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Female fighter's body mutilated, Kurds outraged
Video showing Kurdish female fighter's mutilated body angers Syrian Kurds, Kurdish authorities blame incident on Turkey.

by Staff, Arutz Sheva
February 3, 2018

Female fighter's body mutilated, Kurds outraged

Syrian Kurds reacted with rage to videos showing Turkish-backed rebels mutilating and filming the body of a fallen female Kurdish fighter.

The young woman, Barin Kobani, joined the YPJ's all-women unit in 2015, and was fighting the Turks in northwest Syria when she was killed earlier this week.

According to Kurdish officials, the Turkish forces "played with her corpse" and mutilated it. Videos show Kobani's bloodied body with what seems to be cuts in the torso, surrounded by a group of Turkish rebels.

An unconfirmed report said Kobani was captured alive and then killed.

Turkey has not commented on the incident, but Kurdish authorities said they hold the Turkish government responsible, and called the perpetrators "Syria's terrorist allies."

The Syrian National Council condemned the mutilation and called to "punish those responsible."


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