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Elul–Selichot: Livelihood and TeshuvaElul–Selichot: Livelihood and Teshuva
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
People used to 'believe' in the banking system, or 'believe' in the stock market, or 'believe' in the dollar. But, every week, you read about another major financial disaster...  [Full article]

Elul–Selichot: Everything in PlaceElul–Selichot: Everything in Place
by David Perlow
Rebbe Nachman teaches in Likutei Moharan 35 that according to the Zohar, the meaning of 'teshuva' (repentance) is to restore all things to their proper place...  [Full article]

Elul–Selichot: Proper Spiritual ArousalElul–Selichot: Proper Spiritual Arousal
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
So what if you made a mistake? Being sad and disappointed in yourself doesn't solve a thing. Fortunately, there's a time when it's easy to rectify...  [Full article]

Elul–Selichot: How to Catch a ManElul–Selichot: How to Catch a Man
by Alizah Teitelbaum
The rabbi's wife or your seminar teacher taught you how to pray, great; but how do you act and what do you say when you’re with him? They didn't talk about that...  [Full article]

Elul–Selichot: The Taste for LifeElul–Selichot: The Taste for Life
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
In these final weeks of Elul before Rosh Hashana, a person should be engaging in serious self-assessment. What are we doing on earth? What's it all for?  [Full article]

Three Weeks: Tale of a House MouseThree Weeks: Tale of a House Mouse
by Rabbi Lazer Brody
One's lack of concern for another human being's difficulty in life is liable to be a boomerang; the uncaring person might find himself in the same situation...  [Full article]

Three Weeks: Emuna, To Repair the WorldThree Weeks: Emuna, To Repair the World
by Rick Eskenazi
Things around us look really scary, but Moshiach doesn't necessarily have to come after a nightmarish push-button war; there's a better way to bring the Geula...  [Full article]

Three Weeks: The Equal and OppositeThree Weeks: The Equal and Opposite
by Rabbi Lazer Brody
The stronger the recoil, the greater the forward thrust. The lower the descent, the greater the subsequent ascent. This is probably the greatest encouragement we have...  [Full article]

Three Weeks: Covenant of PeaceThree Weeks: Covenant of Peace
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
The jealousy and competition between groups, when each claims that his particular group or community is the master of the truth, is far away from true service of Hashem...  [Full article]

Three Weeks: Exile and the DoveThree Weeks: Exile and the Dove
by Rabbi Pinchas Winston
Here, in Israel, we know we're in exile. We can feel it. The worst exile is the one you don’t feel, for that means you've lost touch with Jewish destiny.  [Full article]


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