questions about what Hashem does, why don't they ask Him, 'Under what light should I view the fact that I was able to eat three meals yesterday?'  [Full article]

Igniting the Soul in FiveIgniting the Soul in Five
by Rabbi Lazer Brody
This ploy is a lesson from Elisha the Prophet. Any Hollywood screenwriter would be delighted with the tense confrontation between the prophet and the idolatrous king...  Video  [Full article]

The Mitzvah of ChallahThe Mitzvah of Challah
by Breslev Israel staff
The Mitzvah of Challah not only invokes blessings and abundance, it reminds us that Divine Providence not only controls the powers of nature, but always accompanies us...  [Full article]

What They Can't Take from YouWhat They Can't Take from You
by David Ben Horin
Why invest in the temporary? Only those accomplishments that nobody can ever take from you are the one's worth pursuing with all your heart and all your soul...  [Full article]

Mezuza MiraclesMezuza Miracles
by David Ben Horin
We were about to get very upset, but then we remembered the lesson Hashem taught us. We noticed that there was no mezuza at the entrance to the building, so we put one up...  [Full article]

Anxiety-Free in FiveAnxiety-Free in Five
by Rabbi Lazer Brody
No, you don't believe it, but it works! You can put an end to anxiety and a host of other negative emotions in just five short minutes. Life really can be fine in five...  [Full article]

A Healthy Soul in Five MinutesA Healthy Soul in Five Minutes
by Rabbi Lazer Brody
Teshuva has received a bad rap throughout the years. Normally, it's translated as 'penitence', a word that carries a hellfire and brimstone connotation. No way...  [Full article]

Jewish 'Self-Esteem'Jewish 'Self-Esteem'
by Dr. Zev Ballen
Authentic Jewish self-esteem is the feeling of being connected with G-d, and knowing that He loves us and that we can turn to Him whenever we want, and that we are never alone...  [Full article]

Don't JudgeDon't Judge
by Racheli Reckles
Before you condemn someone, slow down you don't know all the facts. The very person you're judging so severely could really be your best friend on earth...  [Full article]


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