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Rosh Hashanah: Your First Rosh HashanaRosh Hashanah: Your First Rosh Hashana
by Rabbi Lazer Brody
In Israel, there are thousands of new Baalei Teshuva for whom this will be their first Rosh Hashana as observant Jews; Rabbi Lazer Brody gives them useful advice...  [Full article]

Rosh Hashanah: The Eagle's BanquetRosh Hashanah: The Eagle's Banquet
by Rabbi Lazer Brody
The advantage of praying together on Rosh Hashana is that we get judged together – as a whole, and not as an individual; that is, when we cling together in unity...  [Full article]

Elul–Selichot: Out of the Self ModeElul–Selichot: Out of the Self Mode
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
The Evil Inclination tries to make a person think about himself, whereas Elul teaches us to get out of the self mode and to seek our Loving Father who is ever so close...  [Full article]

Elul–Selichot: The Anti-Arrogance ToolElul–Selichot: The Anti-Arrogance Tool
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
We are tested at every moment; that's why we must listen so carefully to the inner voice that asks, 'Where are you?' Do we have an answer? Do we know our true place in life?  [Full article]

Tisha B'Av: The Heart of JudaismTisha B'Av: The Heart of Judaism
by Rabbi Lazer Brody
The heart's pain radiates throughout the body. In a similar way, all of a Jew's troubles are radiated pain from the destruction of the Holy Temple, as we see from current events...  [Full article]

Three Weeks: The False MessiahThree Weeks: The False Messiah
by Rabbi Lazer Brody
A wagging tongue and a gullible ear led to the destruction of ancient Betar, a bustling metropolis that was home to millions of Jews, bursting the bubble of a false Messiah...  [Full article]

Pesach: No More ChainsPesach: No More Chains
by Rabbi Lazer Brody
Shabbat HaGadol teaches us that we can do anything if we so desire; no obstacle can prevent us from performing the most difficult of mitzvoth...  [Full article]

Purim: Downfall of the IngratePurim: Downfall of the Ingrate
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
Both Adam and Haman had every possible amenity that any person could wish for. But each lacked one small thing; in their minds, everything else was rendered worthless...  [Full article]

Tu B'Shvat: The Arbor IntifadaTu B'Shvat: The Arbor Intifada
by Rabbi Lazer Brody
Tu B'Shvat, the New Year for trees, is the greatest symbol of the Jewish People's return to our homeland; for that reason, the trees in Israel are now prime terror targets...  [Full article]

Chanukah: A No-Debt ChanukahChanukah: A No-Debt Chanukah
by Rabbi Lazer Brody
Gifts on Chanukah are not a part of Jewish tradition; the real celebration of Chanukah is lighting candles and singing songs of praise and thanksgiving to Hashem...  [Full article]


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