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Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu's Christmas Greeting — 12/25/2015

Israel to deploy new missile interceptor — 12/22/2015

UN Chief Admits UN Bias & Discrimination Against Israel — 12/17/2015

Scene of stabbing attempt in Kiryat Arba — 12/13/2015

Israel lightens up at Chanukah — 12/11/2015

Rabbi Menachem Landa talks about Hanukkah — 12/6/2015

Islamic Radical Attacks Rabbi — 11/27/2015

Two deadly attacks in Israel and West Bank — 11/20/2015

PM Netanyahu's Statement after the Terrorist Attacks in Paris — 11/15/2015

Lapid blasts 'patronizing EU hypocrisy' on CNN — 11/13/2015

How Guide how to avoid Israeli Brutality — 11/9/2015

An appeal from Givat Ze'ev synagogue — 11/7/2015

Violence in Jerusalem, West Bank leaves 1 Palestinian dead — 11/1/2015

Muslim Leaders Declare Aim Of World Domination. Rome, London, Spain, Paris, America, ISIS — 10/19/2015

Bibi Smacks Down BBC; 'Are We on the Same Planet?' — 10/17/2015

Behind the growing escalating violence in Israel — 10/15/2015

Matisyahu sings - in front of Israeli flags — 10/11/2015

Wave Of Stabbings In Israel Continues With 5th Victim In 24 Hours, A Young Female Soldier — 10/9/2015

Israel launches airstrikes on targets in Gaza — 10/5/2015

Netanyahu glares at UN for 45 seconds after berating its silence on Iran threat to Israel — 10/1/2015

WGN-TV Chicago Apologizes For Offensive Image in Yom Kippur Report — 9/24/2015

Palestinians hold funeral for man killed during attack on Israeli forces — 9/23/2015

Israel steps up Jerusalem security after Palestinian clashes — 9/20/2015

Rasta-bluesman Corey Harris visits Jerusalem — 9/18/2015

Clashes at Holy site enter third day in Israel — 9/15/2015

Iran: Billions for Terror? — 9/11/2015

Gulf States Cannot Accept Syrian Refugees....Seriously?!? — 9/6/2015

For Every Antiquity ISIS Destroys it's Lining its Pockets with Hundreds of Others — 9/4/2015

Palestinian women and children force Israeli soldier to release boy — 8/30/2015

Matisyahu Sings Jerusalem At Sunsplash Festival — 8/23/2015

Israel Launches Strikes Into Syria After Rocket Attack — 8/21/2015

Reggae Fest Bans Artist for Not Hating Israel — 8/18/2015

Mike Huckabee Takes Presidential Campaign to Israel — 8/16/2015

58 U S lawmakers in Israel to discuss Iran deal — 8/11/2015

Mysterious Inscriptions Found On Wall Of Ancient Ritual Bath In Jerusalem — 8/7/2015

Wave of French Jews immigrating to Israel — 8/1/2015

West Bank: Jewish settlers scuffle with police — 7/28/2015

Yehuda Glick: We Won't Be Scared Off The Temple Mount — 7/27/2015

Jews of All Stripes Can Unite Around the Torah — 7/24/2015

Netanyahu: Nuclear agreement is Iran’s 'dream deal' — 7/19/2015

Will increased U.S. aid calm an outraged Israel? — 7/17/2015

Looking for a Job? This Israeli App Will Find it For You — 7/11/2015

Punking Iran's Nuclear Negotiators in Vienna — 7/10/2015

Netanyahu reiterates warning against Iran's nuclear deal as deadline looms — 6/28/2015

Open your eyes about Gaza — 6/17/2015

Born in Jerusalem? Where's That? — 6/14/2015

Lapid Appeals to American Jews to Fight BDS — 6/7/2015

Israel Strikes Back, Islamic State Claims Rocket Fire From Gaza — 6/5/2015

Thuggery and Racism on the Temple Mount Has Got to Stop! — 6/3/2015

Rocket launched from Gaza hits Israel — 5/26/2015

Actress Anne Meara, Mom of Ben Stiller, Dies at 85 — 5/25/2015

Israel News: May 20 2015 — 5/20/2015

Euro Rabbis Discuss Antisemitism and Extremism — 5/14/2015

Israel Says Iran Less Than A Month Away From Building Nuclear Bomb! — 5/9/2015

Pres Obama Weighs Giving Saudis Weapons Only Provided To Israel — 5/6/2015

Israeli Forces Rush to Save Lives in Nepal — 4/26/2015

Israel, Palestinians Agree on Tax Revenue Transfer After Spat Over Utility Debts Deduction — 4/18/2015

Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Dov Shimoni — 4/15/2015

Netanyahu Addresses Obama Via YouTube — 4/12/2015

Netanyahu: Iran must commit to recognising Israel's right to exist in final deal — 4/10/2015

Netanyahu: Iran must commit to recognising Israel's right to exist in final deal — 4/4/2015

Israel's Missile Interceptor 'David's Sling' Passes Advanced Tests — 4/1/2015

Expected Iranian Nuclear Deal Worse Than Israel Feared: Netanyahu — 3/29/2015

US and Iran Discussing Permitting Tehran to Run Centrifuges at Underground Site — 3/27/2015

Real Time with Bill Maher: Israeli Elections — 3/22/2015

Obama Should Address Israelis As Warmly As He Does the Iranians — 3/21/2015

What Netanyahu's victory means for Israel and Obama — 3/19/2015

YACHAD @ South Tel Aviv — 3/13/2015

Netanyahu's Popularity Rises After U.S. Speech, Polls Show — 3/4/2015

Netanyahu @ AIPAC 2015: We Defend Ourselves — 3/2/2015

Netanyahu Leaves for 'Critical, Historic' Trip to Washington — 3/1/2015

The Reason Why The World Must Stop Iran’s Nuclear Program — 2/27/2015

Jerusalem Mayor Speaks after Apprehending Terrorist — 2/22/2015

State Dept Spokeswoman: 'We Cannot Win This War by Killing Them' — 2/17/2015

Bad Weather Slows Government Offensive South of the Syrian Capital Damascus — 2/13/2015

Netanyahu Considering Changes to Congress Speech After Criticism — 2/9/2015

Special Needs Kids Inspired by Visit to the Holy Land — 2/8/2015

Turkey Pulls Out of Munich Conference to Avoid Israeli Delegation — 2/7/2015

Obama and Israeli Elections — 2/1/2015

Israel Issues Tenders for New Settler Homes Ahead of Election — 1/30/2015

Lebanese Hezbollah Targets Israeli Convoy — 1/28/2015

Auschwitz: Drone video of Nazi concentration camp — 1/27/2015

Councilman Greenfield Denounces Anti-Semitic Outburst in NYC Council Chamber — 1/23/2015

Naftal Bennett: Bayit Yehudi will Lead the Country — 1/16/2015

Netanyahu to French Jews After Attacks: 'Israel is Your Home' — 1/10/2015

Paris Attacks - Kosher market gunman killed; 4 hostages die in rescue attempt — 1/9/2015

Israel (Wiped of the Map) - No Man's Land by 'Harper Collins' — 1/4/2015

Israelis develop cancer 'cluster bomb' — 1/2/2015

Father, 11 Year Old Girl Badly Hurt in Samaria Firebomb Attack — 12/26/2014

Economic Issues Whip up Israelis in Chocolate Pudding Election — 12/21/2014

'Admit It, You're Against Israel' — 12/3/2014

Immigrants Celebrating Thanksgiving in Israel — 11/28/2014

South Florida Jewish Community Holds Prayer Service For Slain Rabbis — 11/23/2014

Israel & Arab Leaders Commit To Reducing Tensions At Jerusalem Holy Sites — 11/14/2014

An Open Letter To The World by Rabbi Meir Kahane (Z"L) — 11/7/2014

Palestinian Kills Israeli in Jerusalem Car Attack — 11/5/2014

Change the Status Quo on the Temple Mount — 11/4/2014

Muslim Men Over 50 Return To Jerusalem's Aqsa Mosque, Tension High — 10/31/2014

Palestinian Terrorist Kills Baby At Jerusalem Train Station — 10/24/2014

Israeli Vertical Cemetery Is Kosher, Say Rabbis — 10/20/2014

Interview: Amb. Ron Lauder in Israel — 10/19/2014

Benjamin Netanyahu 'baffled' by Obama's settlement criticism — 10/6/2014

Yom Kippur Israel Seeks UN Recognition Day High Alert — 10/5/2014

Welcome to the Shabbat Project 2014 — 10/3/2014

Summing Up the Year in the Arab World — 9/28/2014

Where will YOU eat your apples and honey this Rosh Hashana? — 9/21/2014

Parents Reunite with Their Lone Soldiers Children — 9/18/2014

Rock Terror on Judea Samaria Highway — 9/12/2014

Obama enraged at Israel while he is calm with Russia, Hamas, and ISIS — 9/5/2014

Arutz Sheva TV's Daily Edition — 9/3/2014

Bennett in Gush Etzion — 9/1/2014

Israeli police find body of missing U.S. student — 8/29/2014

Israeli child killed by rocket fired from Gaza — 8/22/2014

Hamas Says Israel Must Accept Palestinian Demands Or Face Long War — 8/17/2014

Israel, Hamas Cease-Fire Extended After Talks — 8/15/2014

Joining the Nation of israel and then Immigrating to the Land — 8/10/2014

Why Does Hamas Use Palestinian Civilians as Human Shields? — 8/9/2014

Israel, Hamas Resume Fire After 3-day Gaza Truce — 8/8/2014

Cease-fire Takes Effect To End Gaza War — 8/5/2014

Arutz Sheva TV's Daily Edition — 8/4/2014

Israel Withdraws Most Troops From Gaza — 8/3/2014

Israeli Soldier Feared Kidnapped In Gaza As Cease-Fire Crumbles — 8/1/2014

Israel and Hamas Agreed to 72-Hour Ceasefire — 7/31/2014

Arutz Sheva TV's Daily Edition — 7/30/2014

Arutz Sheva TV's Daily Edition — 7/29/2014

Operation Protective Edge: Second Week in Review — 7/26/2014

IDF Sets Up Hospital for Gazans — 7/25/2014

Arutz Sheva TV's Daily Edition — 7/24/2014

Arutz Sheva TV's Daily Edition — 7/23/2014

Rare footage of shootout with terrorists — 7/22/2014

Grad Rocket Launchers Discovered Next to Gaza School — 7/21/2014

Golani Brigade Commander: 'Our Nation is Behind Us' — 7/20/2014

IDF Forces Operate Inside Gaza — 7/18/2014

Bennett on CNN: Hamas is committing massive self-genocide to its woman and children — 7/17/2014

Operation Protective Edge: A Week in Review — 7/15/2014

Egypt Proposes That Israelis-Hamas Cease-fire — 7/14/2014

Long-Range Artillery Rockets in Gaza's Arsenal — 7/13/2014

Israel Orders Residents Of Northern Gaza To Leave — 7/12/2014

Day 4 of Israel's Aerial Offensive in Gaza — 7/11/2014

Gaza Dead Tops 85 As Israel Presses Its Offensive — 7/10/2014

Israel says Gaza offensive just the start — 7/9/2014

Crisis escalates as Netanyahu broadens military operation — 7/8/2014

IDF attacking in Gaza — 7/7/2014

Israeli aircraft attack 10 targets in Gaza says military — 7/6/2014

i24 Morning News Edition- 03/07/2014 — 7/3/2014

Singing and Mourning — 7/1/2014

Bring Back Our Boys- Shmueli (#BRINGBACKOURBOYS) — 6/26/2014

Mothers Protest: Bring Back our Boys — 6/25/2014

Huckabee's 1st Stop in Israel: Family of Abducted Teen — 6/22/2014

Israeli army continues searching for three missing teenagers — 6/22/2014

Netanyahu: We Know Moree Now About the Kidnapping — 6/20/2014

Kidnapped? Three Jewish Teens Disappear Near Hebron In West Bank — 6/13/2014

Israeli air strike kills Gaza militant after rocket fire — 6/12/2014

Light in Jerusalem 2014 — 6/11/2014

Jerusalem - 1967 - The Six-Day War — 6/7/2014

The Rolling Stones Live at Tel aviv Israel — 6/5/2014

New Palestinian government: US declares support, Israel fumes — 6/3/2014

Exploring the traditions of Shavuot: celebrating the gift of the Torah to the Jewish people — 6/1/2014

Yom Yeroushalaim 2014 - Jerusalem Day — 5/30/2014

Angry mob on the Temple Mount — 5/28/2014

4 dead in shooting at Jewish Museum of Belgium — 5/24/2014

King David's tomb — 5/23/2014

Has This Israeli Startup Invented a 'Sixth Sense'? — 5/20/2014

'All Means' Must be Used to Block Iran Threat — 5/16/2014

Israel's Founding Through Eyes of People Who Lived It — 5/12/2014

Israel Offers To Help Nigeria Find Abducted Girls — 5/11/2014

Great in Uniform — 5/8/2014

Yom HaZikaron 2014 - Israeli Rememberence Day by the Kotel — 5/4/2014

Israeli Startup Makes World's First Mobile Printer — 5/2/2014

Netanyahu: We will never negotiate with a government backed by Hamas — 4/27/2014

Israel Should Divide the PA into Emirates — 4/25/2014

Jews prepare to celebrate Passover holiday — 4/13/2014

Ancient coffin uncovered in northern Israel — 4/10/2014

Jerusalem's Western Wall cleared out for Passover — 4/7/2014

Israel Under Attack: Gaza militants fire four rockets at Sha'ar Hanegev in southern Israel — 4/4/2014

Abbas: Palestinians To Seek Further UN Recognition — 4/1/2014

Israeli tech firm in Jewish Chronicle deal: initiative will make historic archive available online — 3/31/2014

Holocaust reparations and Maryland's Washington DC commuter congestion initiative — 3/28/2014

Jewish heirs vow to fight Nazi art ruling: German commission ruled in favour of Berlin Museum — 3/25/2014

Rising number of young Israelis being denied US visas — 3/21/2014

Happy Purim from the IDF! — 3/16/2014

Israel PM blasts world 'hypocrisy over Iran arms ship' — 3/11/2014

Shalom TV Daily News — 3/9/2014

IDF Intercepts Iranian Shipment of Rockets to Terrorist Organizations in Gaza — 3/7/2014

Obama and Netanyahu discuss Israel Palestinian relations — 3/3/2014

Americans for a Safe Israel - AIPAC 2014 — 3/2/2014

Ben Shapiro Crashes UCLA Divestment from Israel Hearing — 2/26/2014

Esther Pollard at Pollard Rally near US Embassy in Tel Aviv — 2/23/2014

Netanyahu Says Israeli High-tech Stronger Than Boycotters — 2/20/2014

Bus blast kills at least 4 on Egypt's border with Israel — 2/16/2014

Land of Israel Activists March to Mevaseret Adumim — 2/14/2014

Summing up a Week of the Mothers' Protest — 2/9/2014

International Holocaust Day in Auschwitz: Eric Cantor & Stewart Rahr — 1/30/2014

'Mahmoud Abbas: Number One Anti-Semite' — 1/29/2014

UNESCO exhibit rescheduled: cancelled Jewish art exhibit to be shown in June — 1/22/2014

Israeli PM in surprise visit to Jordan — 1/16/2014

Ariel Sharon Dies: Israel mourns loss of iconic PM and military leader as world leaders pay tribute — 1/11/2014

MKs Visit Jordan Valley, Express Support — 1/3/2014

Sharon's Condition Deteriorates: Comatose former PM reportedly develops kidney ailment — 1/1/2014

Anti Terror Release Protest in Tel Aviv — 12/26/2013

Adapting Traditional Judaism To Modern World — 12/25/2013

Israel closes Lebanon border after attack — 12/16/2013

Jerusalem in the snow — 12/13/2013

UK warns about trade with settlement firms — 12/10/2013

Gal Gadot to star as Wonder Women: Israeli beauty given star role in Batman vs Superman movie — 12/6/2013

Holocaust survivor and protector reunite — 11/29/2013

Hassidut 'New Year' Celebrated in Jerusalem — 11/26/2013

Jewish Identity and the Holocaust: Exploring the impact on US Jewish teens of death camp visits — 11/22/2013

Nuclear Iran: Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu warns world powers against nuclear deal with Iran — 11/19/2013

Afghanistan's last Jew faced with going out of business — 11/12/2013

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu: nuclear deal with Iran would be 'mistake of historic proportions' — 11/7/2013

Five Israeli soldiers injured in Gaza bomb attack: IDF hit while dismantling Hamas terror tunnel — 11/1/2013

Jewish brothers become rock stars on
Israeli reality TV show 'Rising Star'
 — 10/25/2013

Israeli pharmaceutical giant Teva plans massive layoffs — 10/17/2013

Israeli killed in Palestinian terror attack — 10/11/2013

Funeral of Rabbi Ovadya — 10/7/2013

Restoration of LA Jewish Cemetery Begins: volunteers raised funding for Mount Zion cemetery — 10/1/2013

Arabs hole up in Temple Mount mosque — 9/29/2013

Israel boosts Jerusalem security: checkpoints bolstered at Temple Mount following recent clashes — 9/27/2013

Palestinian sniper kills Israel soldier in West Bank: killing could derail fragile peace process — 9/23/2013

Israeli Soldier Murdered in Samaria — 9/22/2013

Israeli Jews prepare for the holy festival of Sukkot — 9/18/2013

50% of Syrian rebels are jihadis — 9/17/2013

Yom Kippur 5774: Jews prepare for holy holiday — 9/13/2013

Thousands Recite Slichot at the Kotel — 9/12/2013

Israel steps up defences amid Syria strike debate — 9/9/2013

Offshore Israel: Tamar Gas Field in Full Production — 9/8/2013

A new two-state solution? — 8/30/2013

Israel on Alert: Military leaders say Jewish state ready to meet Syria spillover threats — 8/29/2013

As Negotiations Continue - New Community Inaugurated in the Shomron — 8/26/2013

Street Renamed For Black Jewish Robbery Victim Yoseph Robinson — 8/19/2013

Israel starts social media information unit — 8/15/2013

Activists Demonstrate Against Temple Mount Discrimination — 8/9/2013

Bring Immigrants while Strengthening Jews who Stay in the Diaspora — 8/6/2013

Abbas wants Israeli-free Palestine: 'not one Israeli civilian' allowed in future West Bank state — 7/31/2013

Activists Protest Release of Terrorists — 7/29/2013

Middle East Peace Process: Many Israelis unhappy with release of Palestinian terrorist prisoners — 7/24/2013

Israel slams EU for 'financial terror attack': Jerusalem stunned by damaging Brussels decision — 7/19/2013

Golan Heights Tension: Israelis return fire after Syrian gunmen infiltrate unmanned IDF outpost — 7/17/2013

Syrian rebels, al-Qaeda battle in Aleppo — 7/14/2013

Number of violent attacks on Jews in the West Bank and Jerusalem rises in first half of 2013 — 7/12/2013

Israeli archaeologists find new sphinx: exciting discovery sheds light on ties to ancient Egypt — 7/11/2013

Ultra-Orthodox Jews to serve in IDF: Israeli ministers approve controversial Haredim draft law — 7/8/2013

Egyptian tanks deployed at Gaza border as army prepares for showdown with Muslim Brotherhood — 7/4/2013

Results of John Kerry's Middle East Diplomacy — 7/1/2013

LA selects first Jewish major for 130 years — 6/27/2013

PM Netanyahu attends Golan Heights military drill — 6/26/2013

Gaza Rocket Attacks: Missiles fired at Israeli targets from Gaza overnight break fragile truce — 6/23/2013

Israel says shell has landed in Israeli-occupied sector of the Golan Heights — 6/20/2013

Netanyahu warns against irrational optimism on Iran — 6/17/2013

Golan Heights Syrian spillover fears: UN leader calls for strengthening of UN peacekeeping force — 6/14/2013

Syrian rebels and regime fighting in Golan — 6/6/2013

The Queen of Kosher moves to Israel: Jamie Geller talks to JN1 from her new home in Beit Shemesh — 6/4/2013

Alicia Keys rejects Israel boycott calls: American star refuses to cancel July Tel Aviv concert — 6/2/2013

Hamas officials claim Israeli soldier abductions are 'at the heart of Palestinian culture' — 5/30/2013

Rocket fired from Lebanon into Jewish state — 5/27/2013

Gush Etzion Protests Against Rock Terror — 5/24/2013

Amateur video shows London murderer — 5/22/2013

Israel legalises four West Bank settlements — 5/17/2013

Exploring the traditions of Shavuot: celebrating the gift of the Torah to the Jewish people — 5/15/2013

Palestinian militants plan to reclaim Golan — 5/12/2013

A song to Jerusalem — 5/11/2013

Fight Over Anne Frank Archive: Anne Frank Foundation and Anne Frank Fund in confrontation — 5/10/2013

Yom Yerushalayim 2013 — 5/8/2013

Terror Stabbing Victim Laid to Rest — 5/2/2013

18 rockets hit Israel since 'ceasefire' — 4/29/2013

IAF intercepts UAV in Israeli airspace — 4/25/2013

Israel to allow UNESCO to visit Jerusalem — 4/24/2013

Israel under attack: Sinai Islamist group fires 2 rockets at southern Israeli resort town Eilat — 4/17/2013

Israel returns Syrian fire: IDF border troops respond to latest example of Syrian spillover — 4/14/2013

Visit to the Ritual Bath Discovered in Jerusalem — 4/11/2013

Jews remember Holocaust at Auschwitz — 4/8/2013

Israeli UN Ambassador Prosor: UN Security Council must condemn Gaza rocket attacks — 4/7/2013

Passover celebrations in Israel: Orthodox Jews gather at the Western Wall for prayers — 3/29/2013

Israeli doctors in super bug breakthrough: Israeli hospitals report 70% drop in infection rates — 3/19/2013

Resident of Katzrin, Promoting Aliyah to Northern Israel — 3/15/2013

New Torah Scroll Written by More Than 200-Thousand Jews — 3/13/2013

San Remo Mandate — 3/12/2013

Israeli army trains for Hezbollah conflict: IDF drill comes amid Syrian Civil War spillover fears — 3/8/2013

Israel warns tourists to stay away from Turkey, Tunisia — 3/7/2013

Palestinian students mob British diplomat — 3/5/2013

Israelis critical of decision to discipline IDF soldiers over Harlem Shake videos on YouTube — 3/3/2013

Gaza rocket hits southern Israel: attack on Ashkelon breaks Pillar of Defense ceasefire — 2/27/2013

Israel Celebrates Purim: Parades for Purim in Tel Aviv and Hebron — 2/24/2013

Republican Senator Rubio in Israel — 2/21/2013

Tour Shomron — 2/18/2013

Israel Museum hosts King Herod exhibit: Jerusalem museum offers window into Biblical past — 2/13/2013

Hezbollah behind Burgas bombing: EU under pressure to place Hezbollah on terror blacklist — 2/10/2013

Burgas bombing report: PM Netanyahu calls for EU sanctions against Hezbollah — 2/5/2013

Ilan Ramon anniversary: first Israeli in space died in 2003 Columbia Space Shuttle accident — 2/3/2013

Israeli jets reportedly hit weapons convoy near Syrian border — 1/30/2013

JNF Celebrates Tu B'Shvat — 1/24/2013

Ariel Mayor Ron Nachman Laid to Rest — 1/21/2013

New York Synagogue rebuilds after Hurricane Sandy — 1/18/2013

Arabs gang up on hareidi Jews in Jerusalem — 1/13/2013

Europe's First Jewish President? Jan Fischer could make history in Czech election — 1/10/2013

Montenegro to get a synagogue: Europe's youngest nation allocates land for Jewish temple — 1/4/2013

H1N1 virus outbreak kills nine in West Bank — 12/30/2012

Netanyahu launches election campaign — 12/26/2012

Report: Hamas guilty of targetting civilians during clash with Israel — 12/24/2012

Western Wall wealth: millions of dollars in uncashed cheques found at Judaism's holiest site — 12/21/2012

Salafist leader threatens Israel: 'After Damascus we march on Tel Aviv' — 12/17/2012

Hamas West Bank rally: thousands of supporters attend first Hamas march — 12/15/2012

Holocaust survivor, 99, lights menorah in Ohio — 12/9/2012

Police Search for Menorah Vandals — 12/4/2012

Lieberman defends West Bank settlement plans — 12/2/2012

Palestinians granted non-member status at the UN — 11/30/2012

Israeli Embassy posts video slamming Abbas over unilateral UN bid — 11/28/2012

Israelis call for more safeguards following attacks — 11/24/2012

India cheers Mumbai terror raid execution — 11/23/2012

Israel launches new international PR campaigns — 11/22/2012

OPERATION PILLAR OF DEFENSE DAY 9: Ceasefire between Israel, Hamas comes into effect — 11/21/2012

OPERATION PILLAR OF DEFENSE DAY 6: IDF soldiers pray and prepare at Gaza border — 11/19/2012


OPERATION PILLAR OF DEFENSE: Israel sends tanks and armoured vehicles to Gaza border — 11/17/2012

OPERATION 'PILLAR OF DEFENSE': Tel Aviv takes cover — 11/15/2012

OPERATION 'PILLAR OF DEFENSE' UNDERWAY: Hamas leader killed, airstrikes continue — 11/14/2012

Tunisia Jews call for increased protection — 11/13/2012

Netanyahu WARNS to Escalate Military Operations After Israel OPEN — 11/12/2012

Sderot 15 seconds - Missile Alarm — 11/11/2012

Latma’s Love Song for Obama — 11/5/2012

US diaspora in Israel on Presidential vote — 11/2/2012

Former Democrats Abroad Israel Chair: Join Me in Voting for Romney — 10/31/2012

Israel vows to respond to latest rocket barrage — 10/26/2012

Netanyahu Rejects EU: No Limits on Building in Jerusalem — 10/21/2012

Beirut bomb is 'seen as warning of more to come' — 10/19/2012

Gaza rocket attacks: Israel hits back at terror groups in Hamas-held Gaza Strip — 10/15/2012

Gaza Has Fired 50 Rockets as High Holidays Ended: Rockets Hit Israeli Kibbutz in Eshkol Area — 10/12/2012

IAF shoots down Iranian UAV in Israeli airspace — 10/6/2012

The 'hope' is gone and the 'change' didn't happen... — 10/3/2012

New York City Subway Ad Calls Muslims 'Savages' — 10/1/2012

Benjamin Netanyahu draws 'red line' on Iran nuclear program — 9/28/2012

President Obama Throws Israel Under The Bus — 9/24/2012

Masbia Kosher Soup Kitchen in New York City: Brooklyn Jews Get Hot Meals during Jewish Holidays — 9/23/2012

America, Waiting Until When? — 9/21/2012

Echoes of a Shofar — 9/17/2012

Romney’s Rosh Hashannah Message — 9/16/2012

A Rosh Hashana Greeting from the IDF Chief of Staff — 9/14/2012

World must follows Canada's example, cut ties with Iran — 9/8/2012

The blind will see — 9/6/2012

Obama and Democratic Party throws Israel under the Bus — 9/4/2012

MK Danon Responds to Migron Evacuation — 9/2/2012

World's Largest Mezuzah' Affixed at Kotel Entrance — 8/28/2012

The Sbarro terrorist confesses — 8/27/2012

Israel Files UN Complaint over Iran Hate Speech on Al-Quds Day — 8/23/2012

Israelis near Gaza, Egypt Border Live in Fear of Terror Attacks — 8/17/2012

Israel to attack Iran before US election in November — 8/12/2012

Cherished Relationship — 8/6/2012

O Jerusalem, Obama Has Forgotten Thee — 7/29/2012

The Children are Ready — 7/24/2012

Burgas Bulgaria Terror Attack — 7/19/2012

Report legalizing Judea and Samaria communities — 7/11/2012

Syrian refugees overwhelm Jordanian border — 7/5/2012

Turkey's Military Readies at Syrian Border — 7/1/2012

Jewish Settlers Evicted from Ulpana Outpost — 6/27/2012

Israeli Reaction to Muslim Brotherhood win in Eygptian Election — 6/24/2012

Rocket fire continues — 6/21/2012

Rockets Fired from Egypt's Sinai into Israel — 6/19/2012

Syrian rebels take over Air Force base in Homs — 6/10/2012

Jerusalem - 1967 - The Six-Day War — 6/7/2012

Geulah b'Rachamim Music Video — 6/5/2012

Yom Yerushalayim - Jerusalem Day 2012 — 5/20/2012

Zionists and the cold, long winter nights — 5/13/2012

Actress Mayim Bialik talks about Jewish Values — 5/10/2012

Netanyahu Announces Early Elections — 5/8/2012

Inventing Our Lives: The Kibbutz Experiment - Excerpt — 4/25/2012

Hatikva at Bergen-Belsen — 4/24/2012

Urban Outfitters Offends Jews with T-Shirt Design — 4/23/2012

Happy Passover from IDF Soldiers — 4/11/2012

Iran vs. Israel - Back to the Future — 4/5/2012

Breakin' Free - Fountainheads Passover — 3/30/2012

Chief Rabbi's Pesach Message featuring Yaakov Shwekey — 3/27/2012

Gunman dead as Toulouse siege ends in shoot-out — 3/22/2012

Muslim Jihadist standoff with French police in
murder of three children, a rabbi and soldiers
 — 3/21/2012

French Attack: Gun Linked To Two Other Shootings — 3/20/2012

Nazi Hunters Closing In On 'Dr. Death' — 3/18/2012

Long-Range Rockets Can Hit Tel Aviv from the Gaza Strip — 3/16/2012

Israeli PM Netanyahu after Wave of Rocket Attacks — 3/13/2012

Rocket Launch Squad Targeted — 3/10/2012

Daylight: The Story of Obama and Israel (Trailer) — 3/4/2012

Elie Wiesel to Mitt Romney: Stop baptizing dead Jews — 2/27/2012

Violent Palestinian Riot in Al-Ram, Northeast of Jerusalem — 2/25/2012

Clashes on Temple Mount — 2/24/2012

Israel on alert over Iranian navy's Med mission — 2/19/2012

Terrorist Attack in Bangkok, Iranians Involved — 2/14/2012

Embassy car blast Israeli PM Netanyahu blames Iran — 2/13/2012

'In Darkness' Trailer 2011 — 2/12/2012

Khamenei: Iran to Aid Anyone Confronting Israel — 2/5/2012

Samaria Community of Har Bracha Continues to Grow — 2/2/2012

Migron is a Jewish community north of Jerusalem — 1/29/2012
It is home to 50 families and over 300 good Jewish souls. Built on the location of ancient Migron mentioned in the Tanach.

Thousands Celebrate Rebbe's Life — 1/23/2012

Nationalist Activists Warn Soldiers Against Radical Group — 1/17/2012

Palestinian Authority Mufti calls for genocide of Jews — 1/15/2012

Mordechai Kedar on Al-Jazeera about Jerusalem & Islam — 1/12/2012

Cat helps an Israeli girl beat asthma — 1/11/2012

Thousands of Israeli credit cards stolen — 1/6/2012

Taliban to open Qatar office for talks with US — 1/5/2012

Canadian Mayor: Israel Has No Right to Exist — 1/1/2012

Second Temple Era Seal Unveiled — 12/25/2011

Matisyahu Comes Clean — 12/14/2011

Everyone Should Have Access to Temple Mount — 12/13/2011

Hezbollah chief in rare public address — 12/6/2011

Vandalism spree at Jewish-owned shops in Highland Park — 12/1/2011

Arab Times are a changin' — 11/25/2011

The Cave of the Patriarchs / Me'arat HaMachpela — 11/18/2011

Chabad Gives Children 'The Joy of Torah' — 11/16/2011

Obama losing Jewish vote? American-Israeli alliance hurt by recent Obama, Sarkozy gaffe — 11/15/2011

Holocaust Museum tells orphans' stories — 11/14/2011

Nationalists Happy over NGO Limits — 11/13/2011

Brooklyn, NY: Swastikas, Anti-Semitic Epithets, & Torched Cars Found in Jewish Neighborhood — 11/12/2011

Obama, Sarkozy Overheard Insulting Netanyahu — 11/8/2011

Who's to Blame? Why of Course - Israel! — 11/2/2011

Ashdod Mayor: This Can't Go On Much Longer — 10/31/2011

Israeli killed as rocket salvos hit the South — 10/30/2011

Celebration at Shimon Hatzadik — 10/27/2011

SHLOMO KATZ with special guest AARON RAZEL Benefit Concert for AKIM-Jerusalem — 10/25/2011

Mother of Stabbing Victim: It Was a Miracle, G-d Saved My Son — 10/23/2011

When Will the U.S. Begin Writing 'Israel' on IDs of Jerusalemites? — 10/21/2011

GILAD SHALIT: Israeli soldier released — 10/18/2011

Preparations ready for Gilad Shalit's homecoming — 10/17/2011

Anti-Semitism at Occupy Wall Street protests — 10/16/2011

Israeli Soldier Gilad Shalit to be Released — 10/12/2011

Yom Kippur United — 10/7/2011

2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry — 10/5/2011

Palestinians: "Wiping Out Israel Main Goal!" — 10/2/2011

UN Choir presents: Somebody To Hate — 9/26/2011

Netanyahu Invites Abbas To Meet at UN — 9/23/2011

Beit El March Protests PA UN Bid — 9/20/2011

US set to dash Palestine's high hopes — 9/19/2011

Israel Palestinian Conflict: The Truth About the Peace Process — 9/14/2011

NASA Releases Aerial View of 9/11 — 9/11/2011

Israel's Answer to the PA Declaration — 9/5/2011

Knesset Speaker at Itamar School in the Shomron — 8/31/2011

Multiple Dead, Hurt in Israel Bus Attacks — 8/18/2011

20th Anniversary of Crown Heights Riots — 8/16/2011

Why the UN pursues the State of Israel? History lesson — 8/12/2011

Tisha B'Av 5771 at the Kotel — 8/9/2011

Polish Ambassador to Israel Honors Janusz Korczak — 8/5/2011

Israel Palestinian Conflict: The Truth About the West Bank — 7/20/2011

Likud MKs VS. MK Zoabi — 7/18/2011

15 Seconds in Sderot — 7/17/2011

Missing 9-year-old Brooklyn boy found dead — 7/13/2011

Rabbi Shalom Gold: Torah Law is Above Any Other Law — 7/5/2011

Gaza Flotilla Two Theme Song (Hey, Jews) — 6/27/2011

Israel the new petro state? — 6/16/2011

Jews forced to flee Western Wall by Arab stone throwers — 6/10/2011
Hundreds of Jewish worshipers were forced to flee from the Kotel (Western Wall) this afternoon by stone-throwing Arabs atop the Temple Mount.

One-State Solution: Give the Middle East to the Jews — 6/6/2011

Barack Obama vs the People of Israel — 5/30/2011
On May 19, 2011, President Barack Hussein Obama delivered a Middle East Foreign Policy speech in Washington, D.C. In it he reveals his true intentions for the state of Israel and the people of Israel. This is a rebuttal.

New Jewish Neighborhood in Eastern Jerusalem — 5/26/2011

Netanyahu: It's Time for President Abbas to Say 'I Will Accept a Jewish State' — 5/24/2011

Counter-Obama Protest: Israel Will not Commit Suicide — 5/22/2011

Netahyahu: 1967 Lines Are Indefensible — 5/20/2011

Thawing the Freeze — 5/19/2011

Two Arrested After Planning to Attack Synagogues — 5/13/2011

The PLO Phased Plan — 5/12/2011

Israel wave your flag - Yom Ha'atzmaut — 5/9/2011

Holocaust Memorial Day — 5/2/2011

Pesach in Hevron: We Did not Leave Egypt for PA State — 4/24/2011

Israeli strikes kill Hamas commander — 4/10/2011

Syrians continue protests amid violence — 4/9/2011

2nd Annual International Temple Mount Awareness Day — 4/1/2011

Terror Attack in Jerusalem — 3/23/2011

Maj. Peter Lerner Speaks About the Attack in Itamar — 3/13/2011

The Truth about J Street — 3/1/2011

Gaddafi defies calls to resign: 'I will die a martyr' — 2/22/2011

'We Con the World' Awarded Media Criticism Prize — 2/21/2011

Muslims Attack on Tunis Synagogue — 2/18/2011

Nightline: Inside Facebook Mark Zuckerberg On 500 Million Users — 2/15/2011

Disabled US Children on an Unforgettable Visit to Israel — 2/6/2011

Egypt Unrest: Police killing teen protester, riots aftermath — 1/29/2011

PaliLeaks spark fury in Ramallah — 1/24/2011

Medvedev in Amman — 1/19/2011

Tunisia President Ben Ali Flees Amid Riots — 1/15/2011

Jewish US Lawmaker Gabrielle Giffords Shot — 1/9/2011

Israel Destroys Home, Leaves Baby Outside to appease Arabs — 1/7/2011

What the Palestinians do not want Jews to know — 1/2/2011

I Am Israel: A short Aish film — 12/30/2010

LatmaTV: Jihad Bells from Bethlehem — 12/24/2010

American Tourist Killed by Arabs In Israel — 12/19/2010

PA Arabs Vandalize Joshua’s Tomb — 12/17/2010

PM Netanyahu and SE Mitchell — 12/13/2010

Latma TV: Obama leaks with Wikileaks — 12/9/2010

Fire Toll: 41 Dead, 5 Million Trees Destroyed — 12/5/2010

36 Confirmed Dead in Fire, Most on Prisons Bus — 12/3/2010

November 29, 1947: The Story of a Vote — 11/29/2010

Police Raid Yeshiva Offices in Jerusalem — 11/22/2010

Message to Obama: The Jews and Israel go WAY back.
Learn before playing God with our Land.
 — 11/14/2010

The Middle East conflict in a nutshell — 11/7/2010

Emergency The Temple is Missing — 11/4/2010

Jerusalem Goes Pink for Breast Cancer — 10/28/2010

Dead Sea Scrolls to go online — 10/20/2010

Maimonides Ascends the Temple Mount — 10/18/2010

Obama's underwater fantasy — 10/12/2010

International outrage: Shlomit's Sukkah Destroys Chance for Peace — 9/26/2010

Israel's Peace Obsession — 9/14/2010

Hamas presents: 'Liberation of Tel Aviv' — 9/13/2010

Four Jews Murdered in Arab Terror Attack Near Hevron — 9/1/2010

The Holy Temple Defiled — 8/9/2010

Netanyahu on FoxNews July 2010 — 7/30/2010

Agricultural Zionism — 7/18/2010

Kill the Ground Zero Mosque TV Ad — 7/16/2010

Obama: Some of my best friends are Jewish — 7/13/2010

Only Israel - by Yedida Freilich — 7/9/2010

Soldiers Do ‘About Face’ and Dance to Pop Song ‘Tick Tock’ — 7/6/2010

Palestinian TV Show - All Israeli Cities Are Palestinian — 6/30/2010

Israelis mark fourth year of soldier Shalit's captivity — 6/25/2010

LatmaTV New Spoof - The Three Terrors — 6/18/2010

We Con the World Spoof Interview Update — 6/13/2010

Resolution Supporting Israel's Right to Blockade Gaza — 6/9/2010

100000 join to bury Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu — 6/8/2010

Six-Day Middle-East War, Israel Victorious! 6/13/1967 — 6/6/2010

Flotilla Choir presents: We Con the World — 6/4/2010

Lone Jewish HS Student Faces Down Arab Mob in Los Angeles — 6/2/2010

Close-Up Footage of Mavi Marmara Passengers Attacking IDF Soldiers — 6/1/2010

Israeli Navy - The Real Story - May 31st 2010 — 5/31/2010

Israel's Critical Security Needs — 5/30/2010

A Mosque at Ground Zero Equals Victory — 5/25/2010

Stop the Hate of Israel on Facebook — 5/20/2010

Shavuot Cheesecakes Water and All Night Torah Study — 5/18/2010

Jerusalem Day 5770 — 5/11/2010
When Israel liberated the Temple Mount on June 7th, 1967, the prophetic clock began ticking anew. The place where King David and his son Solomon first built the Holy Temple is back in the hands of their descendants. Come what may, the Holy Temple will be rebuilt!

Fire in the Ancient Jewish Cemetery in Hebron — 5/9/2010
Four times in one week the cemetery was set ablaze by Arabs.

Lag B'Omer live from Meron for 5770-2010 — 5/2/2010

Interview With The Mayor Of Jerusalem — 4/27/2010

Israel at 62: Defying the Odds — 4/19/2010

Yom Hazikaron — 4/18/2010

Arming Hezbullah with Scuds — 4/15/2010

I Was Once A Little Child: Yom Hashoa 2010 — 4/7/2010

Obama Wants to 'Make Israel Into a Pariah' — 4/4/2010

Breaking News from Israel — 4/2/2010

VR Jewish Temple HD — 3/31/2010

The Korban Pesach Challenge, Part I — 3/29/2010

The Korban Pesach Challenge, Part II — 3/29/2010

The Korban Pesach Challenge, Part III — 3/29/2010

The Korban Pesach Challenge, Part IV — 3/29/2010

Israeli Soldiers Killed In Fresh Gaza Clash — 3/26/2010

The Obama Intifada Hits Israel In The Face — 3/25/2010

Netanyahu: "Jerusalem Is Not a Settlement. It's Our Capital" — 3/22/2010

1st International Temple Mount Awareness Day — 3/17/2010

Hurva synagogue in Jerusalem — 3/15/2010

Hebron Palestinians Protest Closures — 2/28/2010

Glick Declares Palestinians Do Not Want A State — 2/19/2010

President Obama and the Holy Temple Today — 2/7/2010
Unemployment, foreclosures, faltering economy, terrorism, grifters, Presidents Obama's State of the Union Address, and the 16th of March: What do all these things have to do with the building of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem? The answer to all these questions are addressed by Rabbi Chaim Richman in this straight talking five minute video.

Rabbi Confronts Richard Goldstone at Yale University — 1/31/2010

Building in Beit El — 1/29/2010

IDF Aid Rescue Team Ends Haiti Mission — 1/28/2010
Closing the IDF Aid Delegation in Haiti - The IDF aid delegation dismantles the field hospital built in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. Patients needing further care are transferred to other delegations while tents and beds are taken apart. The head of the medical team, Col. Doc. Itzik Kryce then speaks to the entire delegation during the final roll call. He describes the pride he feels seeing the success of the mission and emphasizes the importance of representing Israel and the IDF’s values in Haiti. The roll call ends with the delegation singing the Israeli national anthem, "Hatikva," the hope.

To date: 1,111 patients were treated, 317 surgeries were performed, and 16 births took place at the IDF field hospital.

Haitian Man, Buried Under Rubble for 10 Days, Rescued By IDF Team — 1/25/2010

IDF Field Hospital in Haiti — 1/18/2010
Including Baby Delivered There, Named 'Israel'.

Israeli Aid Footage Compiled in Haiti — 1/17/2010

House of Prayer for All Nations: Reality Check — 1/8/2010
In the current global atmosphere of intimidation, capitulation, confusion, weariness, and cynicism, one thing remains true: The Temple Institute is steadfast in our goal: the building of the Holy Temple on Mount Moriah, Jerusalem.

Terror Victim Father Protests in CNN Interview — 12/27/2009

'United Nations - Purveyor of Anti-Semitism' — 12/20/2009

Moldova Anti-Semites Replace Cross For Menorah — 12/14/2009

Chanukah Going Nuts Over Donuts — 12/11/2009

Republican Mormon Senator Composes Chanukah Song — 12/10/2009

Protest in Jerusalem — 12/9/2009

Guard Stabbed at Kalandya Crossing — 12/6/2009

Building in Efrat — 12/2/2009

Kedumim Residents Block Entrance – Inspectors Delay Visit — 12/1/2009

Stabbing Scene at Kiryat Arba — 11/26/2009

Former Mossad MIA Agent – Shalit Deal Catastrophic — 11/23/2009

Cornerstone Laid for New Jewish Neighborhood in Jerusalem — 11/18/2009

Temple Gate Prayers Welcome Month of Chanukah — 11/17/2009

Jerusalem - JNF Monument to 9-11 Victims Unveiled — 11/13/2009

Magic Carpet — 11/11/2009

GA 2009 - PM Binyamin Netanyahu — 11/10/2009

Illegal Bedouin Land Grab near Jerusalem — 11/9/2009

Terror Victim Confronts Goldstone in U.N. Debate — 11/5/2009
A terror victim asked Goldstone why he did not examine Israel’s human
rights while Hamas attacked for eight years. He ignored the question.

Israel Navy Seizes arms ship — 11/4/2009
Israel Navy Intercepts Iranian Weapons en route to Hezbollah, 4 Nov 2009 - The Israel Navy intercepted the "Francop" cargo ship, which was laden with roughly 500 tons of weapons hidden amongst civilian cargo. The 36 weapons containers were sent from Iran and meant for the Hezbollah terrorist organization in Lebanon.

Remembering Rebbe Carlebach — 11/3/2009

Obama Adviser Samantha Power Calls for Invading Israel — 11/2/2009

Visiting the Tomb of our Mother Rachel — 10/29/2009

Holocaust Survivor Honors his Savior — 10/27/2009

Riots in Jerusalem — 10/25/2009

Shimshon Battalion Kotel Mutiny — 10/23/2009

Does this Exile Have A Deadline? — 10/20/2009

The New Aliyah Standard — 10/19/2009

PA Chairman Admits Ordering Terrorism — 10/13/2009

Preparing for Service in the Rebuilt Temple — 10/12/2009

Sukkot Celebrations at Mercaz Harav — 10/7/2009

Jerusalem March - Sukkot 5770 — 10/6/2009

Birkat Kohanim at the Kotel - 5770 — 10/5/2009

Gilad Shalit in captivity - First Video. — 10/2/2009

Sukkot Building Special 5770 part 1 of 3 — 10/1/2009

Sukkot Building Special 5770 part 2 of 3 — 10/1/2009

Sukkot Building Special 5770 part 3 of 3 — 10/1/2009

Hamas Official Calls For IDF Kidnappings — 9/30/2009

Netanyahu slams Ahmadinejad's Holocaust denial; 'Is this a lie?' he says while brandishing Auschwitz death camp plans. — 9/24/2009

The Biggest Shana Tova in the World — 9/18/2009
The Biggest Shana Tova in the World - The most creative delivery of the new year!! Four friends on rollerblades follow a carefully planned route around Tel Aviv and record their tracks with a GPS device. The result is a stunning greeting for Rosh Hashanah across the entire city - Shana Tova!!

Voices TV - Shana Tova from Shlomo Riskin — 9/16/2009

Is Obama Policy Violation of Global Treaties — 9/15/2009

Who is the Prophet in Deuteronomy 18:15? — 9/11/2009

Judea and Samaria Leaders – Time for Protests and Strikes — 9/10/2009

New Campaign Against Illegal Building — 9/9/2009

MK Zeev Visits First Hareidi Outpost — 9/8/2009

Can We Build the Third Temple Elsewhere? — 9/6/2009

Why is it so difficult for a non-Jew to convert? — 9/3/2009

Obama and Team Sacrifice Israel — 8/31/2009

Torah Scroll for Shalit's Freedom — 8/21/2009

Twoozer the Jewish Twitter INR Radio Launch Interview — 8/19/2009

Building the Stone Altar — 8/18/2009

Supporting the Jewish Right to Live in Jerusalem — 8/17/2009

Huckabee Declares Segregation didn't work in USA and wont work in Israel — 8/16/2009

Exodus Decoded Part 1 — 8/6/2009

The $3.5 million documentary "The Exodus Decoded" made its US debut on the History Channel. Previously it had been broadcast on the Discovery Channel in Canada in April and was shown at the Jerusalem Film Festival in July. Produced and narrated by Simcha Jacobovici, the film provides new evidence to demonstrate the Exodus really happened. Some of Jacobovici's points are indeed new.

Exodus Decoded Part 2 — 8/6/2009

Exodus Decoded Part 3 — 8/6/2009

Exodus Decoded Part 4 — 8/6/2009

Largest Temple Model Inaugurated Near Temple Mount — 8/5/2009

Prime Minister Netanyahu Welcomes Olim — 8/4/2009

We Felt Like Worms on the Temple Mount — 8/3/2009

Israeli Spokesman Defends Jewish Rights In Jerusalem — 8/3/2009

Music and Festivity in Kfar Tapuach — 8/2/2009

Water Wasted in Arab Towns — 8/1/2009

The Truth of Israel Story of One Million Forced Refugees — 7/31/2009

Temple Altar Construction Begins — 7/30/2009

Eye on Zion series — 7/29/2009

What do we Mourn for on Tisha Bav — 7/29/2009

Counter Obama Rally in Jerusalem — 7/28/2009

Building to Counter American Pressure — 7/27/2009

Dare to Dream/Dare to Build — 7/26/2009

Israeli Town Inaugurates First Commercial Solar Farm — 5/6/2009
An Israeli company makes strides in offering cost-effective solar energy.

Israel @ 61 and beyond — 5/1/2009

Israeli Independence Day 5769 — 4/30/2009
A brief video of a neighborhood independence day celebration in honor of 61 years of Israel as a reformed nation!

The US Declaration of Independence Repealed — 4/5/2009
Obama's objective of destroying American hegemony and abdicating American sovereignty is fast becoming reality.

Obama Will Bankrupt the Country — 3/22/2009
Again this morning Senator Judd Gregg, Obama's former Commerce Secretary nominee, warned that Obama will bankrupt the country.

Muslims Protest Against Britsh Troops Returning — 3/22/2009
The shocking anti-British army protest by a group of Muslims in central Luton earlier today is a portent of what is to come unless the Islamification of this country is halted, the BNPs defence spokesman has warned.

Muslim Protesters Riot-- Attack Police & Firefighters In Malmo, Sweden — 3/22/2009
Police in Malmö claim a recent wave of deliberately set fires in the citys heavily-immigrant Rosengård neighbourhood constitutes an act of retaliation for recent arrests.

Mr. Obama's Speech to Iran — 3/22/2009
Mr. Obama gives a speech of appeasement to Iranian people.

Fatah still refuses to recognize Israel — 3/22/2009

We The People Stimulus Package — 3/21/2009
Thomas Paine, author of "Common Sense," returns to modern times to pleas for a second revolution to take back America, Now!

The Second American Revolution — 3/21/2009
Thomas Paine, author of "Common Sense," returns to modern times to pleas for a second revolution to take back America, Now!

Taxpayers Gather To Protest Spending, Taxes, Growing Debt — 3/21/2009
The real grassroots Tea Party movement stands in marked contrast to Democrat attempts to manufacture a movement for Obama's $3.55 trillion budget.

We Will Support YESHA — 3/18/2009
For the first time ever the Chief Rabbinate held a council meeting in the Shomron.

The Future for Sderot — 3/18/2009
Noam Bedein of the Sderot Media Center spoke with Arutz Sheva about the challenges and difficulties facing his beleaguered town.

Family Unifications will Endanger Jewish State — 3/18/2009
Im Tirtzu, the nationalist student movement, held a protest outside of the Supreme Court against attempts to grant citizenship to any Arab who marries an Israeli citizen.

Israel: Sderot children want missile fire to stop! — 3/16/2009
2 min video - the first shielded playground in the world. Sderot, Israel.

Bulldozer Terrorist Killed on Begin Highway — 3/5/2009
East Jerusalem resident drove a bulldozer into the police car in order to kill 2 cops and then tried to kill buss passengers (15 y.o. girls!!!). The terrorist was killed by police officers and armed citizen.

Hillary Clinton in Jerusalem — 3/3/2009
Fox news reports on Hillary Clinton's first trip to Jerusalem as Secretary of State. Sadly, the purpose of her visit is to push for the creation of a Palestinian state by asking Israel to give away land given to them by God. Fortunately, Prime Minister designate, Benjamin Netanyahu, is against a two-state solution.

UNRWA : Lords of Misery — 2/26/2009
According to UNRWA, a Palestinian " refugee " is someone who was living in the region of Palestine... two years before the state of Israël was born. This definition doesn't fit with international law. The grand son of a "refugee", born in another country, cannot be called "a refugee" himself. So, what is UNRWA's interest making sure Palestinians are not resettled ? That may be the key to this middle east conflict !

Benjamin Netanyahu wins bid - to be next Israel Prime Minister — 2/19/2009
Benjamin Netanyahu, the leader of Israel's right-wing Likud party, has won the backing of a leading far-right party for his bid to become PM.

Welcoming New Immigrants Home from Yemen to Israel — 2/19/2009
11 Jews from Yemen landed in Israel as part of a Jewish Agency special rescue and aliyah operation.

Hamas Hummus — 2/1/2009
Must-see TV. It may sound like an appetizer, but it is really just desserts.

The root causes of the Gaza conflict in less than 6 minutes — 1/16/2009
Forget everything the mainstream media tells you about the "cycle of violence" and the "peace process." The conflict in the Middle East boils down to one issue; the imposition of Islam upon the world. Hamas, as a Muslim Brotherhood affiliate, is perfectly open about its desire for a global Islamic caliphate. Such an enemy by definition can never be appeased, and must be destroyed.

Video from GRAD attack in Ashdod today — 1/16/2009
BREAKING NEWS - over 20 people in shell shock.

Mezakim - Giving Tzitzis to Soldiers — 1/15/2009
We are sending tzitzit to Israeli soldiers. These are special tzitzit, with a green, cotton beged. The soldiers are protecting us. The tzitzit are protecting the soldeirs. Tizku !
There has been great success already. Religious and non-religious soldiers are wearing these tzitzit.

Hamas In Their Own Voices — 1/10/2009

Hamas Rockets During Cease-Fire and From Schoolyard 8 Jan. 09 — 1/10/2009
Hamas launches rockets from civilian areas and rocket fire during the humanitarian cease-fire on 8 Jan. 2008. At time track 1:09 we see Hamas militants launching rockets during the humanitarian cease-fire in the afternoon. In both cases, the Israel Air Force destroyed the terrorist positions in precision strikes.

Human Shields - Hamas in action — 1/10/2009
While Hamas is constantly attacking Israeli civilians they treat their own civilians with the same respect - check out how civilians are called to serve as human shields of a terrorist's house in Gaza.

China supplying Hamas with weapons and cash — 1/4/2009
BREAKING NEWS - NTD TV reports that Communist China is supplying Hamas with weapons and cash that are being used in the current war.

Ground Forces Enter Gaza — 1/3/2009
Israel Defense Forces spokesman Capt. Benjamin Rutland announces the entrance of IDF forces into Gaza with the objective of dealing a heavy blow to Hamas' terrorist infrastructure and rocket-launching capability.

Foreign Nationals Leave Gaza — 1/2/2009
On 2 January 2009, at the request of their respective governments, 226 foreign nationals entered israel from Gaza en route to their countries of citizenship. Thier exit from Gaza was coordinated by the Israeli defense establishment and is part of the ongoing humanitarian effort by Israel during operation Cast Lead.

Israeli Humanitarian Aid to Gaza — 1/2/2009
Video of Israel sending truck loads of humanitarian aid for the people of Gaza via the Kerem Shalom crossing. The IDF has made great efforts to use high-tech, pinpoint strikes to avoid civilian casualties while sending humanitarian aid. Hamas, in turn, has used the people of Gaza as human shields.

Gaza tunnel trader vows to carry on — 1/1/2009
Tunnels used to bring essential goods into the besieged Gaza Strip from Egypt are being bombed by Israel in its current assault on the territory. Israel says the tunnels are used to arm Hamas and other factions. Amr El-Kahky meets one of the men in Egypt making a living from Gaza's tunnel economy.

Will Israel Invade Gaza? — 1/1/2009
Diplomatic efforts to end the six-day conflict between Israel and Hamas have done nothing to deter bombings by either side. The next phase for Israel could be a massive ground invasion. Susan Roberts reports.

First Person at the Israel-Gaza Border — 1/1/2009
Close to a flashpoint along the Israel-Gaza border, Aron Heller of The Associated Press sets the scene as clashes between Israeli forces and Hamas militants drag on for a sixth day. (Jan. 1)

Shame, Shame, Hamas to Blame — 1/1/2009
Video of the good guys at a Pro-Israel Rally in Boston.

Israeli Boy Describes Missile Attack — 12/31/2008
Israeli boy describes attack on a Synogogue in Southern Israel in which one man was killed and five people wounded.

Pro Israel protest at University of Haifa 31/12/08 — 12/31/2008
A protest supporting Israeli actions in the Gaza strip. Israeli students actually protesting in favor of the government action, on the fifth day of fighting in southern Israel. Two days before there was a protest by Arabs in the same university, which ended in arrests and fight.

Rockets Continue to Fly — 12/30/2008
Palestinian terrorists in Gaza and Israeli forces continue their exchange of firepower.

Three civilians killed in rocket attack — 12/30/2008
Three civilians were killed Monday by rockets launched from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel, officials said, in an attack claimed by Al Quds Brigade militants. Five Israelis have died since the start of the offensive on Saturday.

Gaza Op Leaves Jerusalemites On Edge — 12/30/2008
Some Israelis are jittery as the Gaza military operation rages on.

Why, and How, Hamas is Going Down — 12/29/2008
"Boasting that it had fired dozens of rockets and mortars at Israeli towns in the past few days, Hamas pointed out that Israel was "hopeless and desperate" because it doesn't know what to do to stop the attacks.

"The enemy is in a state of confusion and doesn't know what to do," Hamas's leaflet read. "Their fragile cabinet has met in a desperate attempt to stop the rockets while thousands of settlers have found refuge in shelters which, by God's will, will become their permanent homes."

Hatikvah performed by Black Landscapes.

Ascending to Migron for Chanukah — 12/25/2008
A group of Jews traveled to the threatened community of Migron to light the Menorah and strengthen the residents.

Terrorists Storm Chabad House In Mumbai — 11/27/2008
According to breaking reports, one terrorist has been killed while four others remain barricaded inside the Chabad House in Mumbai after the terrorists stormed the location at 4:30 am on Thursday morning.

Breaking News from Hebron — 11/26/2008
Interview with Morris Abraham at Beit HaShalom in Hebron

'Obama Ready to RULE on Day 1' — 11/10/2008
American politicians are not Kings and do not "rule" from office. But if this is the attitude of Obama's transition team, what does The One himself imagine he is about to unleash? Could the fears that Obama thinks he is being anointed America's King be far off with this sort of talk flying about?

"Balloon" — 10/15/2008
Barack Hussein Obama II as defined by -

The October Surprise — 10/12/2008
Barack Hussein Obama II was born in Coast Provincial General Hospital, Mombasa, Kenya and not in Hawaii. Philip Berg’s Latest Motion to the Court gives an exact Place of Birth.

Happy Rosh Hashanah from Taglit-Birthright Israel!
The presidential candidates for 2008 atone for their sins for the New Year. Cartoon by

Burning Down The House: What Caused Our Economic Crisis?
This video is an informative look at the factors that are causing our current financial and economic crisis. It discusses policy changes 13 years ago that unleashed the sub-prime mortgage-backed securities market, which accelerated prices erratically, inviting speculation and loose lending practices which were both condoned and encouraged by existing regulation and carried out by risk-blind executives and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

If you want to reform DC... — 9/23/2008
Straight from Barack Obama, a recommendation about who has been consistent on reform: John McCain.

Obamonopoly — 9/21/2008
Obama is deep into your wallet over the recent financial crisis, brought on by himself, his friends and fellow party members. A few of these lowlifes are his economic advisors.

The Chronicles Of The Obamessiah, Volume II: In The Temple
The Chosen One shares his wisdom.

3 AM - McCain 2008

Bill & Barack's Excellent Adventure
William Ayers, unrepentant terrorist and education professor, is once again being tied to Barack Obama in the public mind. Controversy builds over the withholding of the archives of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, an expensive failed school reform effort headed by Obama and effectively run by Ayers, held by the library of the University of Illinois Chicago.

“The One” shall lead us to Denver
The best material’s recycled from the first ad but note the new cameos by Pelosi and Tim Kaine. A Rezko spot would have been better today but it seems McCain’s in love with this meme, and given the poll trends, who can blame him?

The Chronicles Of The Obamessiah, Volume I: The Adulteress
"Nose On Your Face", a complement to today’s running theme that Barry O is not, in fact, without sin and should therefore be careful about throwing stones.

Hello Martyr, hello Fatah
A heartwarming song parody video about Palestinian Arab kids and how much fun they have in summer camp learning hate and violence. To the tune of "Camp Granada" circa 1963.

Obama on Currency
Obama campaign unveils new U.S. currency. This is a must watch video.

Obama-the-god rhetoric
Video onn the Obama campaign's godlike reach, the McCain campaign's new commercial is devastating. When people start laughing at your pretensions, how do you recover?

Obama, Paris, Britney, and Brangelina
Yes, it’s true! They released an ad called “Celeb” mocking Obama as the biggest, emptiest celebrity in the world and taking on Obama’s opposition to offshore drilling.

Fitna: a film by Dutch politician Geert Wilders - defies Islamic threats and posts banned Fitna film about Koran.

The movie offers his views on Islam and the Qur'an. The film's title comes from the Arabic word fitna which is used to describe "disagreement and division among people", or a "test of faith in times of trial".
The movie was released to the Internet on 27 March 2008.

Obsession: Radical Islam's War against the West
This is the 12 minute movie trailer.........
"Obsession is without exaggeration one of the most important films of our time. "
–Glenn Beck, CNN Headline News

There Is No Palestine — 3/28/2008
This is a great video...We hope you enjoy it, also!

New Torah-Scroll Celebration in Jamaica
Our community, The United Congregation of Israelites in Kingston Jamaica, celebrated the arrival of a new Sefer-Torah. The Torah was carried by Rabbi Yitzhak Kimchi all the way from Jerusalem. The Torah was then taken into the Synagogue "Shaare Shalom" (Gates of Peace).

Israeli school students slain by terrorist — 3/7/2008
A yeshiva in Jerusalem is attacked by a terrorist. Eight fine young men are murdered with many more injured. Within hours, the mass murder is praised not just by armed mobs in Gaza but by spokesmen of the ruling Palestinian party, Hamas. How much more agony must Israel endure?

Books vs. AK-47 - Terror in Jerusalem — 3/7/2008
Terror attack in Israeli Yeshiva.

Attack on seminary in Jerusalem — 3/7/2008
Marcus Harun reports on the breaking news in Jerusalem. Several people were killed Thursday in what Israeli police are calling a "severe terrorist attack" at a Jewish seminary in Jerusalem.

Bombs and weapons found in Gaza mosques — 3/4/2008

Near-lynching in Jerusalem — 3/4/2008
Here is the Channel 10 story from yesterday of two Jerusalem municipal workers being nearly lynched by peaceful Palestinian Arab protesters using stones and metal bars.

Katyusha Rocket That Exploded In North Ashkelon — 3/1/2008
Katyusha rocket fired by Palestinian terrorists from Gaza landed in north Ashkelon.

Palestinian rockets into Israel — 2/28/2008


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