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Pesach: No More ChainsPesach: No More Chains
by Rabbi Lazer Brody
Shabbat HaGadol teaches us that we can do anything if we so desire; no obstacle can prevent us from performing the most difficult of mitzvoth...  [Full article]

Purim: Downfall of the IngratePurim: Downfall of the Ingrate
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
Both Adam and Haman had every possible amenity that any person could wish for. But each lacked one small thing; in their minds, everything else was rendered worthless...  [Full article]

Tu B'Shvat: The Arbor IntifadaTu B'Shvat: The Arbor Intifada
by Rabbi Lazer Brody
Tu B'Shvat, the New Year for trees, is the greatest symbol of the Jewish People's return to our homeland; for that reason, the trees in Israel are now prime terror targets...  [Full article]

Chanukah: A No-Debt ChanukahChanukah: A No-Debt Chanukah
by Rabbi Lazer Brody
Gifts on Chanukah are not a part of Jewish tradition; the real celebration of Chanukah is lighting candles and singing songs of praise and thanksgiving to Hashem...  [Full article]

Sukkot: Willow in the WindSukkot: Willow in the Wind
by Rabbi Lazer Brody
Kalman looked up from his butcher block and he saw some menacing Cossacks in the doorway. 'Jhid,' they sneered in Russian, 'the day of your funeral has arrived'...  [Full article]

Sukkot: The Three BedouinsSukkot: The Three Bedouins
by Noam Arnon
Tradition tells that our forefathers reappear in the flesh in times of need, especially in the holy city of Hevron. One Succoth eve, they appeared in the guise of three Bedouins...  [Full article]

Yom Kippur: The Greatest GiftYom Kippur: The Greatest Gift
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
Hashem tells us to put aside bodily needs for one special day and to concentrate on binding our souls to Him. At least once a year, the soul deserves the final say...  [Full article]

Yom Kippur: The Best SignatureYom Kippur: The Best Signature
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
Here's great news for Yom Kippur: even if you committed the worst imaginable transgression, you can be considered a tzaddik just by desiring to be a righteous individual...  [Full article]

Rosh Hashanah: You are the KingRosh Hashanah: You are the King
by Dennis Rosen
The material world and the evil inclination try to fool us all year long, making us think that we determine things. On Rosh Hashana, we remember that Who is the King...  [Full article]

Rosh Hashanah: 5 Tips for 5777Rosh Hashanah: 5 Tips for 5777
by David Perlow
The way to truly perfecting ourselves is through prayer. Prayer helps us rise above our natural limitations in our character and brings forth blessing in our lives...  [Full article]


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