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Sefirat HaOmer: Lag B'OmerSefirat HaOmer: Lag B'Omer
by L. Katz

Lag means 33. On the 33rd day of the Counting of the Omer (Lag B'Omer), we stop our mourning for the day...  [Full article]

Sefirat HaOmer: Count on Rebbe Shimon!Sefirat HaOmer: Count on Rebbe Shimon!
by Rabbi Lazer Brody
Why do hundreds of thousands of people frequent Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai's holy gravesite in Meron every Lag B'Omer? They have someone to count on...  [Full article]

Yom HaShoah: The White Angel of AuschwitzYom HaShoah: The White Angel of Auschwitz
by Joseph Friedenson
I began checking one infirmary barrack after another. Everyone knew the name Orlean, but no one knew where she could be found...  [Full article]

Pesach: Vehigadta - The Main MitzvahPesach: Vehigadta - The Main Mitzvah
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
After all the cleaning, shopping, matza-baking, cooking and pre-Seder logistics, people often forget the most important preparation, the spiritual preparation...  [Full article]

Pesach: New FreedomPesach: New Freedom
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
Hashem is giving us a brand new life. We become free actually right now, this year, on Passover. This gift is better than a sparkling new Mercedes...  [Full article]

Pesach: Journey to FreedomPesach: Journey to Freedom
by Rabbi Lazer Brody
When we rise above the limitations of our logical thinking and trust with all our hearts in G-d's Plan, we can return to Him with love, devotion, joy, harmony, and a sense of calm...  [Full article]

Pesach: Pleasures and PrioritiesPesach: Pleasures and Priorities
by Rabbi Lazer Brody
Pleasure is an integral part of Judaism. We must serve Hashem with joy, and a person cannot be joyous unless he or she experiences pleasure in life...  [Full article]

Purim: Amalek LCDPurim: Amalek LCD
by Rabbi Lazer Brody
No, contemporary Amalek is not a terrorist with a dagger between his teeth or a suicide belt of explosives. He looks innocent, actually resembling a harmless geek...  [Full article]

Purim: The Red SuitcasePurim: The Red Suitcase
by Rabbi Lazer Brody
The poor man sat on a tattered red suitcase in the middle of the sidewalk crying like a baby; people were already hurrying to shul, but he had nowhere to sleep...  [Full article]

Shabbat Zachor: Right Action, Right TimeShabbat Zachor: Right Action, Right Time
by Rabbi Lazer Brody
Anytime in Jewish history when anyone - even a king or a great righteous individual - placed their own logic above Divine directives, tragedy struck...  [Full article]


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