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Sukkot: Rebbe Nachman on SuccothSukkot: Rebbe Nachman on Succoth
by Rebbe Nachman of Breslev
Rebbe Nachman has some very special things to say about Succoth and its related mitzvoth, for on Succoth, a person merits Divine abundance of all kinds...  [Full article]

Sukkot: Sweet ErosionSukkot: Sweet Erosion
by Dovber HaLevi
The soul is forever attracted to and gravitating toward the Almighty. It desires holiness at all times. We are created to be happy, holy, and close to our Creator...  [Full article]

Yom Kippur: The King's Debt CollectorYom Kippur: The King's Debt Collector
by Rabbi Lazer Brody
When the deadline date arrived, the merchant could barely afford an old dry loaf of black bread for his starving family, much less repay the 5,000 rubles he owed the king...  [Full article]

Rosh Hashanah: The Raging RiverRosh Hashanah: The Raging River
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
'If I have to hold on to you, Daddy, there's a big danger that I'll let go, because I'm weak. But if you hold on to me, I know for sure that nothing bad can happen...'  [Full article]

Elul–Selichot: Choose Your PassportElul–Selichot: Choose Your Passport
by David Ben Horin
The only Truth is Hashem. When we see how a man's actions are judged by his fellow man versus how he is judged by Hashem, we see the lie unfold and the Truth revealed...  [Full article]

Elul–Selichot: Reverse InheritanceElul–Selichot: Reverse Inheritance
by David Ben Horin
When we inherit, a deceased loved one is leaving you what he or she accumulated in this world. When they inherit, we pass merits on to the them in the Next World...  [Full article]

Elul–Selichot: Livelihood and TeshuvaElul–Selichot: Livelihood and Teshuva
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
People used to 'believe' in the banking system, or 'believe' in the stock market, or 'believe' in the dollar. But, every week, you read about another major financial disaster...  [Full article]

Elul–Selichot: Everything in PlaceElul–Selichot: Everything in Place
by David Perlow
Rebbe Nachman teaches in Likutei Moharan 35 that according to the Zohar, the meaning of 'teshuva' (repentance) is to restore all things to their proper place...  [Full article]

Elul–Selichot: Proper Spiritual ArousalElul–Selichot: Proper Spiritual Arousal
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
So what if you made a mistake? Being sad and disappointed in yourself doesn't solve a thing. Fortunately, there's a time when it's easy to rectify...  [Full article]

Elul–Selichot: How to Catch a ManElul–Selichot: How to Catch a Man
by Alizah Teitelbaum
The rabbi's wife or your seminar teacher taught you how to pray, great; but how do you act and what do you say when you’re with him? They didn't talk about that...  [Full article]


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