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Trump anoints JordanTrump anoints Jordan
by David Singer - 8/30/2018
Jordan has resurrected claims to 'West Bank' sovereignty as the PLO continues to refuse to negotiate with Israel on Trump's still to be revealed plan.

I Was Robbed of 70% of the Land of IsraelI Was Robbed of 70% of the Land of Israel
by Ari Fuld - 8/30/2018
As a Jew who was already robbed of 70% of the Land of Israel, I find the name partition offensive. My indigenous land was already partitioned...

Is the mainstream media the 'enemy of the people'?Is the mainstream media the 'enemy of the people'?
by Isaac Kohn - 8/26/2018
The verdict: No contest. Numbers are twisted, facts omitted, lies spun like thread in order to pile the dirt on the man who defeated Hillary.

Time to Change the Rules in GazaTime to Change the Rules in Gaza
by Dan Calic - 8/19/2018
The night of August 14, 2005 remains firmly in the memory of many Israelis. For thousands it was their last night at home in the Gaza Strip.

50 countries have state religions, but only the Jews cannot50 countries have state religions, but only the Jews cannot  by Robert Harris - 8/17/2018
The ongoing worldwide condemnation of Israel's Nation-State law paints a chilling picture of what the world really wants for the Jews, and for Israel.

Trump approves largest-ever aid package to IsraelTrump approves largest-ever aid package to Israel
by Jackson Richman - 8/15/2018
Honoring a decade-long memorandum of understanding between America and Israel, giving $3.8 billion annually to the Jewish state.

Israel's Nationality Law – The PrequelIsrael's Nationality Law – The Prequel
by Efraim Karsh - 8/14/2018
In April 1938, the British parliament was asked to approve a Jewish Citizenship Bill that would enable Jews worldwide to become nationals of Mandatory Palestine.

Progressives have a new definition of racismProgressives have a new definition of racism
by Charles Dunst - 8/12/2018
What does that mean for Jews? The theory separates anti-Semitism from racism, making it a lesser concern.

Will Europe Ever Stop Appeasing Terrorism?Will Europe Ever Stop Appeasing Terrorism?
by Jeff Dunetz - 8/10/2018
Seventeen years ago terrorists blew up a pizza place in the heart of Jerusalem. Yet Europe continues to complain about sanctions on Iran supporting terrorists...

Does Trump's 'ultimate deal' reject PLO propaganda?Does Trump's 'ultimate deal' reject PLO propaganda?
by David Singer - 8/5/2018
Saudi Arabia has said it would oppose any Trump peace plan that did not accept the PLO stance on East Jerusalem becoming the capital of a Palestinian Arab state. Will Trump accept that?

Facebook must ban Holocaust denialFacebook must ban Holocaust denial
by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach - 7/31/2018
There can be no compromise when it comes to Holocaust memory. That is why Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook's attitude to Holocaust denial is disturbing.

Only Fake Jews Are Afraid of a Jewish StateOnly Fake Jews Are Afraid of a Jewish State
by Daniel Greenfield - 7/30/2018
The Palestinian Authority's basic law and draft constitution states that 'Palestine' is an 'Arab' entity, that 'Islam is the official religion', and Arabic is its official language.

Where Will The Arabs Go?Where Will The Arabs Go?
by Sha'i ben-Tekoa - 7/28/2018
Next time someone asks, 'But where will the Palestinians go??' give them this article and tell them about a straight swap on population transfer.

Israel Declares Itself To Be A Jewish State: Liberals Go NutsIsrael Declares Itself To Be A Jewish State: Liberals Go Nuts  by Jeff Dunetz - 7/23/2018
This latest law, recognizes Israel as the fulfillment of the Zionist dream declaring that Israel is the nation-state of the Jewish people.

Trump and Putin may attempt a return to pre-PLO and Hamas daysTrump and Putin may attempt a return to pre-PLO days
by David Singer - 7/20/2018
The 1964 PLO Charter said: 'This Organization does not exercise any regional sovereignty over the West Bank in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, on the Gaza Strip or the Himmah Area...'

Democrats Reject Israel Because They Reject American NationalismDemocrats Reject Israel Because They Reject American Nationalism  by Caroline Glick - 7/8/2018
Since President Donald Trump entered the White House, hardly a day has gone by without Israel receiving a warning from a Democratic politician.

Whose Jerusalem?Whose Jerusalem?
by Hillel Fendel and Chaim Silberstein - 7/6/2018
Jacques Gauthier, a non-Jewish Canadian lawyer who spent 20 years researching the issue, has concluded: 'Jerusalem belongs to the Jews, by international law.

The Muslim Plot to Murder Children at a 4th of July ParadeThe Muslim Plot to Murder Children at a 4th of July Parade  by Daniel Greenfield - 7/3/2018
An Islamic evil lurked in Cleveland possessed of a monstrous hate of innocence and freedom.

From Auschwitz to America: Lessons from Europe's killing fieldsFrom Auschwitz to America: Lessons from Europe's killing fields  by Gila and Adam Milstein - 7/2/2018
Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it. Auschwitz-Birkenau was built with a single purpose: to eradicate the Jewish people.

The Origins of Arab Settlers in the Land of IsraelThe Origins of Arab Settlers in the Land of Israel
by Rotem Nimkovsky - 6/26/2018
What's in a name? In the case of the Arabs, it tells you what their tribe and country of origin are. It also dispels the biggest fallacy the 'Palestinians' would like you to believe.

Trump peace plan: Jordan balks at replacing PLOTrump peace plan: Jordan balks at replacing PLO
by David Singer - 6/24/2018
The outcome of the Jordanian king's visit to the White House this week is crucial to the advancement of Trump's plan.

A tribute to Charles KrauthammerA tribute to Charles Krauthammer
by David M. Weinberg - 6/22/2018
A final, personal conversation on the eternity of Israel, with the greatest columnist of this generation, who passed away Thursday night.

EU and Palestinian Illegal 'Facts on the Ground'EU and Palestinian Illegal 'Facts on the Ground'
by Bassam Tawil - 6/17/2018
The basis of 'The Fayyad Plan' was, and remains, the creation of a de facto state -- without the need for negotiation with Israel -- through facts on the ground in areas under full Israeli administrative and security administration.

Gaza: A Simple SolutionGaza: A Simple Solution
by Dr. Martin Sherman - 6/8/2018
The solution for Gaza is not, and cannot be, its reconstruction, but its deconstruction and the generously funded humanitarian relocation and rehabilitation of the non-belligerent Gazans to third party countries...

The Lying Media Never Stops Lying About IsraelThe Lying Media Never Stops Lying About Israel
by Daniel Greenfield - 5/21/2018
There are no new lies. Only old lies that the media hopes that everyone forgot about. All the media does is recycle the same lies about the Jewish State.

The Disintegration of American JewryThe Disintegration of American Jewry
by Isi Leibler - 5/18/2018
Although right-wing racist anti-Semitism has made headlines, the real threat emanates from the viciously anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic Left and the growing numbers of Muslim extremists.

The Day Jerusalem WonThe Day Jerusalem Won
by Ron Prosor - 5/15/2018
The American step lets the Palestinians know that time is not necessarily on their side, and their ongoing refusal to hold real negotiations with Israel could hurt them.

Muslim Wanted to Please Allah by Attacking MallMuslim Wanted to Please Allah by Attacking Mall
by Daniel Greenfield - 5/4/2018
Typical mass shooters often leave us wondering about their motives. But Muslim terrorists are always clear about why they want to kill us.

Israel at 70: A Prophecy FulfilledIsrael at 70: A Prophecy Fulfilled
by Rabbi Pini Dunner - 4/22/2018
Approximately 2,600 years ago, the prophet Ezekiel prophesized: 'But you, mountains of Israel, will produce branches and fruit for my people Israel, for they will soon come home.'

Lock, Stock and Blame IsraelLock, Stock and Blame Israel
by Daniel Krygier - 4/7/2018
The international community that demanded Israel retreat from Gaza, now attacks Israel for defending its border against Hamas, whose assault on Israel they qualify as 'freedom of expression.'

Remember, The God of Israel is Also a God of War!Remember, The God of Israel is Also a God of War!
by Ariel Natan Pasko - 3/31/2018
What do 1948, 1967, 1973; in fact every situation of total war where the modern State of Israel was fully committed to victory; have in common?

Passover and the American ZionPassover and the American Zion
by Saul Goldman - 3/30/2018
The Passover narrative is a political treatise on liberty and a theological reflection upon the sanctity of freedom. It is man's moral obligation to become free.

Why John Bolton appointment stirs frenzy among American JewsWhy John Bolton appointment stirs frenzy
by Ron Kampeas - 3/24/2018
New national security adviser holds hawkish views on key foreign policy issues for US Jewry, winning him applause from right and deep dismay from left.

There Is No Two State SolutionThere Is No Two State Solution
by Daniel Greenfield - 3/20/2018
There are no unicorns. There's no Santa Claus. And there's no Two State Solution. The sooner we get that through our heads...

What Is a 'Refugee'?What Is a 'Refugee'?
by Alan M. Dershowitz - 3/11/2018
Israel integrated its brothers and sisters from the Arab and Muslim world. The Arab world put its Palestinian brothers and sisters in refugee camps, treating them as political pawns.

Is Israel a Colony?Is Israel a Colony?
by Dovid Ben-Meir - 3/4/2018
Is Israel a colonial outpost of some imperial power? In order to answer I will divide this into two questions: What is a colony? What is an imperial power?

Every Government Authority Failed In ParklandEvery Government Authority Failed In Parkland
by Ben Shapiro - 2/25/2018
Children are dead not because millions of good citizens own AR-15s, but because dozens of pathetic incompetents and cowards in a position to do something instead did nothing.

Do not let the children leadDo not let the children lead
by Michelle Malkin - 2/21/2018
Where are all the grown-ups in times of crisis and grief? Obama employed this very same kiddie human shield strategy to ram his federal health care down our throats.

Israel proves the NRA's argumentsIsrael proves the NRA's arguments
by Tzvi Lev - 2/21/2018
In reality, Israel's gun policy is living proof of the arguments the American gun lobby has been making for years.

We Should Follow Israel's Already Proven Lead On Dealing With School ShootingsWe Should Follow Israel's Already Proven Lead On Dealing With School Shootings
by Brandon Morse - 2/21/2018
If one nation knows how to work properly around the threat of terrorism, it’s the nation of Israel.

Remember When Obama Hacked the Israeli ElectionsRemember When Obama Hacked the Israeli Elections
by Benny Avni - 2/18/2018
The Obama State Department paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayers funds to an Israeli group that used the money to build a campaign to oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Israeli elections.

Israel's Illegal Immigrant ProblemIsrael's Illegal Immigrant Problem
by Moshe Feiglin - 2/8/2018
A very small percentage of these people are, indeed, refugees. Though we are responsible for their lives, we do not have to keep them here forever and we do not have to grant them citizenship.

Trump Echoes Talleyrand in Middle East DiplomacyTrump Echoes Talleyrand in Middle East Diplomacy
by EJ Kimball - 2/4/2018
Trump must put the Palestinians on notice - there will be no more weakness, no more concessions.

Last Chance For HumanityLast Chance For Humanity
by Baruch Adler - 2/3/2018
There is really no time to lose, people in nearly every nation around the world have already forgotten the Holocaust's crucial lessons about prejudice, intolerance, and hatred.

Time for Greenblatt to walk awayTime for Greenblatt to walk away
by Caroline B. Glick - 2/2/2018
Unless Trump intends to humiliate himself and America and sell Israel down the river like his predecessors did, the peace process will not be resuscitated.

Remembering the Thirty-FiveRemembering the Thirty-Five
by Daniel Pinner - 1/21/2018
35 brave idealists, many of them university students, marched to the aid of surrounded Gush Etzion in January 1948. They were ambushed and fought to the last man.

Are Democrats the modern Nazi party?Are Democrats the modern Nazi party?
by Jeff Dunetz - 1/20/2018
Nothing proves that more than the anti-Semitic presidency of Barack Obama and the installation of Keith Ellison as the Deputy Chairman of the party.

The Big Palestinian LieThe Big Palestinian Lie
by Daniel Greenfield - 1/20/2018
End the 'Palestinian' occupation of Israel. The 'Palestinians' are Egyptians, Saudis, Jordanians, Senegalese, Sudanese and a number of other Muslim invasive colonists.

New York Times: A Modest Immigration Proposal - Ban JewsNew York Times: A Modest Immigration Proposal - Ban Jews
by Ed Straker - 1/20/2018
You would think that a newspaper that helped cover up the Holocaust, would show a little hesitancy before publishing an op-ed entitled...

The speech in which Abbas dug his own graveThe speech in which Abbas dug his own grave
by Dr. Mordechai Kedar - 1/15/2018
While wishing the POTUS' 'house be destroyed' in traditional Arab fashion, Abbas may have destroyed his own house, the Palestinian Arab one built of cards.

Did Trump say anything that isn't true?Did Trump say anything that isn't true?
by Jack Engelhard - 1/14/2018
Trump's fight for America's soul. Did Trump misspeak...use a slur to make a point...and thereby arouse all those dainty Liberals into a snit?

Qatar, The EU, And Illegal Palestinian SettlementsQatar, The EU, And Illegal Palestinian Settlements
by Ezequiel Doiny - 1/11/2018
And who is paying for this Arab attempt to strangle Jerusalem and illegally occupy large parts of the historic Jewish homeland?

How Muslims view US aid to their countriesHow Muslims view US aid to their countries
by Ezequiel Doiny - 1/7/2018
If you expected thanks, think again. Many consider US aid Jizya. Jizya is a discriminatory tax that, according to Islamic law, non-Muslim subjects have to pay to their Muslim rulers.

Trump kicks America's Palestinian habitTrump kicks America's Palestinian habit
by Caroline B. Glick - 1/6/2018
The US is UNRWA's largest funder. UNRWA underwrites the Hamas regime in Gaza by paying for its school system and its healthcare system.

UN, OIC, EU and PLO invite Trump retaliationUN, OIC, EU and PLO invite Trump retaliation
by David Singer - 12/31/2017
UNRWA, for one, is facing the grim prospect of having to find up to US$400 million annually from other UN member States if Trump cuts America’s current voluntary contribution to UNWRA.

O! JerusalemO! Jerusalem
by Rabbi Berel Wein - 12/26/2017
It is not so much that the world wants Jerusalem – after all it was a wasteland and backwater location for many centuries – it is simply that the world does not want the Jews to have Jerusalem.

Is It Really about Jerusalem?Is It Really about Jerusalem?
by Bassam Tawil - 12/24/2017
Palestinian behavior has made their message as clear as water: the conflict is not about an embassy or a settlement or a fence or a checkpoint, but about the very presence of Jews in this part of the world.

Nazi Mosques in AmericaNazi Mosques in America
by Daniel Greenfield - 12/22/2017
Sheikh Aymen Elkasaby, had some thoughts about the Jews. Count them one by one, and kill them down to the very last one. Do not leave a single one on the face of the Earth.

The Jordan OptionThe Jordan Option
by Ted Belman - 12/17/2017
There is nothing to stop Jordan from changing its name to Palestine and making Amman its capital city. It can't get any simpler than that.

What the War Over Jerusalem is Really AboutWhat the War Over Jerusalem is Really About
by Daniel Greenfield - 12/12/2017
Hamas has announced that President Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has opened the 'gates of hell.'

Deep State Resisters at State Dept. Defy Jerusalem DirectiveDeep State Resisters at State Dept. Defy Jerusalem Directive
by Ari Lieberman - 12/12/2017
President Trump's historic declaration recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, finds staunch opposition from The Swamp.

Time Flies When You're Torching SynagoguesTime Flies When You're Torching Synagogues
by Daren Jonescu - 12/11/2017
Is it Stand-Next-To-A-Jew-At-Your-Own-Risk Day again already? Gosh, where does the time go? Peaceful tolerance of Islam cannot interpret away this reality.

Why are the nations in an uproar?Why are the nations in an uproar?
by Jack Engelhard - 12/10/2017
Watch them now as they try to undo what's been done in the finest hour (over the recent years) between the United States and Israel.

Trump's great and ingenious giftsTrump's great and ingenious gifts
by Caroline B. Glick - 12/7/2017
With his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, US President Donald Trump gave a Hanukka gift to the Jewish people. But he also gave a Christmas gift to the American people.

Living with the Palestinian 'No!'Living with the Palestinian 'No!'
by Moshe Dann - 12/4/2017
Meanwhile, we say "Yes!" to life and the Zionist dream. Awaiting a Trump administration "peace plan," hoping to end the Arab-Israeli conflict.

The Next Big Middle Eastern WarThe Next Big Middle Eastern War
by Daniel Greenfield - 11/25/2017
The Syrian Civil War killed hundreds of thousands and displaced millions. Its ripple effects brought terror to Europe and dragged the United States into the fighting.

Indoctrinating US children against IsraelIndoctrinating US children against Israel
by Professor Phyllis Chesler - 11/22/2017
Bashi's anti-Israel venom in a children's book caused the shut down of the upper East Side Mommas Facebook group she belonged to.

Pres. Trump, the Constitution is the best business plan for freedomPres. Trump, the Constitution is the best business plan for freedom
by Stanley Zir - 11/15/2017
American's constitutional assurance of the Rule of Law is a beacon of light in a world full of tyranny. We are here to rid the world of tyrannical enterprises, not make them our partners in peace.

'Allahu Akbar' Is the Motive for Islamic Terror'Allahu Akbar' Is the Motive for Islamic Terror
by Daniel Greenfield - 11/8/2017
'Allahu Akbar' is not innocent or innocuous. 'Allahu Akbar' isn't something he happens to say while killing you. It's why he's killing you.

How the Balfour Declaration Redefined Indigenous PeopleHow the Balfour Declaration Redefined Indigenous People
by Judea Pearl - 11/6/2017
The Balfour Declaration set precedent regarding national identity, land ownership, self determination and the notion of 'indigenous people.'

Why Doesn't Media Treat Islamist Terror Attacks Like White Supremacist Terror Attacks?Why Doesn't Media Treat Islamist Terror Attacks Like White Supremacist Terror Attacks?
by Ben Shapiro - 11/2/2017
On Tuesday, an Islamist terrorist rammed a truck into dozens of Americans on a bike path in New York City, killing eight and injuring over ten.

We Didn't Beat ISIS, It's HereWe Didn't Beat ISIS, It's Here
by Daniel Greenfield - 11/1/2017
And yet once again, there's blood on the pavement and screams filling the air of a Western city. And the note in the bloodied truck links the attack to ISIS.

A primer on the Balfour Declaration, the Arabs, the UN and peaceA primer on the Balfour Declaration, the Arabs, the UN and peace
by David Singer - 10/29/2017
The greatest obstacle to peace is in the title of this article. As the centenary approaches, it is important to know the facts.

American Jewry's necessary moral reckoningAmerican Jewry's necessary moral reckoning
by Caroline B. Glick - 10/24/2017
The main source of American Jewish antagonism toward Israel is divergent views on the Fatah-controlled Palestinian Authority in Judea and Samaria.

Mind-blowing EU CHUTZPAH!Mind-blowing EU CHUTZPAH!
by David Weinberg - 10/22/2017
First the EU builds illegal settlements in defiance of Israel, then it demands that Israel pay for these, when Israel acts against them. How much more contemptuous can you get than that?

The Sunni Nations and the 'Jordanian Option'The Sunni Nations and the 'Jordanian Option'
by Ron Jager - 10/13/2017
Palestinian autonomy based on a federation within the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan offers the only viable and sustainable hope for the Palestinian Arabs.

Did Trump Break His Promise on Jerusalem?Did Trump Break His Promise on Jerusalem?
by Shoula Romano Horing - 10/12/2017
President Trump should know that there is exactly zero chance for any peace deal to be forged while the Palestinian Authority supports terror and hostility to Israel.

No, This Isn't The Time To Talk Gun ControlNo, This Isn't The Time To Talk Gun Control
by Ben Shapiro - 10/3/2017
Passion doesn't make policy good or worthwhile. And injecting emotional accusations into the process never makes policy — or the country — better.

Oslo at twenty-four - Failing the 'crystal ball' testOslo at twenty-four - Failing the 'crystal ball' test
by Dr. Martin Sherman - 10/1/2017
If Rabin had a crystal ball that allowed him to foresee the terrible trauma and tragedy the Oslo Agreements would cause, there is little doubt that he would have never agreed to its signature.

Palestinian Death Cult Cheers Har Adar SlaughterPalestinian Death Cult Cheers Har Adar Slaughter
by Ari Lieberman - 9/29/2017
Palestinian terror attack underscores need for passage of Taylor Force Act. The U.S. embassy issued a swift and harsh condemnation of the attack.

Trump meets the phantom Palestinian AuthorityTrump meets the phantom Palestinian Authority
by David Singer - 9/25/2017
The Palestinian Authority has not existed since 3 January 2013. Abbas needs to be called out by Trump for abandoning the Oslo Accords.

The State Department's strange obsessionThe State Department's strange obsession
by Caroline B. Glick - 9/12/2017
The Iraqi Jewish archives were rescued in Baghdad in 2003. The decision to send the Jewish archives back to Iraq is part of a disturbing pattern.

The non-extradition of our daughter's murdererThe non-extradition of our daughter's murderer
by Frimet Roth - 9/10/2017
The story of Malki Roth's cold-blooded murder at the Sbarro pizza corner and the Israeli betrayal and US stalling that followed it.

Palestinian settler-colonialismPalestinian settler-colonialism
by Dr. Alex Joffe - 9/4/2017
The fact that Jews are the indigenous population of the Southern Levant can be proved with ease. In contrast, evidence shows Palestinian Arabs descend primarily from three primary groups: Muslim invaders, Arab immigrants, and local converts to Islam.

The strategic case for KurdistanThe strategic case for Kurdistan
by Caroline B. Glick - 9/3/2017
The Kurds have been hoping to hold the referendum for independence since 2013. Why it may weaken US adversaries and strengthen our allies.

‘Intersectionality’: Code Word for anti-Semitism‘Intersectionality’: Code Word for anti-Semitism
by Alan M. Dershowitz - 8/27/2017
The linking of unrelated 'victimizations,' reflects a broader trend in hard-left politics. Radical activists demand that the demonization of 'Zionists' be featured in the package of causes...

President Trump is right, againPresident Trump is right, again
by Rabbi Yaakov Menken - 8/20/2017
President Trump was roundly criticized for failing to call out neo-Nazis or the KKK by name in his first statement on the violence in Charlottesville last weekend.

Israel's boundaries, Jordan's boundariesIsrael's boundaries, Jordan's boundaries
by David Singer - 8/19/2017
The 1922 Mandate for Palestine's territory was divided so that 80% is Jordan and exclusively Arab.1

Weimar AmericaWeimar America
by Daniel Greenfield - 8/16/2017
Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to cheer on Communists and Nazis punching each other in major American cities while civil society disintegrates around them.

If You're Marching With Armed Communists or Nazis, You're Not 'Peaceful'If You're Marching With Armed Communists or Nazis, You're Not 'Peaceful'
by Daniel Greenfield - 8/14/2017
There is no right side here. Only two wrong sides. And yet the media insists on glorifying and defending one side.

The 'Al-Aqsa Mosque Is in Danger' GambitThe 'Al-Aqsa Mosque Is in Danger' Gambit
by Sha’i ben-Tekoa - 8/6/2017
Why Israel knows no peace. The reason that the 'Al-Aqsa Mosque is in Danger' gambit has a history is that there is no 'Palestinian' history to draw on to rally the troops.

Misleading terms used in Middle East coverageMisleading terms used in Middle East coverage
by David Bedein - 8/3/2017
It's time to reconsider using the inaccurate terms that harm Israel's cause, initiated by the PA Press Service to infuse their narrative into media terminology.

The Temple Mount: No longer in our hands?The Temple Mount: No longer in our hands?
by Dr. Martin Sherman - 7/30/2017
As a non-observant Jew I was always skeptical that the Temple Mount was the key to Jewish sovereignty over Israel. I was wrong!

The Al-Aqsa FraudThe Al-Aqsa Fraud
by Mike Konrad, - 7/18/2017
The present crisis over Al-Aqsa in which two Israeli Druze policemen were killed is based on an absolute lie. The whole Islamic claim to Al-Aqsa is a historic fraud.

Two Jewish nations, one flagTwo Jewish nations, one flag
by Yishai Fleisher - 7/15/2017
The greatest divide in the Jewish world today is between American Jewry and Israeli Jewry. We must ensure that the flag of Israel remains with only one, unified, Star of David.

The Rage of IslamThe Rage of Islam
by Tabitha Korol - 7/14/2017
Apart from prayer rugs, Islam has produced nothing but state-of-the-art terrorism techniques over the centuries. The Bible celebrates life; the Koran sacrifices it.

Hitleresque resolutionsHitleresque resolutions
by David Wilder - 7/7/2017
Declaration of Ma'arat HaMachpela and the city of Hebron as a 'palestinian heritage site in danger,' is historical fiction. Jewish roots in Hebron are ageless.

A July 4th message for Israel: No taxation without annexation!A July 4th message for Israel: No taxation without annexation!
by Ariel Natan Pasko - 7/4/2017
Happy Independence Day, America! Now Israel should learn from Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry and the 1766 Boston Tea Partiers.

Enough already: Move the embassy to JerusalemEnough already: Move the embassy to Jerusalem
by Bruce Portnoy - 6/30/2017
On June 5, 2017, the US Senate approved Resolution 176, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem.

Israel was NEVER a British Colony; Judea and Samaria are NOT Israeli ColoniesIsrael was NEVER a British Colony; Judea and Samaria are NOT Israeli Colonies
by Paul Gherkin - 6/16/2017
Many uniformed critics of Israel criticize the creation of Israel and claim that Israel was established as a colonial outpost of Great Britain.

The great victory: Six days and 50 yearsThe great victory: Six days and 50 years
by Gilad Sharon - 6/7/2017
Too many Israelis lament our victory in the Six Day War. Let’s say we withdrew from the territories after the war. What would have happened?

End Propaganda Myth That Jerusalem is Holy to MuslimsEnd Myth That Jerusalem is Holy to Muslims
by Morton A. Klein and Dr. Daniel Mandel - 5/24/2017
It’s time to end the propaganda myth that Jerusalem is a holy city to Muslims. The Muslim fixation on Jerusalem is a very recent development.

The War for JerusalemThe War for Jerusalem
by Daniel Greenfield - 5/24/2017
When Jordan's Arab Legion seized Jerusalem and ethnically cleansed its Jewish population and annexed the city the only entity to recognize the annexation was the United Kingdom.

Paradigm shift on a two-state solutionParadigm shift on a two-state solution
by Moshe Dann - 5/4/2017
Promoting Jordan as the Arab Palestinian state is consistent with international law and would resolve the problem of national self-determination both for Arabs living in Judea and Samaria and for those in Israel.

Celebrating Yom Haatzmaut in a World of TurmoilCelebrating Yom Haatzmaut in a World of Turmoil
by Isi Leibler - 5/1/2017
Israel Independence Day symbolizes the empowerment of all Jews in the wake of the most successful renaissance of a nation after two thousand years of exile.

The One Lesson of the HolocaustThe One Lesson of the Holocaust
by Daniel Greenfield - 4/26/2017
The Holocaust did not happen because of intolerance or fascism, as most liberals would like you to believe. It happened because the Jews lacked the means of defending themselves against it.

French Jews Fear Rise of Anti-Semitic Communist MelenchonFrench Jews Fear Rise of Anti-Semitic Communist Melenchon   by Daniel Greenfield - 4/21/2017
While the media accuses the French right of anti-Semitism, the only serious presidential candidate to have approved of violent attacks on Jews is the favorite candidate of the left.

An Anti-Semetic Murder in FranceAn Anti-Semetic Murder in France
by Daniel Greenfield - 4/12/2017
Sarah Lucy Halimi was thrown out of the window of the third floor Paris apartment while she begged her Muslim killer to spare her life.

How Senate Dems Went Anti-IsraelHow Senate Dems Went Anti-Israel
by Daniel Greenfield - 4/3/2017
'Mr. Friedman's offensive remarks don't stop there,' Senator Franken huffed. 'He even called me a clown and a moron.'

10 Toxic Terms Pro-Israel Advocates Must Fight10 Toxic Terms Pro-Israel Advocates Must Fight
by Lee Bender and Jerome Verlin - 3/31/2017
Mainstream Western media coverage of Israel is laced with expressions intentionally crafted to delegitimize the Jewish State.

The Newest Bigotry at CNNThe Newest Bigotry at CNN
by Alan M. Dershowitz - 3/23/2017
By suggesting that I opposed the travel ban 'because of [my] own bias' toward Israel – and by repeating this throughout the segment – Flannery engaged in the old anti-Semitic trope: Dual-loyalty.

Know thine enemyKnow thine enemy
by Caroline Glick - 3/19/2017
The Saudis, Egyptians and Jordanians are working with Israel on countering Iran because they need Israel to help them to weaken Iran.

The surge in anti-Semitism? Here’s how to stop itThe surge in anti-Semitism? Here’s how to stop it
by Daniel Elbaum and Marc D. Stern - 3/12/2017
Hate crimes aimed at Jewish institutions threaten not only those organizations. What steps should the US take to stop wave of anti-Semitic incidents?

Why Loretta Lynch is inciting people to lynchWhy Loretta Lynch is inciting people to lynch
by Michael Laitman - 3/9/2017
When the American democracy collapses, the Jews will take the heat, as they always have. But there is still time to evade the turmoil...

Midnight at Joshua’s TombMidnight at Joshua’s Tomb
by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach - 3/7/2017
No part of the Holy Land should be beyond the reach of earnest prayer, and that no man should fear anyone but God alone. It’s midnight. It’s cold. We’re headed in.

The lessons of the Hamas WarThe lessons of the Hamas War
by Caroline Glick - 3/3/2017
The Obama administration’s support for Hamas was not passive. Secretary of state John Kerry demanded that Israel accept an immediate cease-fire based entirely on Hamas’s terms.

The U.S. Will Stand Up To The UN’s Anti-Israel BiasThe U.S. Will Stand Up To The UN’s Anti-Israel Bias
by Ambassador Nikki Haley - 2/23/2017
I am here to underscore the ironclad support of the United States for Israel. I’m here to emphasize the United States is determined to stand up to the UN’s anti-Israel bias.

The Trump-Netanyahu allianceThe Trump-Netanyahu alliance
by Caroline Glick - 2/20/2017
The two-state model is widely viewed as the formula for Middle East peace. But the fact of the matter is that it makes peace impossible to achieve, by holding normal relations between Israel and its Arab neighbors hostage to grandiose peace deals.

The End Of PalestineThe End Of Palestine
by Daniel Greenfield - 2/16/2017
Israel has the opportunity to reclaim its nation. Palestine is many things. A Roman name and a Cold War lie. Mostly it’s a justification for killing Jews.

The Day of the Dhimmi is DoneThe Day of the Dhimmi is Done
by Michael Lumish - 2/15/2017
For 1300 years Jews lived as dhimmis sub-class non-citizens under the boot of Arab-Muslim imperial rule. With an Israel Hater out and Trump in it's time for Israel and the Jewish people to declare the days of desperate Jewish solicitude are over.

Beautiful friendshipBeautiful friendship
by Caroline Glick - 2/12/2017
Next week can be the beginning of a new era in Israel’s relations with the US. But to make the most of this unprecedented opportunity, Israel needs to recognize its role as America’s ally.

The evolving threat of jihad in the WestThe evolving threat of jihad in the West
by Caroline Glick - 2/7/2017
It is impossible to solve a problem like Islamic radicalism by ignoring it. To the contrary, by ignoring it, you ensure that it will grow.

The Trump Way of WarThe Trump Way of War
by Caroline Glick - 2/4/2017
Unlike his predecessors, Trump is serious about winning. To do so, he is even willing to take the radical step of accepting Israel as an ally.

If We Don't Let Muslims Into America, They'll Kill UsIf We Don't Let Muslims Into America, They'll Kill Us
by Daniel Greenfield - 2/1/2017
When normal people don't like a policy, they protest or write a letter to the editor. They don’t plant a pressure cooker bomb next to a little boy or stab college students with a butcher knife.

3 Questions To Keep Muslim Terrorists Out Of America3 Questions To Keep Muslim Terrorists Out Of America
by Daniel Greenfield - 1/28/2017
We must identify visitors and immigrants who are at a high risk of becoming terrorists in the first or second generation.

Remembering the Holocaust, Once AgainRemembering the Holocaust, Once Again
by David Harris - 1/26/2017
The UN designated January 27 as International Holocaust Remembrance Day. That was the day, in 1945, when the Soviet army liberated Auschwitz.

Goodbye, President Obama: Parting Words From an Israeli SettlerGoodbye, President Obama: Parting Words From an Israeli Settler
by Yishai Fleisher - 1/19/2017
You obsessively condemned us in Paris and at the Security Council as illegitimate occupiers, yet, we see ourselves as historically legitimate.

Wrong message, wrong time, wrong placeWrong message, wrong time, wrong place
by Ron Prosor - 1/16/2017
The French and Brits are convening the world’s countries in Paris aimed at reinforcing an outrageous resolution under the misleading title of a peace-promoting conference.

Remember When Barack Obama Tried To Hack Israeli ElectionsRemember When Barack Obama Tried To Hack Israeli Elections
by James Barrett - 1/8/2017
The CIA's allegation that Russian hackers attempted to influence the U.S. presidential election has resulted in hysteria from Democrats.

Israel Is Not the OccupierIsrael Is Not the Occupier
by Alan Clemmons - 1/1/2017
Israel’s legal title and rights to all of its present territory stem directly from an act of international law made in the post-World War I San Remo Agreement.

Obama's war against IsraelObama's war against Israel
by Caroline B. Glick - 12/30/2016
Resolution 2334 asserts that Israel has no right to any of the lands it took control over during the Six-Day War. And, all Israeli economic activity is now threatened with boycott.

Jews aren't 'settling' in the West Bank – they are going homeJews aren't 'settling' in the West Bank – they are going home
by Ed Straker - 12/29/2016
One of the biggest lies is that Israel is taking land from 'Palestinians'. The truth is, Jews have lived in what is called the West Bank for thousands of years.

A Constitutional Solution to U.N. DebacleA Constitutional Solution to U.N. Debacle
by Ira Stoll - 12/27/2016
If America does want to try to turn this one around, the U.S. Constitution provides a path forward for both the Congress and President-elect Trump.

Passover Punishment Case ContinuesPassover Punishment Case Continues
by Edwin Black - 12/23/2016
On December 8, 2016, the case was argued before the Federal Appeals court in Richmond Virginia, Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson III presiding.

A Trumpian Israeli initiativeA Trumpian Israeli initiative
by Caroline B. Glick - 12/18/2016
Since November 8, Trump has continued to reject accepted wisdom. When Trump promised to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, his words were greeted with cynicism.

The Anti-Jewish Left Protests Chanukah And TrumpThe Anti-Jewish Left Protests Chanukah And Trump
by Daniel Greenfield - 12/15/2016
The left’s latest target is a Chanukah party where it will be protesting Muslims on behalf of Muslims. If you’re confused, imagine how confused they are.

Israel’s first project with TrumpIsrael’s first project with Trump
by Caroline Glick - 12/4/2016
Hezbollah has deployed at least a thousand fighters to Iraq where they are fighting alongside Iranian forces and Shi’ite militia, which Hezbollah trains.

Keith Ellison’s Disinformation CampaignKeith Ellison’s Disinformation Campaign
by Steven Emerson - 12/4/2016
Confronted by his own words and facing a direct threat to his bid to become the next Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairman, Congressman Keith Ellison flagrantly lied in a prepared statement.

Fire Jihad In IsraelFire Jihad In Israel
by Mordechai Nisan - 12/2/2016
As in years past, Arab arsonists are primary suspects for this crime of wanton destruction. While police investigations continue, the left-leaning reality-denying media outlets predictably exonerate the Arabs and blame meteorology.

US Intifada: A fire-storm of lies is setting US campuses ablazeUS Intifada: A fire-storm of lies is setting US campuses ablaze
by Professor Phyllis Chesler - 11/29/2016
Islamic Jew-hatred has made a treacherous alliance with Western academics and activists and the US campuses are on fire.

Palestinians, Arab World CelebrateFire Intifada - Pyroterrorism
Palestinians, Arab World Celebrate

by Mark Tapson - 11/25/2016
As Israel battled tirelessly to extinguish and contain fires throughout the country, Palestinians and Arabs across the Middle East rejoiced on social media.

Putting the Record StraightPutting the Record Straight
by Jack Shebson - 11/22/2016
Over the past 90 years Western & Arab leaders, as well as many Jewish leaders, have had convenient amnesia about the entitlements of Jews and Arabs in the Middle East.

The Ellison ChallengeThe Ellison Challenge
by Caroline Glick - 11/18/2016
The Democratic Party’s move toward antisemitism, a move made apparent through Ellison’s rise, is one movement the Jews mustn’t lead. The Democratic Party stands at a crossroads today. And so do the Jewish Democrats.

Israel in the Trump eraIsrael in the Trump era
by Caroline Glick - 11/11/2016
What can we expect from President-elect Donald Trump’s administration? If we play our cards right, like the American people, Israel stands to gain in ways we never dreamed of.

Why Trump wonWhy Trump won
by Barry Shaw - 11/9/2016
While she went low, he went high. The people want to get America back on track, a track based on traditional values, common sense, hard work, security and patriotism.

After November 8th, the King is ComingAfter November 8th, the King is Coming
by David Mark - 11/7/2016
The world is about to be thrown into a level of chaos of unknown proportions. When the nations of the world gather and come against Israel’s control of Jerusalem.

Hillary Clinton's reopened investigationHillary Clinton's reopened investigation
by Aviel Sheyin-Stevens - 11/3/2016
Hillary has not been 'cleared' or 'exonerated' of criminal misconduct; she has been implicated in such misconduct and the law makes no allowances for intent.

Obama, Don’t Destroy the Peace Process by Turning It Over to the UNObama, Don’t Destroy the Peace Process by Turning It Over to the UN
by Alan M. Dershowitz - 11/2/2016
Pres. Obama should resist any temptation, during his final weeks in office, to change longstanding American policy.

Holding Hillary AccountableHolding Hillary Accountable
by Bruce Abramson and Jeff Ballabon - 10/30/2016
This week’s WikiLeaks dump provided further sordid details about the most corrupt Presidential candidate in living memory, Hillary Clinton.

The Little Jewish Village That Makes Obama BoilThe Little Jewish Village That Makes Obama Boil
by Daniel Greenfield - 10/13/2016
Halfway to the sky sits a tiny village of little white houses that has attracted the ire of the White House. The village of Amona.

The liberating responsibility of atonementThe liberating responsibility of atonement
by Caroline Glick - 10/6/2016
The Jewish people and the Jewish state face extraordinary challenges today. Luckily, we can handle all of them. But to do so, we need to be capable of judging ourselves fairly.

The Deadly Israeli HouseThe Deadly Israeli House
by Daniel Greenfield - 10/6/2016
There are few weapons as deadly as the Israeli house. When its bricks and mortar are combined together, it becomes far more dangerous than the Iranian centrifuges.

The 8-State SolutionThe 8-State Solution
by Ron Jager - 10/5/2016
The Palestinian Authority’s grip on Judea and Samaria is weakening, with its disintegration a distinct possibility. A possible solution.

There Are No Palestinian LandsThere Are No Palestinian Lands
by Dovid Ben-Meir - 9/28/2016
Some on the left have become confused, absorbing the false Arab narrative about 'Palestinian lands,' though never in history has there existed either a Palestinian people or an Arab Palestinian state.

A world in denialA world in denial
by Barry Shaw - 9/23/2016
As far as Israel is concerned there is a grand deception going on. Show me one Middle East regime that is a tolerant liberal democratic society sharing the free values of the West.

Who will make it to the White House?Who will make it to the White House?
by Joe David - 9/21/2016
Hillary or Donald? They are totally different and the result will make a world of difference for the future of America. One man's opinion.

Twilight Of American JewryTwilight Of American Jewry
by Caroline Glick - 9/16/2016
It is hard to know how Israel will be affected by the dramatic enfeeblement of the American Jewish community that we are now witnessing.

For The Sake Of Peace – Sovereignty NowFor The Sake Of Peace – Sovereignty Now
by Yehudit Katzover - 9/8/2016
Peace is actually hampered by the lack of Jewish sovereignty over YESHA, the cradle of the Jewish people. This is true regarding peace in Israel as well as the world in general.

Planning for SovereigntyPlanning for Sovereignty
by Dr. Robert Wolfe - 9/4/2016
Only under Israeli sovereignty is there any chance of mutual acceptance of Arabs and Jews within the borders of the land of Israel.

What If Chaos Were Our Middle East Policy?What If Chaos Were Our Middle East Policy?
by Daniel Greenfield - 8/31/2016
Stability is the heart and soul of nation-building. Chaos may be our best defense against the Caliphate.

Is The Most Corrupt Candidate In History Winning?Is The Most Corrupt Candidate In History Winning?
by Ben Shapiro - 8/17/2016
We already knew Hillary was deeply corrupt. How in the world is this prevaricating potential-presidential possibly prevailing?

Amona is a test case for Israeli democracyAmona is a test case for Israeli democracy
by Dr. Moshe Dann - 8/8/2016
As a matter of procedure, Israel's High Court of Justice does not examine or evaluate evidence and does not decide issues of land ownership. They rely on what government offices tell them.

California to have 'Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month'California to have 'Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month'
by Daniel Greenfield - 7/31/2016
California State Assembly to Proclaim August 2016, as ‘Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month’. This is being done at the behest of Hamas-linked CAIR.

Israeli Gov Hopes Trump, NOT Hillary, WinsIsraeli Gov Hopes Trump, NOT Hillary, Wins
by Daniel Greenfield - 7/29/2016
They realize Donald Trump can say Islamic terrorism, can stand up to it. So there’s no question he would be better for the state of Israel than Hillary.

Letter from a 'Jewish Termite'Letter from a 'Jewish Termite'
by Ari Soffer - 7/26/2016
Dear Congressman Hank Johnson, it has come to my attention that you believe that we Jews of Judea and Samaria are 'termites.' I fear you have been misinformed.

Tim Kaine’s Islamist TiesTim Kaine’s Islamist Ties
by Robert Gehl - 7/24/2016
The Virginia senator has a long history of embracing radical Islam. He he spoke at a dinner honoring Jamal Barzinji, the 'Founding father of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood.' And then, there’s the money...

I think I understand TrumpI think I understand Trump
by Rabbi Prof. Dov Fischer - 7/24/2016
Who is Trump counting on in the elections - and why. Trump seems to have figured out that a 'kinder, gentler' Republican cannot win in the present constellation of Electoral College states.

Islam is Not a religionIslam is Not a religion
by Vic Rosenthal - 7/22/2016
It is not a human right in the West to espouse, as does Islam, an ideology that embraces conquest and destruction of Western civilization. Islam is not a religion, it is an ideology.

End Islamic immigration, end Islamic terrorEnd Islamic immigration, end Islamic terror
by Daniel Greenfield - 7/19/2016
Lone wolf terrorism is the biggest trend in Islamic terrorism. In many cases, they are already citizens. Some were even born in their target country.

Divest from PalestineDivest from Palestine
by Daniel Greenfield - 7/16/2016
Terrorism can be over, if we cut up its credit card. This means pushing our politicians to stop all funding of the Palestinian Authority until the terror group stops financing terrorism.

Obama/Clinton Used Taxpayer Dollars To Fund Anti-Netanyahu CampaignObama/Clinton Used Taxpayer Dollars To Fund Anti-Netanyahu Campaign
by Daniel Greenfield - 7/15/2016
The State Department permitted One Voice to use a taxpayer funded grant to build the political infrastructure.

Global consequences of Obama’s denialGlobal consequences of Obama’s denial
by Ron Jager - 7/9/2016
Obama has left America and most likely the rest of the Western World confused and angry. Denial is a psychological defense mechanism.

There Is Nothing More Ramadan-y Than MurderThere Is Nothing More Ramadan-y Than Murder
by Daniel Greenfield - 7/8/2016
Learn the true lesson of Ramadan. Mohammed slaughtered non-Muslims during Ramadan. Islamic violence during Ramadan is as shocking as rain falling on Seattle.

Palestinians were created to cause trouble for JewsPalestinians were created to cause trouble for Jews
by Arutz Sheva Staff & Wild Bill - 6/5/2016
Wild Bill's description of the creation of 'invented' Palestinian people as a way to attack Jews goes viral.

Six Days of Miracles – Setting the Record StraightSix Days of Miracles – Setting the Record Straight
by JNi.Media - 6/5/2016
For most Jews, every passing year reveals even more intensely the divine miracles that began with the 1967 war, and are still with us.

Two States for Me, None For YouTwo States for Me, None For You
by Dovid Ben-Meir - 5/30/2016
The root of the Israel-Arab problem hasn't changed in 68 years: Arab refusal to recognize the Jewish right to national self-determination in our ancestral homeland.

American Jewish Group: Move Over, Israelis, We’re Taking OverAmerican Jewish Group: Move Over, Israelis, We’re Taking Over
by P. David Hornik - 5/30/2016
Planning a coup from the banks of the Potomac. A group of prominent American Jews, to force policies on Israel that its government and a large majority of its population oppose.

The Palestine HoaxThe Palestine Hoax
by Daniel Greenfield - 5/26/2016
The Palestinian Museum had been in the works since 1998, cost $24 million, but there’s nothing inside. While admission is free, there’s nothing to see except bare walls.

Insane Muslim TerroristsInsane Muslim Terrorists
by Daniel Greenfield - 5/15/2016
A Muslim terrorist stabbed four people at a train station while screaming, 'Allahu Akbar'. The Koran wasn’t to blame. It was the fault of his psychological problems.

Let’s Create a Real Palestinian StateLet’s Create a Real Palestinian State
by Daniel Greenfield - 4/15/2016
It’s not a nightmare if you can make it come true. Forget the peace process. Forget negotiations. They’ve never worked before. They’re not going to now. There’s nothing to negotiate anyway.

The ABCs of Judea and SamariaThe ABCs of Judea and Samaria
by Prof. Hillel Frisch - 4/10/2016
The PA (with EU support) is building illegally and dangerously in key parts of Area C that are critical to Israel. Israel should halt this encroachment with determination.

The Religion of ColonialismThe Religion of Colonialism
by Daniel Greenfield - 4/5/2016
Why you can't 'colonize' Palestine. Palestine has always been a colonial fantasy of remaking Israel by erasing its original Jewish identity.

Islamic terrorism, the US, and the Palestinian issueIslamic terrorism, the US, and the Palestinian issue
by Yoram Ettinger - 4/3/2016
President Obama was right when he declared in his Cairo Speech: 'Islam has always been part of America’s story.' He did not reveal generally it was not the good part.

Pat Leahy's Israel ObsessionPat Leahy's Israel Obsession
by Ari Lieberman - 4/1/2016
The Vermont senator’s fixation with the Jewish State turns ugly. Leahy now seems to have set his sights on obtaining 'justice' for Arab terrorists.

Giving the Soldier the Cold ShoulderGiving the Soldier the Cold Shoulder
by Rav Zev Shandalov - 3/27/2016
There are many things that get my blood boiling, yet, nothing gets me more upset than when the State of Israel turns its back on a soldier in the IDF.

Obama’s Final Solution for the Jewish StateObama’s Final Solution for the Jewish State
by Daniel Greenfield - 3/24/2016
Time is running out. Obama’s campaign against Israel has run into one major obstacle....Muslim terrorists.

ISIS takes the Capital of the European UnionISIS takes the Capital of the European Union
by Daniel Greenfield - 3/23/2016
Brussels is the first outpost of ISIS in Europe. It will be lost to Islam within our lifetimes. Muslim terrorism is the outcome of Muslim immigration.

The tragic state of American JewryThe tragic state of American Jewry
by Caroline Glick - 3/18/2016
Throughout Jewish history, Jewish continuity and survival have been rooted in Torat Yisrael, Eretz Yisrael and Am Yisrael.

How US Taxpayers Funded The Murder Of An Iraq Vet In IsraelHow US Taxpayers Funded The Murder Of An Iraq Vet In Israel
by Daniel Greenfield - 3/11/2016
It’s time for the US to stop funding Islamic terrorists. The Palestinian Authority pays terrorists based on the amount of harm they caused and the resulting jail sentence.

Why Netanyahu Stood Up ObamaWhy Netanyahu Stood Up Obama
by Daniel Greenfield - 3/9/2016
Obama’s final campaign against the Jewish State is underway. Obama is planning a UN resolution that would impose the borders of a PLO terror state on Israel.

Meet Eastern Jerusalem!Meet Eastern Jerusalem!
by Chaim Silberstein - 3/5/2016
The world speaks of 'Arab east Jerusalem' yet more Jews than Arabs actually live in these areas built in the parts of Jerusalem liberated in 1967.

Our Good Islam - Bad Islam StrategyOur Good Islam - Bad Islam Strategy
by Daniel Greenfield - 2/11/2016
Islamic terrorism is just what we call Islam when it’s killing us. But Islamic terrorism is not a separate component of Islam that can be cut off from it.

A courageous idea to stop the murdersA courageous idea to stop the murders
by Leonie Ben-Simon - 2/10/2016
Not an easy solution to implement, but it might work. Resilient citizens are losing patience as murder after murder robs the Jewish people of future generations.

Hope is not a strategyHope is not a strategy
by Caroline Glick - 1/29/2016
Since Israel is going to be attacked no matter what it does, we might as well do things that advance our interests.

Ashkenazi Jews are not whiteAshkenazi Jews are not white
by Hila Hershkoviz - 1/17/2016
In response to Haaretz article 'Jews, white privilege and the fight against racism in America'. I would like to say loud and clear: Ashkenazi Jews are not white.

by Former MK Yaakov Katz - 1/10/2016
The up to date number of Jews in Judea and Samaria, not counting Jerusalem. Actually, close to 800,000 Jews live over what is called the Green Line and serve, with G-d's help, to ensure that the heartland of Israel will flourish.

Muslim woman comparing plight of American Muslims to HolocaustMuslim woman comparing plight of American Muslims to Holocaust
by Ed Straker - 1/9/2016
The practice of wearing special markings in order to distinguish Jews in Muslim-dominated countries seems to have been introduced by Umayyad Caliph Umar II in early 8th century.

The dangers that lurk on the path to gloryThe dangers that lurk on the path to glory
by Rabbi Zalman Baruch Melamed - 1/3/2016
Our youth are so extraordinary that we have great moral expectations of them, and we must not let one crime cloud that truth.

Jews Inciting Muslims by Praying for Rebuilding Holy TempleJews Inciting Muslims by Praying for Rebuilding Holy Temple
by Tzvi Ben-Gedalyahu - 1/1/2016
Orthodox and Conservative Jews pray every day for rebuilding the Holy Temple. The radical Islamic agenda calls that 'incitement.'

Muslim Immigration Is Exactly What Da'esh (ISIS) WantsMuslim Immigration Is Exactly What Da'esh (ISIS) Wants
by Daniel Greenfield - 12/25/2015
To understand ISIS, you have to understand the difference between terrorists and Islamic terrorists. Immigration is what ISIS needs to defeat America.

Israel, the West and IslamIsrael, the West and Islam
by Rabbi Eliezer Melamed - 12/25/2015
Anyone wishing for peaceful and calm relations with Muslims must avoid displaying any desire for peace, or any talk of it, because peace with non-Muslims contradicts their beliefs.

Palestine: Not a state, but already a failurePalestine: Not a state, but already a failure
by Leonie Ben-Simon - 12/22/2015
The PA is a failure and any state built on its ruins will be a worse failure. These Arabs were economic migrants from Egypt, Algeria and much of the Middle East.

Why Syria Can't Be FixedWhy Syria Can't Be Fixed
by Daniel Greenfield - 12/17/2015
The root cause of the conflict is Islam. Muslims hate the West, but they’re also torn apart by tribal and ethnic rivalries with a thick gloppy layer of Islam on top.

The TRUE Non-Politically Correct History of Islam's ViolenceThe TRUE Non-Politically Correct History of Islam's Violence
by Russ Hepler - 12/13/2015
We have a shadowy American Muslim advocacy group blaming American citizens for bringing radical Islamic terrorism on ourselves.

Ban of Muslims Already U.S. LawBan of Muslims Already U.S. Law
by Maggie T. Villines - 12/11/2015
Here is number eight US Code 1182, inadmissible aliens. This law was written in 1952. It was passed by a Democrat-controlled Congress, House and Senate, and signed by a Democrat president.

Confused in San BernardinoConfused in San Bernardino
by Guest Author - 12/6/2015
Some guns went to a 'holiday party' and shot dozens of people, killing 14 of them. The guns were accompanied by two people with mysterious motivations.

Stop The Jihad On CampusStop The Jihad On Campus
by Mark Tapson - 11/27/2015
Two weeks ago, a series of posters was placed anonymously on the campuses of George Washington University and American University in Washington, D.C. and those of UCLA, UC-Irvine and UC-San Diego in Southern California.

Three Media Lies About Syrian RefugeesThree Media Lies About Syrian Refugees
by Daniel Greenfield - 11/20/2015
They’re not refugees. Syrian Muslims are not refugees. They’re migrants. Only Christians and other non-Muslims are refugees.

Why Islam is a Religion of WarWhy Islam is a Religion of War
by Daniel Greenfield - 11/17/2015
Islamic violence is a religious problem. Islam derives meaning from physical supremacy, so war becomes an act of faith. They are not perverting a religion, they are living it.

Only one outcome matters after terror attacks in FranceOnly one outcome matters after terror attacks in France
by Carol Brown - 11/15/2015
In the wake of the Islamic terror massacre in France, one asks: Will the West wake up and finally fight this war that is being waged against us on every front in every imaginable way?

Libeled and labeled (EU and you too, Mr. Obama?)Libeled and labeled (EU and you too, Mr. Obama?)
by Jack Engelhard - 11/13/2015
Obama and the EU says, 'Anything including the cure for cancer made in the 'Jewish settlements' will be labeled as unfit for EU consumption.

Europe – and echoes from the pastEurope – and echoes from the past
by Barry Shaw - 11/9/2015
As a million anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist migrants flood Europe they find a host continent in support of their anti-Israel passion.

Violating the Muslim Status QuoViolating the Muslim Status Quo
by Daniel Greenfield - 11/7/2015
The Secretary of State of the United States traveled to the Muslim country of Jordan to assure its Foreign Minister that Jews would not be praying any more at the holiest site in Judaism.

Israeli Blood on Obama's HandsIsraeli Blood on Obama's Hands
by Daniel Greenfield - 11/1/2015
Obama's splashy trip to Israel didn't lead to peace, but it did make the PLO's Palestinian Authority more dictatorial and corrupt.

The 'Jerusalem Awakening’The 'Jerusalem Awakening’
by Richard L. Cravatts - 10/19/2015
The carnage in Jerusalem and other parts of Israel continued this week with an increased ferocity and barbarity, with stabbings, shooting, and other assaults.

'Frustrated' Muslims Can't Stop Killing Jews...And Everyone Else'Frustrated' Muslims Can't Stop Killing Jews... And Everyone Else
by Daniel Greenfield - 10/19/2015
As Jews were being butchered in the streets of Jerusalem, Secretary of State John Kerry blamed them.

Did The Free World Go Insane, and What Can We Do about It?Did The Free World Go Insane, and What Can We Do about It?
by Dr. Shmuel Katz - 10/19/2015
Radical Islam is surging out of control across the world - what can you do to stop it?

Kerry, Israeli Arabs and the separation delusionKerry, Israeli Arabs and the separation delusion
by Caroline Glick - 10/17/2015
Kerry's claim this week that “Unless we get going, a two-state solution could conceivably be stolen from everybody,” is an assault on reality.

Blaming the Victims, because they are JewsBlaming the Victims, because they are Jews
by Joseph Klein - 10/15/2015
The international community's response to unabashed slaughtering of Jews is pathetic, in the midst of the Vicious attacks by Palestinian arabs.

Application of Sovereignty – the Command of the HourApplication of Sovereignty – the Command of the Hour
by Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar - 10/9/2015
The Israeli government must make a courageous decision – application of sovereignty over the entire Land of Israel.

How Islam Creates SociopathsHow Islam Creates Sociopaths
by Nicolai Sennels - 10/5/2015
Psychopathic people and behavior are found within all cultures and religions. But one tops them all — by many lengths.

Time To Deport The PLO From IsraelTime To Deport The PLO From Israel
by Daniel Greenfield - 10/2/2015
On September 13, 1993, Arafat and Rabin shook hands over the Oslo Accord in the Rose Garden. At the end of this September, the PLO’s Abbas finally officially disavowed the Oslo Accords.

No Refugees, No TerrorismNo Refugees, No Terrorism
by Daniel Greenfield - 9/23/2015
Muslim refugees in the United States have been a consistent vector for terror. The surest way to keep Muslim terrorists out is not to let any Muslim immigrants in.

Europe’s Migrant Problem and Apartheid SolutionEurope’s Migrant Problem and Apartheid Solution
by Jack Engelhard - 9/18/2015
Why won’t you let them in? They are your darlings. Fences are going up all over your continent to prevent more of them from entering.

How to Stop the Arab Violence on the Temple MountHow to Stop the Arab Violence on the Temple Mount
by JoeSettler@theMuqata - 9/15/2015
Prime Minister Netanyahu is overthinking the problem. There is ongoing Arab violence on the Temple Mount.

A Prayer for 5776A Prayer for 5776
by Caroline Glick - 9/11/2015
As we approach Rosh Hashana, the people of Israel need to recognize how lucky we are.

The Syrian Refugee Crisis Is Not Our ProblemThe Syrian Refugee Crisis Is Not Our Problem
by Daniel Greenfield - 9/4/2015
We didn’t cause it. We don’t have to solve it. What do Muslim countries know about the Syrian Civil War that we don’t?

A Message to AmericaA Message to America
by Paula R. Stern - 9/3/2015
Obama and the Senete Democrats message is clear. Very simple – a vote FOR this Iran Deal is a VOTE in favor of Israel's detruction and the death of 6.5 million Jews.

Tiqiyya vs. the Judeo-Christian EthicTiqiyya vs. the Judeo-Christian Ethic
by Rabbi Philip Lefkowitz - 8/30/2015
The Koran teaches the concept of 'Tiqqiya,' strategic lying. Should we consider the moral basis upon which the Iranian negotiators predicated their every statement.

Matisyahu sings 'Jerusalem' in face of anti-Israel protestersMatisyahu sings 'Jerusalem' in face of anti-Israel protesters
by William A. Jacobson - 8/23/2015
Matisyahu is the American Jewish musician who was banned by the Rototom Sunsplash Reggae Festival under pressure and threats from the (BDS) movement.

The power of Jewish indignationThe power of Jewish indignation
by Caroline Glick - 8/21/2015
When Jews stand up to anti-Semites, the anti-Semites back down. The organizers claim they were intimidated into discriminating against Matisyahu by a local anti-Israel BDS group.

The Iran Deal is Everything Bad About Obama in One PackageThe Iran Deal is Everything Bad About Obama in One Package
by Daniel Greenfield - 8/18/2015
Obama doesn’t just enact policies. He conducts domestic political warfare. His political power is based on dividing and conquering Americans.

Putting Obama Over Country Is TreasonPutting Obama Over Country Is Treason
by Daniel Greenfield - 8/14/2015
Democrats must put country ahead of party. It is not treason to disagree with Obama. It is not treason for the Senate to assert its rightful powers under the Constitution.

Obama stands with terrorists against terror victimsObama stands with terrorists against terror victims
by Daniel Greenfield - 8/13/2015
When Obama took office, his first phone call to a foreign leader was to the head of a terrorist group. Obama called PLO's Mahmoud Abbas.

Obama vs. The JewsObama vs. The Jews
by Daniel Greenfield - 8/11/2015
When they complained that, 'Words have consequences,' he was unapologetic. Obama complained, 'It's been a really busy day. You'd think they'd be nicer to me on my birthday.'

When Muslims Burn Jews AliveWhen Muslims Burn Jews Alive
by Daniel Greenfield - 8/7/2015
The world was outraged when ISIS burned a man in a cage, but Muslim terrorists have been burning Jews alive with little outrage and less attention.

Iran Deal and the Hudaybiyyah PrecedentIran Deal and the Hudaybiyyah Precedent
by Mike Konrad - 7/28/2015
What President Obama gave us is not a peace, but a treacherous hudna, a deceitful truce. Mohammed's Treaty of Hudaybiyyah is the sacred precedent.

Detention Camps for American Jews?Detention Camps for American Jews?
by Tzvi Fishman - 7/27/2015
It could very well be. Secretary of State Kerry has hinted, in no uncertain terms, the United States will take preventive military action to foil the Israeli attack.

The Myth of Iran's Peaceful Nuclear ProgramThe Myth of Iran's Peaceful Nuclear Program
by Daniel Greenfield - 7/24/2015
The peaceful nuclear program is a hoax. Iran hasn’t changed its behavior, the nuclear deal is just another way for it to get the bomb.

Obama Welcomes Terror Immigration to AmericaObama Welcomes Terror Immigration to America
by Daniel Greenfield - 7/19/2015
If we really want to stop terrorism, the place to start is the airport, by ending the flood of terror populations into the country.

How Israel Might Destroy Iran's Nuclear ProgramHow Israel Might Destroy Iran's Nuclear Program
by Daniel Pipes - 7/17/2015
The Vienna deal has been signed. Will any government intervene militarily to stop the nearly inevitable Iranian nuclear buildup?

Iran is a Nuclear Hitler with 56% Of the World’s Oil SupplyIran is a Nuclear Hitler with 56% Of the World’s Oil Supply
by Mark Langfan - 7/10/2015
Iran’s current danger to the free world is exponentially greater than any threat Hitler ever posed, Here's why.

Daesh: It's not an Organization, It's a StateDaesh: It's not an Organization, It's a State
by Dr. Mordechai Kedar - 7/9/2015
It won't help the West to live in denial. There is a state out there that has to be destroyed just as Nazi Germany had to be destroyed.

A Forgotten Geo-Political Name Game: Palestine-Israel-JordanA Forgotten Geo-Political Name Game: Palestine-Israel-Jordan
by Michael Zimmerman - 6/28/2015
Might the discussion of establishing an additional state be expanded to consider an additional state in eastern Palestine?

Should Jews Reclaim the Words 'Palestine' and 'Palestinian'?Should Jews Reclaim the Words 'Palestine' and 'Palestinian'?
by Richard Mather - 6/14/2015
The postmodern notion of a deep-rooted Arab Palestinian culture is a sham. All the evidence points to the conspicuous absence of Arab culture.

The New Israeli Government’s War on BDSThe New Israeli Government’s War on BDS
by Caroline Glick - 6/7/2015
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s new government is less than a month old, but it’s already apparent that it is different from its predecessors. The Jewish State finally goes on the offensive.

June 1967: Remembering the Six Day WarJune 1967: Remembering the Six Day War
by Shula Volk - 6/5/2015
June 1967, was the reunion with all the major sites of Jewish identity: Jerusalem, Hebron, Shechem (Nablus), which were until then under Jordanian control.

Ebb Tide in the Golden CountryEbb Tide in the Golden Country
by Rich Cohen - 6/3/2015
All is not as it was for Jews in America. The horror of the Holocaust purchased us a 70-year vacation from history. We are now in post post-holocaust.

Jews Take Up Too Much SpaceJews Take Up Too Much Space
by Yehezkel Laing - 6/2/2015
A satirical takeoff on solving the 'Jewish Problem'. I will start all the way back in 1948 – three years after the destruction of European Jewry, the State of Israel was formed.

Barack Obama’s anti-Semitism testBarack Obama’s anti-Semitism test
by Caroline Glick - 5/29/2015
Last week, Obama went to significant lengths to answer the question about his feelings toward Israel and the Jewish people once and for all.

Obama is plotting with the UN and EU to unilaterally carve up IsraelObama is plotting with the UN and EU to unilaterally carve up Israel
by Joseph Klein - 5/26/2015
The Obama administration appears to be ready to break with long-standing bipartisan American policy and support the Palestinian initiative.

Obama’s Irrational Understanding of Anti-SemitismObama’s Irrational Understanding of Anti-Semitism
by JoeSettler@theMuqata - 5/25/2015
President Obama believes anti-Semites limit their anti-Semitism to discrimination and organizing, but will always put their survival first!

Re-liberating JerusalemRe-liberating Jerusalem
by David M. Weinberg - 5/15/2015
It’s been almost fifty years since Israel unified Jerusalem. Time to reestablish Zionist momentum in Jerusalem, in the face of multiple diplomatic and security threats.

Schrödinger's JihadSchrödinger's Jihad
by Daniel Greenfield - 5/14/2015
The great paradox of the War on Terror is that we are fighting an enemy that doesn’t exist. We are told incessantly that there is no such thing as a Muslim terrorist.

The Waqf and the Temple MountThe Waqf and the Temple Mount
by Paul Gherkin - 5/6/2015
The most sensitive issue of the Israel-Arab conflict is considered to be the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

San Remo: The Forgotten MilestoneSan Remo: The Forgotten Milestone
by Salomon Benzimra - 4/26/2015
How can there be peace and reconciliation without acknowledging fundamental historical and legal facts?

Iranians Call Obama 'the son of a Shiite father'Iranian Opposition Leader Calls Obama 'the son of a Shiite father...the Iranian lobby in America'
by Robert Spencer - 4/19/2015
Iranian opposition activist Abu Muntasir Al-Baloushi said: 'Barack Hussein Obama is the son of a Shiite father...calls him the Iranian lobby in America.'

Palestinians and the Art of the PossiblePalestinians and the Art of the Possible
by Mike Konrad - 4/18/2015
If 44% of Arab youth in Judea and Samaria are willing to emigrate. How can we help them? The answer, of course, is by financial compensation.

Six Million Reasons to LiveSix Million Reasons to Live
by Richard Mather - 4/15/2015
It is seventy years since the camps were liberated. To survivors, the Holocaust remains a persistent and horrifying memory. Will the Shoah be remembered? Can it happen again?

Judea, Samaria and the Urge to AppeaseJudea, Samaria and the Urge to Appease
by Daniel Grynglas - 4/12/2015
We need to stand tall and unequivocally declare that SAMARIA AND JUDEA ARE JEWISH LAND. They will be Jewish forever. Period.

Ten Things You Should Know About the Iran Nuke DealTen Things You Should Know About the Iran Nuke Deal
by Maurice Ostroff - 4/10/2015
War is not the only alternative. The alternative is a better deal and the fact that sanctions brought Iran to the negotiating table.

Obama's Pesach message turns Jewish holiday into black holidayObama's Pesach message turns Jewish holiday into black holiday
by Carl in Jerusalem - 4/5/2015
For Obama, it's never enough to greet Jews as Jews. Obama manages to bring racism into his official statement marking Passover.

Rabbi Warns of Civil War in the United StatesRabbi Warns of Civil War in the United States
by Eliyahu Berkowitz - 4/1/2015
The Riminov Rebbe, gave an unequivocal command to the Jews to leave and go to Israel, saying that there will be a civil war in the US.

Obama’s Doomsday Plan for Israel – A Terrifying PossibilityObama’s Doomsday Plan for Israel – A Terrifying Possibility
by Jack Engelhard - 3/29/2015
It is entirely possible that there is a clause in the agreement that parallels the Kennedy Doctrine, except that it is aimed against Israel.

On Obama: A Vindictive and Petty MegalomaniacOn Obama: A Vindictive and Petty Megalomaniac
by Rabbi Prof. Dov Fischer - 3/27/2015
He has wreaked more damage on America and on the world, often through incompetent bad policies and through incredibly incompetent inaction.

Israel’s Leftist LosersIsrael’s Leftist Losers
by Daniel Greenfield - 3/23/2015
For thousands of years the Jews dreamed of reclaiming their country. The left dreamed of a country run by bureaucrats that worked only three days a week.

The Urgent Business of the Next GovernmentThe Urgent Business of the Next Government
by Caroline Glick - 3/21/2015
On Tuesday, the people of Israel spoke. They gave a clear mandate to the nationalist camp, led by the Likud and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, to lead the country.

Israel’s next 22 monthsIsrael’s next 22 months
by Caroline Glick - 3/13/2015
Given the stakes, the choice of Israeli voters next Tuesday is an easy one. Over the past week Obama has exposed his ill-intentions toward Israel in two different ways.

Netanyahu: Israel Will Stand Alone if It MustNetanyahu: Israel Will Stand Alone if It Must
by Daniel Greenfield - 3/4/2015
Netanyahu's exact words: ‘Even if Israel has to stand alone, Israel will stand.’ For Netanyahu and for many in Congress, Iran’s terrorism is not a distraction; it is the main issue.

Meet The Democrats Who Are Skipping Netanyahu’s Speech To CongressMeet The Democrats Who Are Skipping Netanyahu’s Speech
by Lawrence Konigsberg - 3/2/2015
At least 34 Democrats will boycott the Israeli Prime Minister’s speech before Congress. They must really hate their Jewish constituents.

The Truth Behind Obama's War On IsraelThe Truth Behind Obama's War On Israel
by Jeff Dunetz - 2/27/2015
The crisis between Israel and the Administration has been totally created by this president and supported by the Democrats.

Jewish 'Settlements' are not IllegalJewish 'Settlements' are not Illegal
by Dr. Avi Perry - 2/26/2015
Israel captured Judea and Samaria from its illegal possessor, the Jordanian Hashemite kingdom, in a defensive war. Look at the rest of the world.

Al-Shabaab names Mall Of America as targetAl-Shabaab names Mall Of America as target
by Daniel Greenfield - 2/22/2015
Another Islamic terror threat, by Al-Shabaab, a Somali Muslim terror group, says Mall of America is a target.

Is Criticism of Islam a Hate Crime?Is Criticism of Islam a Hate Crime?
by Daniel Greenfield - 2/17/2015
After every terrorist attack, the news goes through the usual checklist of excuses. Muslims aren’t responsible. It had nothing to do with Islam.

Mainstreaming Jew hatred in AmericaMainstreaming Jew hatred in America
by Caroline Glick - 2/13/2015
By de-judaizing the victims, who were targets only because they were Jews, Obama denied the uniqueness of the threat jihadist Islam and its adherents pose to Jews.

A Jew And A Catholic Were Invited To CongressA Jew And A Catholic Were Invited To Congress
by Jeff Dunetz - 2/10/2015
A Jew and a Catholic went to Congress kind of sounds like the beginning of a joke, but it is what will be played out over the next few months.

The Anti-Zionist Guide to Burning SynagoguesThe Anti-Zionist Guide to Burning Synagogues
by Daniel Greenfield - 2/10/2015
Evil ideas don’t go away. They rise again under new names. Anti-Semitism is now Anti-Zionism. Burning synagogues isn’t a crime, it’s a statement.

OBAMA to Subsidize Iranian Nuke Program, Sacrifice IsraelOBAMA to Subsidize Iranian Nuke Program, Sacrifice Israel
by Jim Hoft - 2/8/2015
The Obama administration is going to offer the Iranian regime technical aid for its nuclear program in exchange for less jihad in the region.

Saudi Statement Blaming Anti-Semitism on JewsSaudi Statement Blaming Anti-Semitism on Jews
by Daniel Greenfield - 2/7/2015
Al-Mouallimi not only blames Jews for anti-Semitism, but also condemned them for all acts that lead to 'to hatred, antisemitism, Islamophobia.'

The Ghosts of Auschwitz in the Muslim WorldThe Ghosts of Auschwitz in the Muslim World
by Daniel Greenfield - 1/30/2015
Eichmann’s Nazis lost, but the Mufti’s Islamists continue their genocidal agenda. Mein Kampf may be banned in Germany, but it’s a bestseller in the Muslim world.

Fighting Back Against Jew-HatredFighting Back Against Jew-Hatred
by Mark Tapson - 1/30/2015
It’s time for Jews to take the targets off their own backs and put Jew-hatred in their sights. 'Every Jew a .22,' as Meir Kahane put it.

The Islamic State, Then and NowThe Islamic State, Then and Now
by Lloyd Billingsley - 1/30/2015
The rise of ISIS has been rapid, but it should come as no surprise to Western leaders. Barely 100 years ago, another Islamic state was mounting a similar campaign.

The Imaginary Islamic RadicalThe Imaginary Islamic Radical
by Daniel Greenfield - 1/28/2015
What makes an Islamic radical, extremist? Where is the line between ordinary Muslim practice and its extremist dark side?

Obama Leaves Holocaust Memorial Off His ScheduleObama Leaves Holocaust Memorial Off His Schedule
by Yehuda Remer - 1/27/2015
Today, President Obama is leading a delegation to Saudi Arabia to offer condolences to King Salman, on the passing of King Abdullah.

Addicted To TerrorAddicted To Terror
by Dr. Michael J. Salamon - 1/23/2015
For generations Muslims have believed in and practiced jihad. Jihad has been glorified as a battle cry and struggle against non-believers and has led to horrific violence.

Islam: Bible of blood, religion of deathIslam: Bible of blood, religion of death
by Donny Fuchs - 1/16/2015
We have seen once again in a mind numbing display of Islamic barbarism, that it’s not just Jews in Israel who are vulnerable to Islamic terror.

Muslims Fear BacklashMuslims Fear Backlash
by Daniel Greenfield - 1/10/2015
The real story is not the Jews, Atheists and Christians in France who fear being killed by Muslims. But, Muslims who fear being mildly harassed by the Jews, Atheists and Christians they haven’t killed yet.

Laughing at MohammedLaughing at Mohammed
by Daniel Greenfield - 1/9/2015
Mo is the paragon of Islam, the role model for all Muslim men and the terror of all Muslim women. Muslims know their Mo weakness. If Mohammed is mocked, then Islam collapses.

Europe is GoneEurope is Gone
by Rabbi Berel Wein - 12/26/2014
To Europe, the noble Palestinians 'fomenters of worldwide terrorism, intifadas and recurring wars' are worthy of diplomatic recognition, media support, financial aid and moral justification. This is Europe's revenge on the Jews for surviving.

French Jews Flee Muslim Anti-SemitismFrench Jews Flee Muslim Anti-Semitism
by Daniel Greenfield - 12/3/2014
While Israel remains the destination of choice — Quebec, and its largest city of Montreal in particular, is quietly becoming a popular alternative for émigrés.

The Good Muslim TerroristThe Good Muslim Terrorist
by Daniel Greenfield - 11/23/2014
There are no Palestinians. There are no moderate Syrian rebels. There is only Islam. Muslim historical claims are mythologies invented to give weight to their religious violence.

Rabbi Goren and the Temple MountRabbi Goren and the Temple Mount
by Rabbi Eliezer Melamed - 11/14/2014
The controversy with the Wakf is a nationalistic issue. There is also an halakhic issue on which rabbis disagree. The late Chief Rabbi Goren tried to arrange a mass prayer on the Mount in 1967 and was stopped by the government.

The Temple Mount and Global JihadThe Temple Mount and Global Jihad
by Ruthie Blum - 11/7/2014
On Thursday, thousands of mourners attended the funeral of Border Police Superintendent Jadan Assad, from the Druze village of Beit Jan.

The Temple Mount is to Jews as Mecca is to MuslimsThe Temple Mount is to Jews as Mecca is to Muslims
by Ezequiel Doiny - 11/4/2014
A Letter to Europe: The Kab'a, in Mecca, is Islam's holiest site. It is the Jews whose holiest site is the Temple Mount.

November 2, 1917: The Balfour DeclarationNovember 2, 1917: The Balfour Declaration
by Larry Domnitch - 11/2/2014
The general perception at the time was that the deliverance of the Jews was forthcoming, thanks to the declaration of the British government.

Washington Post Trashes Obama for ‘Barnyard Epithet’Washington Post Trashes Obama for ‘Barnyard Epithet’
by Tzvi Ben-Gedalyahu - 11/1/2014
The newspaper once led the chorus for Obama, who now has only the New York Times as a mouthpiece.

Restoring Justice and Sanity on the Temple MountRestoring Justice and Sanity on the Temple Mount
by Douglas Altabef - 10/31/2014
Yehudah Glick mentioned the probability of bloodshed due to Arab incitement against Jews. No one imagined that 5 hours later it would be his blood that was spilt.

U.S. Government Cares More for Dead TIT (Terrorist in Training) than Murdered Tot!U.S. Government Cares More for Dead TIT (Terrorist in Training) than Murdered Tot!
by Batya Medad - 10/26/2014
The response of the State Department to the murder of the innocent baby girl, an American citizen, who was visiting Israel with her parents was barely tepid.

Kerry Tells Muslims that ISIS is the Fault of the JewsKerry Tells Muslims that ISIS is the Fault of the Jews
by Daniel Greenfield - 10/19/2014
Hey you know who is helping ISIS recruit fighters? No, not close allies like Qatar and Turkey. So, Kerry blames ISIS on the Jews.

US Complains It Was Not Notified of Israel Sukkah-Building FrenzyUS Complains of Israeli Sukkah-Building Frenzy
by PreOccupied Territory - 10/12/2014
Aides to President Obama expressed displeasure over not being informed of plans to assemble thousands of makeshift residential structures.

Remembering the Battle of ToursRemembering the Battle of Tours
by Mark Tapson - 10/10/2014
October marks the anniversary of an epic event that unfortunately is no longer widely known but which nonetheless shaped the future of the Western world.

The Silent IntifadaThe Silent Intifada
by Arlene Kushner - 10/6/2014
Observers have noticed that the attacks seem organized rather than random, and that there is never one person acting alone. There are groups operating, under instruction.

All of Jerusalem Belongs to the State of IsraelAll of Jerusalem Belongs to the State of Israel
by Ronn Torossian - 10/5/2014
Washington told Israel if they move forward with building in Eastern Jerusalem, it would distance Israel from, 'even its closest allies.' This is simply offensive rhetoric.

Is There Really an Aramean Nation?Is There Really an Aramean Nation?
by Dr. Mordechai Kedar - 9/28/2014
Are the Israeli Christians part of the ancient Aramean people rather than Arabs?

The folly of taking Islam out of ISISThe folly of taking Islam out of ISIS
by Tuvia Brodie - 9/18/2014
ISIS is a movement that has declared a holy war against those it considers ‘impure’. Its goals center on Islam. There is nothing un-Islamic about ISIS.

ISIS IS NOT Islamic?? What World Does He Live In?ISIS IS NOT Islamic?? What World Does He Live In?
by Phyllis Chesler - 9/12/2014
Does President Obama really believe that America must still curry favor with 'the Islamic world' by saying that ISIS is not 'Islamic'?

Moderate Islam is the Left's New ReligionModerate Islam is Our the Left's Religion
by Daniel Greenfield - 9/3/2014
I have been searching for moderate Islam since September 11 and just like a lost sock in the dryer, it was in the last place I expected it to be.

The Deadly Israeli House Strikes AgainThe Deadly Israeli House Strikes Again
by Daniel Greenfield - 9/1/2014
There are few weapons as deadly as the Israeli house. When its brick and mortar are combined together, the house, becomes far more dangerous than Iranian centrifuges.

The Muslim Colonists: Forgotten Facts about the Arab-Israeli ConflictThe Muslim Colonists: Forgotten Facts
by Ezequiel Doiny - 8/29/2014
The current Palestinian narrative is that all Muslims in Palestine are natives and all Jews are settlers. This narrative is false.

Obama Must be Told: Israel is not a Vassal StateOperation Protective Edge
Obama Must be Told: Israel is not a Vassal State

by Ronn Torossian - 8/17/2014
It is necessary for Israel to say no to President Obama when he endangers the Jewish State. Israel is not answerable to even her friends.

Obama’s Campaign Against IsraelOperation Protective Edge
Obama’s Campaign Against Israel

by J. E. Dyer - 8/15/2014
It's more than blocking a weapons shipment. They are concocting an entire narrative about the Israelis 'outflanking' the administration, running off on their own, and being unreceptive to U.S. influence.

Are All Dead Children Created Equal?Operation Protective Edge
Are All Dead Children Created Equal?

by Daniel Greenfield - 8/8/2014
While furious mobs of leftists draped in Keffiyahs and corn syrup were shrieking about Gaza in the public squares of every major city, ISIS was continuing its genocidal advance on Baghdad.

Victory is OursOperation Protective Edge
Victory is Ours

by Ronn Torossian - 8/5/2014
After almost a month of fighting in the Gaza Strip, with all the reactions, I find it important to clarify to the Nation of Israel that we won, decisively.

World Opinion Does Not MatterOperation Protective Edge
World Opinion Does Not Matter

by Ronn Torossian - 8/3/2014
No one can claim any longer that the conflict in this region is about so-called 'occupied territories'. This is – and has always been about – the existence of the Jewish State.

Free GazaOperation Protective Edge
Free Gaza

by Matthew Continetti - 8/1/2014
Three. That is the number of times Israel has fought Hamas since 2007, when the terror group seized control of the Gaza Strip.

The UNRWA is Responsible for the Bombing of its SchoolsOperation Protective Edge
The UNRWA is Responsible for the Bombing of its Schools

by Daniel Greenfield - 7/31/2014
There’s a very simple criteria for maintaining your status as a civilian and/or humanitarian facility. It has to be non-military.

Letter from an 'Angry Black Woman' to Anti-Israel ProtestersOperation Protective Edge
Letter from an 'Angry Black Woman'

by Daniel Greenfield - 7/30/2014
Chloe Valdary, an activist whom many of you have already come to know, wrote this missive to Students for Justice in Palestine.

by Natalie Portman - 7/29/2014
Where I was born. Where some of my 18-year-old friends spend their nights in bunkers sleeping with their helmets on. Where the year passes with the season of olives, of almonds, of dates.

Jewish GazaOperation Protective Edge
Jewish Gaza

by Simcha Jacobovici - 7/27/2014
Gaza has a long Jewish history. The key to the peace was the fact that King Solomon 'had dominion over everything west of the River, from Tiphsah all the way to Gaza.'

It’s Time to Go HomeOperation Protective Edge
It’s Time to Go Home

by JoeSettler - 7/26/2014
To me it is clear that it’s time to correct the evil done to our fellow citizens and to ourselves, and return to our homes in Gush Katif and Gaza.

Israel Can Win - If Obama doesn't save HamasOperation Protective Edge
Israel Can Win - If Obama doesn't save Hamas

by Matthew Continetti - 7/25/2014
Slandered, despised, insulted, degraded, Israel is nonetheless winning its war against Hamas.

Terrorism is a Tactic and It Must Be DefeatedOperation Protective Edge
Terrorism is a Tactic and It Must Be Defeated

by Daniel Greenfield - 7/24/2014
There are two dimensions to fighting a War on Terror. One is fighting terrorists and the other is fighting terrorism.

Obama to the Rescue – of HamasOperation Protective Edge
Obama to the Rescue – of Hamas

by Caroline Glick - 7/23/2014
While Israel was negotiating the Egyptian cease-fire proposal, Obama signaled to Hamas’s leaders that they hold out for a better deal.

The Doctrine of ProportionalityOperation Protective Edge
The Doctrine of Proportionality

by Shoshana Bryen - 7/20/2014
Proportionality in international law is not about equality of death or civilian suffering, or even about [equality of] firepower.

It's Another 'Death to the Jews' WeekendOperation Protective Edge
It's Another 'Death to the Jews' Weekend

by Daniel Greenfield - 7/20/2014
From Berkeley to Boston and from Paris to Sydney, the season is upon us again. 'Death to the Jews,' shouts everywhere.

Moral clarity in GazaOperation Protective Edge
Moral clarity in Gaza

by Charles Krauthammer - 7/18/2014
Rarely does international politics present a moment of such moral clarity. We routinely hear this Israel–Gaza fighting described as a morally equivalent 'cycle of violence.'

Want Proportionality? Give Israel 22 CountriesOperation Protective Edge
Want Proportionality? Give Israel 22 Countries

by Jack Engelhard - 7/17/2014
Spare us the pieties and righteous indignation of Europe. The final solution turned out to be Israel and they can't handle it.

My Outline for a Solution in GazaOperation Protective Edge
My Outline for a Solution in Gaza

by MK Moshe Feiglin - 7/15/2014
Clear and concise, the steps towards achieving quiet in Gaza. Hamas may unconditionally surrender and prevent the attack.

Israel Is the Victim of Mohammed’s War Against the JewsOperation Protective Edge
Israel Is the Victim of Mohammed’s War Against the Jews

by Daniel Greenfield - 7/14/2014
Mohammed didn’t live, but that didn’t matter. His bigotry had long ago been coded into the theological DNA of Islam.

A Fundamental Difference Between Us and ThemOperation Protective Edge
A Fundamental Difference Between Us and Them

by Louie V. Yadua - 7/12/2014
We are hitting their missiles in mid-air with computer-guided projectiles invented and built by brilliant young people who serve in the Jews' army between rounds of rigorous scientific education and yeshiva study.

Why This Operation is DifferentOperation Protective Edge
Why This Operation is Different

by Phyllis Chesler - 7/11/2014
Operation Protective Edge may look like its predecessors -- although there are five reasons, this time may be different.

What If Terrorists Could Shoot This Rocket at Your Country?Operation Protective Edge
What If Terrorists Could Shoot This Rocket at Your Country?

by - 7/10/2014
Imagine if Gaza terrorists were your neighbors and could shoot the deadly M-302 rocket at your home.

Obama’s Narcissistic Delusions about Peace in the MideastOperation Protective Edge
Obama’s Narcissistic Delusions about Peace in the Mideast

by Lauri Regan - 7/9/2014
The Obama administration has developed a bad habit of founding its Middle East strategies on wishful thinking.

The Only Solution is a Return to GazaOperation Protective Edge
The Only Solution is a Return to Gaza

by Giulio Meotti - 7/8/2014
It may be difficult, but retaking Gush Katif may be the only way to stop the incessant Gaza operations.

Fed Up With Dead JewsFed Up With Dead Jews
by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach - 7/7/2014
There have been other murdered Jews at the hands of terrorists, countless in fact. Walk the streets of Jerusalem and see all the plaques on cafes', pizza shops, and street corners to Jews murdered by Palestinian terrorists.

Connecting the DotsConnecting the Dots
by Joe David - 7/6/2014
Call the enemy what you like – radicals, fundamentalists, Islamic terrorists, jihadists, or, historically, just plain Muslims. The history of Islam is one of violence and bloodshed.

White House Double Standards on Youth Death OutrageWhite House Double Standards on Youth Death Outrage
by Ari Lieberman - 7/3/2014
Obama stirs up anti-Israel hatred in the wake of teen triple murder. It took Obama eighteen long days to break his cold silence.

The Curse of CainThe Curse of Cain
by Daniel Greenfield - 6/26/2014
It is not murder that makes it impossible for Abel to live with Cain says the State Department, says the European Union and says the New York Times. It is Abel's fields and houses that provoke Cain.

Israel Must Defeat the Tactics of TerroristsOperation Brother's Keeper
Israel Must Defeat the Tactics of Terrorists

by Daniel Greenfield - 6/26/2014
In Jerusalem, Israelis pray for the return of three missing boys and in the West Bank, Israeli soldiers hunt for them and for their captors.

Kidnapping Saga: Wells Empty of Water but Full of Snakes and ScorpionsOperation Brother's Keeper
Kidnapping Saga: Wells Empty of Water but Full of Snakes and Scorpions

by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu - 6/22/2014
'They took him and cast him into the pit.' (Gen. 37:24). Rashi: 'There was no water; there were snakes and scorpions.'

'Send Message' to Obama Over US/Israeli HostagesOperation Brother's Keeper
'Send Message' to Obama Over US/Israeli Hostages

by Daniel Greenfield - 6/20/2014
Help send a strong message to President Obama that what is going on in Israel is not isolated to Israel but touches and concerns us in America.

Kidnappings are What Happen When You Reward KidnappersOperation Brother's Keeper
Kidnappings are What Happen When You Reward Kidnappers

by Daniel Greenfield - 6/15/2014
There is obviously plenty of blame to go around for the kidnappings Eyal Yifrah, Gilad Shaer, Naftali Frenkel by the PLO/Hamas unity government funded by Obama.

Connect the Dots: Hamas, Iraq, Hezbollah, Syria, Abbas – and ObamaConnect the Dots: Hamas, Iraq, Hezbollah, Syria, Abbas – and Obama
by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu - 6/13/2014
Today’s headlines are making it more difficult to pretend that Islamic Jihad is defined by borders and is not part of a regional volcano of terror.

Does Anti-Semitism Threaten American Jews?Does Anti-Semitism Threaten American Jews?
by Kenneth Marcus - 6/11/2014
As anti-Jewish attitudes increase on some campuses, in some political circles, and in some corners of the Internet, it is naïve to assume that the Jewish American community will not face spillover security risks.

Hillary Clinton’s Anti-Israel HistoryHillary Clinton’s Anti-Israel History
by Jeff Dunetz - 6/7/2014
As Secretary of State; she was the architect of the policy of the most anti-Israel president since the rebirth of Israel in 1948. It was a policy which reflected views she has held her entire life.

Benghazi, Bergdahl and HamasBenghazi, Bergdahl and Hamas
by Anne Bayefsky - 6/5/2014
President Obama’s priority is, and always has been, the Muslim world. The ugly truth is that President Obama is happy to let the UN turn Palestine into a state.

Obama to Illegally Fund Hamas-PLO Terror StateObama to Illegally Fund Hamas-PLO Terror State
by Daniel Greenfield - 6/3/2014
It’s not surprising that Obama will find a way to go on funding a unity government that includes a genocidal terrorist group.

A Palestinian state -- not a priorityA Palestinian state -- not a priority
by Yoram Ettinger - 6/1/2014
Jordan and Egypt occupied the West Bank and Gaza through 1967, but did not ponder the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Pope Francis’ Unfriendly VisitPope Francis’ Unfriendly Visit
by Caroline Glick - 5/28/2014
The Golden Age of Catholic-Jewish relations seems to have come to an end during Francis’s visit to the Promised Land this week.

Ze’ev Jabotinsky and the Belgium Terror AttackZe’ev Jabotinsky and the Belgium Terror Attack
by Ronn Torossian - 5/27/2014
Europeans rush to condemn the construction of a house in Jerusalem, but offer only weak condemnation of the murder of Jews here or in Europe itself.

Now That the Two-State Solution Is DeadNow That the Two-State Solution Is Dead
by Mike Konrad - 5/24/2014
The ugly truth is that only viable solution is moving the Arabs in Judea and Samaria out. Ugly? Yes, but all other options are primed to fail.

Jews, Get Out of EuropeJews, Get Out of Europe
by P. David Hornik - 5/23/2014
The Anti-Defamation League created a stir last week by releasing the results of a global survey of antisemitism, the most comprehensive ever.

Every Day is Nakba Day to the PAEvery Day is Nakba Day to the PA
by Giulio Meotti - 5/15/2014
The Palestinian Authority daily calls for the annihilation of the Jews and their state. They have no desire to co-exist with the Jewish people.

The Hebronization of YitzharThe Hebronization of Yitzhar
by David Wilder - 5/11/2014
The Arabs continue daily target practice on men, women and children. How can you sit quietly and watch yourself, your family, your friends, being transformed into moving targets.

Who Can Count the Dust of JacobWho Can Count the Dust of Jacob
by Daniel Greenfield - 5/4/2014
Flags fly at half mast, the torch of remembrance is lit, memorial candles are held in shaking hands and so begins the Yom Hazikaron, Heroes Remembrance Day -- Israel's Memorial Day.

Racism, Discrimination & A Disgrace To Jewish HonorRacism, Discrimination & A Disgrace To Jewish Honor
by Ronn Torossian - 5/2/2014
There is indeed racism and discrimination in Israel. Jews are unable to pray freely at the holiest site for Jews in the world.

Time for the Gloves to Come OffTime for the Gloves to Come Off
by Gil Solomon - 4/25/2014
It is time for Israel to act like a sovereign power in control of its own destiny. Israel should finally take control of the Temple Mount.

Forgetting freedom at PassoverForgetting freedom at Passover
by Caroline Glick - 4/13/2014
It is my holiday prayer that on the night of the seder US Jewish leaders will remember that Passover is not about eating matza. It is about the price of freedom, and why that price is worth paying.

Poof the Clueless KerryPoof the Clueless Kerry
by Steven Plaut - 4/10/2014
One grey night it happened, Bibi caved no more & Poof that Foggy Bottomer, he vanished from our sight. (Read this to the tune of 'Puff the Magic Dragon')

Declare Abbas a TerroristDeclare Abbas a Terrorist
by Jack Engelhard - 4/4/2014
Abbas always knows exactly what he is doing and why. The Israelis are finally catching on. A breaking development comes close to designating Abbas persona non grata.

The Israeli SolutionThe Israeli Solution
by Janet Tassel - 3/16/2014
The Israeli one-state plan entails the application of Israeli law and through it, Israeli sovereignty over the west bank of the Jordan River including Judea and Samaria.

Israel and the Terrorist Rug MerchantIsrael and the Terrorist Rug Merchant
by Daniel Greenfield - 3/12/2014
In between peddling a Syrian peace process that no one but he believes in, he took a break to peddle the even more discredited peace process between Israel and the terrorists.

Breathing, Eating and Sleeping IsraelBreathing, Eating and Sleeping Israel
by Ron Jager - 3/11/2014
Israel gives Jews what no other nation on earth can give them, a sense of belonging, an extended national family irrespective of where they live and work.

Obama Rejects Israel as a Jewish StateObama Rejects Israel as a Jewish State
by Daniel Greenfield - 3/9/2014
The United States believes there is no need for the Palestinian Authority (PA) to recognize Israel as a Jewish state as part of a peace agreement.

Israel’s Homicidal Peace PartnerIsrael’s Homicidal Peace Partner
by Daniel Greenfield - 3/7/2014
Obama had told a handpicked Israeli audience, 'I genuinely believe that you do have a true partner in President Abbas.'

Jewish Educational Institutions Need to Stop Apologizing for Being Pro-IsraelJewish Educational Institutions Need to Stop Apologizing for Being Pro-Israel
by Daniel Greenfield - 2/23/2014
The anti-Israel side demands the right to use a Jewish educational forum as a platform for pushing for the destruction of Israel.

Jerusalem's Neve Yaakov: 90-Year-Old ‘Settlement’Jerusalem's Neve Yaakov: 90-Year-Old ‘Settlement’
by Hillel Fendel and Chaim Silberstein - 2/20/2014
Modern-day Neve Yaakov was first established in 1924 on a 16-acre plot of land purchased by members of the American Mizrachi movement.

State Department Fuels Mideast RacismState Department Fuels Mideast Racism
by Ronn Torossian - 2/16/2014
A call to America to support its own values. If African-Americans can live in Iowa, if whites can live in Harlem, then surely Jews can live in all areas of Jerusalem.

Leave The Jews AloneLeave The Jews Alone
by Ronn Torossian - 2/9/2014
Muslims are being slaughtered in many countries. No State Department condemnations, and no endless 'peace missions.' Kerry, why not put your efforts there?

2004 Bush Letter Haunts Obama and Kerry2004 Bush Letter Haunts Obama and Kerry
by David Singer - 1/29/2014
As Obama gets ready to approve Kerry's framework agreement - he and Kerry need to remember the importance of honoring Bush's commitments.

What Are We Negotiating?What Are We Negotiating?
by Michael Wolfowicz - 1/24/2014
Does Israel really need an alternative? Does Israel need to formally annex the territories? We need to band together around one single plan in order to succeed against those who would eagerly give up our land, our rights, and our sovereignty.

Arabs Hating Arabs - That's the Entire ProblemArabs Hating Arabs - That's the Entire Problem
by Jack Engelhard - 1/23/2014
When it comes to the Arab world we simply do not know what we are doing and because of that everything we do is wrong.

A Muslim Penchant for Rewriting HistoryA Muslim Penchant for Rewriting History
by Dr. Avi Perry - 1/22/2014
The core of the conflict is Muslims’ persistent efforts to delegitimize the Jewish State by denying Jewish historical existence in Israel.

Israel Advocacy Group 'Spells it Out' for KerryIsrael Advocacy Group 'Spells it Out' for Kerry
by Ari Soffer - 1/16/2014
Americans For a Safe Israel 'reminds' US Secretary of State of the security threat posed by an Israeli withdrawal from Judea-Samaria.

Rediscovering Hebron’s Jewish PastRediscovering Hebron’s Jewish Past
by David Wilder - 1/11/2014
Back in the 1960s an archeologist from the United States, Prof. Philip Hammond, from the Princeton Theological Seminary, excavated in Hebron.

Kerry's MidEast Peace Plan Will Destroy Israel Piece By PieceKerry's MidEast Peace Plan Will Destroy Israel Piece By Piece
by Ronn Torossian - 1/3/2014
Kerry, is promising the Palestinians the Jordan valley, and 'invisible' Israeli presence at the border crossings between the West Bank and Jordan.

Secret Report Reveals Kerry's Plan 'Fraud'Secret Report Reveals Kerry's Plan 'Fraud'
by Ari Yasha - 12/13/2013
Mark Langfan uncovers secret 1967 USJCoS memorandum, says it proves Kerry's proposals are a 'fraud on Israel and the Jews.'

Untrustworthy American presidentUntrustworthy American president
by Shoula Romano Horing - 12/13/2013
In his secret talks with Iran, Obama treated Israel like Chamberlain treated Czechoslovakia.

True Peace Can Only Begin on the Temple MountTrue Peace Can Only Begin on the Temple Mount
by Aharon Pulver and Douglas Altabef - 12/10/2013
The Temple Mount is a difficult issue because there is a total imbalance between the rights of Muslims and the rights of Jews.

Mandela Was an Enemy of IsraelMandela Was an Enemy of Israel
by Giulio Meotti - 12/6/2013
Nelson Mandela might be a symbol of goodness for many, but for Israel’s Jews he has been an enabler of anti-Semitic terrorism.

Obama has Transformed the Middle EastObama has Transformed the Middle East
by Ted Belman - 11/29/2013
Obama has decidedly moved from an alliance with Israel to an alliance with the Islamists, the writer wrote in 2012. 'Events' he writes here, 'have proven me correct'.

Kerry for Kerry: Neville Chamberlain, 2013Kerry for Kerry: Neville Chamberlain, 2013
by Rabbi Lazer Brody - 11/25/2013
US Secretary of State Kerry has now become this generation's Neville Chamberlain by caving into Iran.

The Counterfeit ArabsThe Counterfeit Arabs
by Victor Sharpe - 11/21/2013
There is no such thing as a Palestinian people; no such thing as a Palestinian history; and no Palestinian language exists. There has never been any independent, sovereign Palestinian state in all of recorded history.

Striving for Jewish Freedom and Equality on the Temple MountStriving for Jewish Freedom and Equality on the Temple Mount
by Yori Yanover - 11/15/2013
The current modus operandus that restricts Jewish presence as a way of keeping 'peace' actually undercuts the prospects for peaceful co-existence.

Jewish Rights in Judea and SamariaJewish Rights in Judea and Samaria
by Eli E. Hertz - 11/13/2013
Israel's former UN Ambassador Yehuda Blum on Jewish rights in Judea and Samaria.

Ten Basic points of Israel’s rights to Judea and SamariaTen Basic points of Israel’s rights to Judea and Samaria
by Ambassador Alan Baker - 11/7/2013
In contrast to John Kerry's remarks, Israel has legitimate legal rights to Judea and Samaria, as summarized in this article.

Obamacare victims and IsraelObamacare victims and Israel
by Caroline Glick - 11/1/2013
President Obama views lies as legitimate political tools. He uses lies strategically to accomplish through mendacity what he could never achieve through honest means.

Celebrating Bob Dylan’s Zionist anthemCelebrating Bob Dylan’s Zionist anthem
by Richard Mather - 10/25/2013
It is almost exactly 30 years since the legendary and prolific American songwriter released his pro-Israel song 'Neighborhood Bully'.

CNN's Iran Reports Biased, Inept, and CorruptCNN's Iran Reports Biased, Inept, and Corrupt
by Noah Beck - 10/11/2013
CNN's Iran 'reporting' will lose credibility as it already has on the Israel-Arab conflict. Did the Iranian regime secure favorable coverage with payments?

Lessons from the Yom Kippur WarLessons from the Yom Kippur War
by Daniel Greenfield - 10/7/2013
Could Israel’s most devastating conflict happen again? To understand the lessons of the Yom Kippur War, it is important to understand the three key elements that led to it.

Benghazi: Truth and ConsequencesBenghazi: Truth and Consequences
by Jonah Goldberg - 9/27/2013
Hillary Clinton is a master of the passive-aggressive art of dragging out investigations until the press and public lose interest.

400 Killed in Terror in 5 Days and Obama Says ‘World More Stable’400 Killed in Terror in 5 Days and Obama Says ‘World More Stable’
by Tzvi Ben-Gedalyahu - 9/24/2013
Obama was not joking at the UN. He actually said, 'The world is a more stable place today than it was five years ago.' Does he watch TV?

The ‘Iran is Now Moderate’ JokeThe ‘Iran is Now Moderate’ Joke
by Barry Rubin - 9/23/2013
The NY Times is lying. Netanyahu cannot 'block' an initiative and if Obama wants talks he will have them.

Jews Cannot Coexist with ArabsJews Cannot Coexist with Arabs
by Giulio Meotti - 9/17/2013
Two narratives are at war on the same, slim and holy piece of land. Forget about coexistence.

Israel's Twenty Year NightmareIsrael's Twenty Year Nightmare
by Caroline Glick - 9/13/2013
Twenty years ago today, Israel's so-called peace process with the PLO was officially ushered in at the White House Rose Garden.

Is this what the Syrian War is really about?Is this what the Syrian War is really about?
by Aaron Klien - 9/9/2013
Is the willingness of Arab Gulf states to fund a U.S. military campaign in Syria really about major oil and gas interests that run through the country?

Did the White House Help Plan the Syrian Chemical Attack?Did the White House Help Plan the Syrian Chemical Attack?
by Yossef Bodansky - 9/8/2013
There is a growing volume of new evidence from numerous sources in the Middle East — which makes a very strong case.

Obama and his Ship of FoolsObama and his Ship of Fools
by Caroline Glick - 8/30/2013
Over the past week, President Barack Obama and his senior advisers have told us that the US is poised to go to war against Syria. To save Obama's personal credibility.

A Palestinian Arab State Won't Bring PeaceA Palestinian Arab State Won't Bring Peace
by Morton A. Klein - 8/21/2013
A state for the Palestinian Arabs at this point will only enable them to pursue their present agenda.

The Jew-Hating Democrat Behind the ‘Million Muslim March’The Jew-Hating Democrat Behind the ‘Million Muslim March’
by Arnold Ahlert - 8/19/2013
When M.D. Rabbi Alam isn’t stoking Islamophobia paranoia, he’s accusing Jews of perpetrating 9/11.

Words vs. Bullets: How Obama Fights TerrorismWords vs. Bullets: How Obama Fights Terrorism
by Daniel Greenfield - 8/15/2013
One of the biggest questions about fighting terrorism is whether the US intends to fight it on the military level or on the ideological level.

Obama Double-Cross Sent Saudi Arabia to PutinObama Double-Cross Sent Saudi Arabia to Putin
by Mark Langfan - 8/9/2013
What is the real reason Obama cancelled his trip to Russia? Obama's betrayal of Egypt and Saudi Arabia, America has lost as allies.

It's Kerry Who is Not Acting in Good FaithIt's Kerry Who is Not Acting in Good Faith
by Ted Belman - 8/9/2013
The US was quick to react to yesterday’s announcement that the Civil Administration had approved the construction of 878 housing units.

Local Autonomy for Palestinians, No to an Independent Terror StateLocal Autonomy for Palestinians, No to an Independent Terror State
by Benjamin Netanyahu - 8/6/2013
An armed Palestinian domain is merely a stepping-stone to the eventual escalation of conflict.

Desperation in the Benghazi CoverupDesperation in the Benghazi Coverup
by Jed Babbin - 8/6/2013
You can always tell the depth of an event’s illegality by the measures people take to cover it up. This could lead to the president’s impeachment.

It Pays to Kill Jewish ChildrenIt Pays to Kill Jewish Children
by Giulio Meotti - 7/30/2013
Terrorism has led to sad and inglorious appeasement. And because the Palestinian leadership has always used terrorism as the tactic of first resort, their cause has received worldwide recognition.

Jews under SiegeJews under Siege
by Barry Shaw - 7/19/2013
Jews were prevented from praying at the Temple Mount on Tisha B'Av, which commemorates the double destruction of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.

The baseless hatred of the EU towards IsraelThe baseless hatred of the EU towards Israel
by Melanie Phillips - 7/17/2013
The EU demands Israel surrender the Western Wall, Hebrew University and the Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem’s Old City.

Obama's Triumvirate Dream is Israel's NightmareObama's Triumvirate Dream is Israel's Nightmare
by Mark Langfan - 7/14/2013
On Obama's post-election March 2013 trip to Israel, he a privately laid out his vision of the Middle East to Netanyahu's inner circle. It should send shivers up Israel and Saudi Arabia's respective spines.

Not the Same GodNot the Same God
by Tabitha Korol - 7/12/2013
The operation of Sharia courts in a democracy has nothing to do with religious freedom, but everything to do with political power and the appropriation of the host culture.

Kal-El Meets Isra-ElKal-El Meets Isra-El
by Gerald A. Honigman - 7/4/2013
Back in the early 1930s, two Jewish high school students from Cleveland created Superman. Writer and artist, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

East and West of the Jordan River – Two States for Two NationsEast and West of the Jordan River – Two States for Two Nations
by Elyakim Haetzni - 6/28/2013
The Left's spiritual homeland is no longer Soviet Russia but Palestine, and its new argument is not the distribution of wealth but the distribution of the land.

Two states is not the only optionTwo states is not the only option
by Ron Breiman - 6/26/2013
If we were open to new ideas, the Jordan River could become the border between Israel to the west and Jordan/Palestine to the east.

Time to Annex Judea and SamariaTime to Annex Judea and Samaria
by Steven Plaut - 6/23/2013
Israel must make it crystal clear: the Israeli willingness to consider acquiescing in the creation of a separate Palestinian state is over.

The Religion of ...Huh?The Religion of ...Huh?
by Dr. David Lazerson - 6/14/2013
Advertising isn’t usually overly concerned with the silly notion called truth. Rather, it simply wishes to sell something like - hold it, Islam is the religion of what?

Europeans Bring Back 'Kauf Nicht bei Juden!'Europeans Bring Back 'Kauf Nicht bei Juden!'
by Vic Rosenthal - 6/6/2013
It is impossible any longer to hide the ugly hate-based double standard applied to the world’s only Jewish state by the international Left.

The Legality of Israeli SettlementsThe Legality of Israeli Settlements
by Michael Curtis - 5/24/2013
International attacks on Israeli West Bank (Judea and Samaria) settlements are based almost totally on mythology, with no basis in fact.

Why Muslims Must Hate JewsWhy Muslims Must Hate Jews
by Nonie Darwish - 5/17/2013
This is not just Ahmedinijad; it is at the heart of Islamic theology that world peace will be established only when all the Jews are wiped from the earth.

Branding Judea and SamariaBranding Judea and Samaria
by David Ha'ivri - 5/12/2013
What image comes to mind first when you hear the words 'Judea and Samaria'? This image is on the front lines of the information battle for Israel today.

The Nazification of ChristianityThe Nazification of Christianity
by Giulio Meotti - 5/10/2013
The Church of Scotland's report is pure anti-Semitism, as it presents the Jews as stateless beings. Hitler, too, took the Jews out of the Bible.

Obama Morally Responsible for Shedding of Jewish BloodObama Morally Responsible for Shedding of Jewish Blood
by Giulio Meotti - 5/2/2013
Obama sent a clear message to the Palestinian Arabs and the Islamic savages: Jews’ blood is not red like yours. You can spill it.

Anne Frank Was Barred, But Her Tree Made it to the U.S.Anne Frank Was Barred, But Her Tree Made it to the U.S.
by Dr. Rafael Medoff - 4/9/2013
America did not actually kill Jews, it just kept them out, causing them to be trapped and killed. British purebred puppies were allowed into the U.S.

American Israeli Terror Victims Spurned by Obama, US AdminAmerican Israeli Terror Victims Spurned by Obama
by Lori Lowenthal Marcus - 3/19/2013
So far the Ethiopian Israeli beauty queen, Yityish Aynaw, has been the recipient of more attention from the president's advance team than have American Israeli victims of terror.

The New York Times is a Crypto-Nazi PaperThe New York Times is a Crypto-Nazi Paper
by Giulio Meotti - 3/14/2013
New York Times articles are not attacking the 'occupation' anymore, but the very idea of a Jewish state.

Equating Zionist Pioneers With Arab TerroristsEquating Zionist Pioneers With Arab Terrorists
by Dr. Rafael Medoff - 3/13/2013
As a teenager growing up in Russia in the late 1800s, Trumpeldor was attracted to Zionism as well as the pacifism and communalism of the philosopher Leo Tolstoy.

Intimidation and RacismIntimidation and Racism
by Ron Jager - 3/7/2013
This past week we saw the worst side of Obama's character - his ability to intimidate those that oppose his agenda, whether domestic or international.

Yair Stern: In MemoriamYair Stern: In Memoriam
by Shifra Shomron - 2/5/2013
Yair was the nom de guerre of brilliant leader Avraham Stern, who in 1940 broke away from the Irgun Tzva'i Le'umi (Etzel) to found Lohamei Herut Yisrael (LEHI, the Fighters for the Freedom of Israel), called by the British the 'Stern Gang'.

What Judea & Samaria Mean to the Jewish PeopleWhat Judea & Samaria Mean to the Jewish People
by Brandon Marlon - 1/24/2013
For Jews, the ancient tribal territories of Judah, Benjamin, Ephraim, and west Menasheh – a.k.a. Judea and Samaria or the West Bank – form the very heartland of the homeland.

The Arabs Fear a ‘More Jewish’ State of IsraelThe Arabs Fear a ‘More Jewish’ State of Israel
by Dr. Mordechai Kedar - 1/13/2013
An Israel that has a strong character and is confident of itself and the justice of its cause, might stop behaving like a dishrag.


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